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sábado, agosto 15, 2009

O paranaense Transgrupo Marcela Prado – Associação de Travesti e Transexuais vai realizar entre os dias 24 e 27 de setembro, em Curitiba, o VI Encontro Regional Sul para Travestis e Transexuais.

Un menor espera que un juez le permita cambiar de sexo
Un adolescente de Cataluña espera desde hace un año que la Justicia le permita tratar su condición de transexual. El tiempo que ha transcurrido hasta ahora parece largo, pero sería un atajo comparado con los dos años más que el chico tendrá que aguardar hasta que cumpla 18 años y pueda someterse a una operación de cambio de sexo sin necesitar autorización judicial.
Spanish judge deliberates sex change for minor
La operación de cambio de sexo es mejor antes de edad adulta, según cirujano

El Ejército español deberá admitira transexualesen sus filas
El Consejo de Ministros aprobó ayer un Real Decreto en que establece que las personas que se han sometido a un cambio de sexo tienen todo el derecho a entrar en el Ejército.
El transexual rechazado por el Ejército por falta de genitales se alegra por el cambio de la norma
Transexuales en las FAS
Las Fuerzas Armadas abren las puertas a los transexuales
El Ejército español abre la puerta a transexuales

Femme à l’armée, homme au civil
Delphine Ravisé-Giard. Transgenre reconnue par son employeur, l’armée de l’air, cette adjudante - autrefois adjudant - s’est vu refuser son identité féminine par l’état civil.

Transsexual killer asks court to force government to pay for operation
A female inmate serving time in a Fraser Valley men's prison is demanding Corrections Canada approve her sex-change operation — and pay for it.
In an application filed in the Federal Court of Canada, Katherine Anne Johnson, 61, says the operation to remove her penis — a "penectomy" — has been unreasonably delayed by Correctional Service of Canada. Johnson also demands to be transferred to a women's prison to keep her safe from attacks from other inmates.
(Photograph by: File, From the cover of Johnson's book, Prisoner of Gender, 1997 -Katherine Johnson: Claims assaults and abuse in men's prison.)

P.E.I. laws do protect transgender comunity: Human Rights Commission
A group that includes AIDS P.E.I., P.E.I. Native Council and the Abegweit Rainbow Collective is calling on the P.E.I. government to do more to protect transgender, transsexual and Intersex Islanders.The group launched a petition Thursday calling on Attorney General Gerard Greenan to include “gender identity” to the provincial Human Rights Act.
(Guardian photo by Heather Taweel - Mark Hanlon, executive director of AIDS P.E.I., and Pam O’Neill of the Native Council of P.E.I. take part in a small protest in front of Province House on Thursday. They are calling on the Island government to do more to protect transgender, transsexual and Intersex Islanders.)

[USA] [News/Health]
AFSP gets grant for LGBT suicide reduction program
Excerpt: Haas said, "Transgender youth have a very high rate of suicidal behavior. We just don't understand it because we have no studies." But she said the rate "is even more elevated" than among gay and lesbian youth and young adults.

[USA] [Commentary]
The undeclared war to ENDA our liberty
Massive spending and the federal power grab are driving the brave talk of dispatching the scoundrels and restoring constitutional government. I hope and pray that it happens.
But lost amid the outrage is the radical social agenda that Obama, Pelosi, Kennedy, and Reid are foisting on the nation with media complicity. If enacted, it will destroy any chance of restoring long-term fiscal sanity because it will sunder marriage and family, where self-governing, productive citizens are born and raised.
Obama has promised the sky to homosexual activists and the abortion lobby and has moved quickly toward that end. On July 16, the Senate voted for a "hate crimes" bill that will lay the foundation for crushing freedom of speech, religion, and association with regard to sexual morality. The healthcare scheme is rife with opportunities for exotic entitlements like tax-funded abortion and even sex-change operations.

Do limão, ela fez uma baita caipirinha
Conheça a história de Cheryl Chase, intersexual que superou traumas e tornou-se um símbolo
O filme argentino “XXY", da diretora Lucía Puenzo, trata do universo dos portadores da síndrome de Klinefelter, que possuem um cromossomo extra herdado da mãe e tornam-se hermafroditas e estéreis. Estatísticas recentes mostram que um em cada 3 mil bebês apresenta essa patologia no Brasil. Seria um universo com algo em torno de 56 mil pessoas.

Transsexual woman brutally attacked in Trinidad, Colorado
A 25-year-old transsexual woman is reported to have been physically and sexually assaulted in a hotel room in Trinidad, Colorado, on July 15.

Trans woman: Employer asked for photos
Trans woman Kate Lynn Blatt says her former employer requested a photograph of her genitalia as a condition of continued employment, after questions arose about her use of a worksite female locker room.

Stylist files gender-bias suit
A local gay hair stylist has filed a discrimination suit against his former employer, alleging he was penalized and eventually terminated for not conforming to male stereotypes.
Daniel Brant, 25, filed a suit in U.S. District Court July 30 against Chop Shop, which operates three local salons, claiming employment discrimination under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, which offers protection based on gender.

Another Historic Moment – WeHo Creates Transgender Advisory Board
Only 25 years young, the West Hollywood again takes the lead in moving human rights advocacy forward by creating the first-ever official municipal advisory body focusing on transgender people.

Red Peruana TLGB elabora informe 2008 sobre Derechos Humanos de las Personas TLGB en Perú
La Red Peruana TLGB (Trans, Lesbianas, Gays y Bisexuales) presentó hace unos días su informe sobre Derechos Humanos de las Personas TLGB en Perú para el año 2008. En el acto, que contó con la participación de la adjunta de la Defensoría del Pueblo para Administración Estatal Susana Silva, se revelaron cifras de una realidad que aún estamos por superar: la discriminación.