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sexta-feira, julho 31, 2009

Descubren que neuronas tienen resistencia natural al VIH
El hallazgo, realizado por dos científicos, plantea la posibilidad de desarrollar nuevos tratamientos capaces de detener al virus mediante el uso de terapias génicas. Los glóbulos blancos son el tipo de célula más vulnerable al virus.

EUA: Califórnia reduz verba destinada a soropositivos
Além de recentemente proibir o casamento gay, o estado da Califórnia, nos EUA, anunciou outra medida que afetará muitas pessoas — dentre elas muitos homossexuais — devido uma drástica reduzida em programas contra HIV e seus tratamentos.

Tribunal Constitucional chumba casamento entre homossexuais
O programa eleitoral do PS volta a falar do casamento entre homossexuais. Mas o Tribunal Constitucional considerou que a Constituição não o permite. Casamento é exclusivamente para heterossexuais.

Países islámicos, en contra - Acredita ONU a organización gay brasileña
Se trata de la Asociación Brasileña de Gays, Lesbianas y Transgéneros, que en un hecho histórico, obtuvo el estatus de ONG consultativa. México, Guatemala, El Salvador, así como otros países latinoamericanos, le dieron el voto favorable.

Bank says no to Dutch drag queen
How hard can it be to get a bankaccount as a drag queen? As Karoline On Line, Miss Drag queen Holland 2007, found out, very hard.
It took Dutchman Krijn van der Spoel, the man behind one of the most popular drag queens in The Netherlands, a year to get a new bank account approved. He tried to open an account with three of the leading banks in The Netherlands, ING, ABN Amro and SNS Bank, over the passed year but was refused each time. (Photo)

Bombs explode on Outgames track
An athlete was injured and other participants were frightened when three bombs were thrown onto a track during the World Outgames before a relay race. One was only a few feet from where a sleeping infant had been only moments before.

Sex change ops under review in Sweden
The Swedish Board for Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen) has launched a review of the healthcare alternatives available to transsexuals seeking to change gender.

[Pakistan] [Blog/Commentary]
Being Trans in Pakistan
An intellectual bloggy friend who lives in Lahore, Pakistan, has written a terrific article analyzing the implications of the recent Pakistani Supreme Court ruling which gave Pakistan’s trans community legal recognition. He also explores why the trans/intersex members of Pakistani families are so marginalized.

[Pakistan] [Blog/Commentary]
Pakistan’s Undesirables: ‘Dealing with’ the Hijra Problem
There has been a lot of hype few days back in media and in the blogosphere about the radical pro-people Supreme Court. Some of these “radical” decisions include orders to destroy poultry feed which contained Pork , probably Pakistan’s public enemy number one and “granting of rights to the Hijra community, the traditional indo/pak transgendered community.

Man, I feel like a woman
Former world surfing champion Peter Drouyn always knew he was a woman trapped in a man's body.
So the Tweed Heads resident underwent a sex change to free herself.

(Photo Crystal Spencer/Tweed Daily News -Former surfing champion Peter Drouyn, now Westerly Windina has her sights set on making it big in the legal world.)

[Australia] [Blog/Commentary]
Transgender & Being Sexual: The Double-Edged Sword of Transphobia
Editors' Note: Guest blogger Bayne MacGregor (aka Battybattybats et al) is an Australian crossdresser/ genderqueer/ bi-gender goth who has suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome for around 19 years.

Political Notebook: Congressmen face uphill battle to pass pro-gay immigration reform
Excerpt: He [Solomonese] defended HRC's stance on the ENDA bill, arguing that the strategy had set the stage for passage of a trans-inclusive ENDA by the House this year. "We did the work. We never wavered. And here we are," he said.

D.C. Mayor Cuts LGBT Funding
Excerpt: Some of the proposed LGBT-related cuts include reducing a grant for Transgender Health Empowerment from $150,000 to $60,000 and reducing two grants for the national lesbian health organization the Mautner Project from a combined total of $210,000 to $70,000.

Houston Mayor Proclaims Trans Day
With over 100 people in attendance, Trans activists in Houston had a reason to celebrate as the city's mayor proclaimed last Saturday “Transgender Center Day” in honor of the center’s first anniversary.

Report: A Trans Mental Health Crisis
Thirty-one percent of transgender residents of Massachusetts have considered suicide in the past year, compared with 2% of the state's non-trans heterosexual population, according to a new report.

Homosexuales denuncian discriminación en Panamá
La población gay, lésbica, bisexual y transexual panameña es una minoría sexual vulnerable a las violaciones a los derechos humanos, denunció hoy la Asociación de Hombres y Mujeres Nuevos de Panamá (Ahmnp).