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sábado, agosto 08, 2009

Glasgow taxpayers fund 'transsexual Jesus' play
A play portraying Jesus as a transsexual is set to run in a Glasgow Theatre – funded by the same public body behind an exhibition inviting the public to deface the Bible.
Critics say the play, entitled ‘Jesus, Queen of Heaven’, is further proof of an agenda to use taxpayers’ money to fund assaults on Christian values.

Eunuchs begin fight for Pakistan rights
Story Highlights
Pakistan's eunuch community campaigns for proper recognition
In Pakistan the term covers transsexuals, transvestites, hermaphrodites
Shazia, a hermaphrodite, tells how her penis was removed at 17
She says she feels she is a woman, but her identity card calls her male

[Malaysia] [Blog/Commentary]
The Star Newspaper Dishonours Murdered Transwoman
I was feeling low the past couple of weeks with some deaths around my life. But I could not let this news pass by without saying something: Another transwoman has been murdered a couple of weeks back. The article was written again with indignant attitudes towards a transwoman who is already dead. I made some correct adjustments. The original poorly written article can be read here.

Manitoba's NDP Government Puts Paying For Sex-Change Surgery on the Back Burner, For Now
A "confidential" government document obtained by the Winnipeg Sun outlines the Manitoba government's plan for full funding of treatments and surgery for people who believe they are the opposite sex to their physical gender.

'Inclusive' ENDA Introduced in Senate
The Senate has introduced its version of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act — known as ENDA. The bill would ban religious employers from making employment decisions based on their religious convictions. Previous versions of the bill did not include transgender provisions.
End Workplace Discrimination Based On Sexual Orientation
[Blog/Commentary] Urge the Senate to Pass a Trans-Inclusive Employment Non-Discrimination Act
Merkley Introduces Bill to Protect Gays, Lesbians and Transgenders inthe Workplace, Something Bend Helped Pioneer
[Blog/Commentary] New bias bill could make it easier to sue you
[Blog/News] S 1584, the Senate Version of ENDA - What's the Math?

Idaho settles transgender suit
The Idaho Department of Correction has settled lawsuits with two transgender inmates who castrated themselves after they were denied feminizing hormone therapy.
The terms of the settlements were not disclosed, but the department has changed its policy for identifying and treating transgender inmates. The policy now limits the time inmates must wait for treatment, specifies how they may be diagnosed, and clarifies when they qualify for hormone therapy.

Transitioning to acceptance
Local transgender couple says remaining visible allows others to see that they’re human.
(Photo: RENEE BAKER/Dallas Voice - Oliver Blumer, left, and Mary Kay Cody)