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sexta-feira, julho 24, 2009

Rogéria quer volta da letra S na sigla do movimento
Rogéria está preocupada com a parcela de simpatizantes do Brasil e quer fazer uma campanha pela volta da letra S na sigla que identifica o mundo do arco-íris. Em entrevista ao jornal carioca O Dia nesta semana, a ícone trans disse que é contra a sigla LGBT e pede a volta da nomeclatura GLS. (Foto)

Transgendered cop gives diversity lesson
Louise Worsfold is a successful female police officer, national athlete, and motivational speaker -- but things weren't always this way. In fact several years ago she wasn't a successful woman at all -- she was a man.

[USA] [Film]
Sex change: The last time they'd seen her, she was a star quarterback named Paul McKerrow ...
It's not easy to summarise American filmmaker Kimberly Reed's remarkable new documentary, Prodigal Sons, but she has her own way of introducing it to audiences.
"You know how it is when you grow up, leave home, and change a lot? Then you return home to find that your parents and family don't get you any more? That's what Prodigal Sons, essentially, is all about."

(Photo: Kim after surgery and pictured bottom left as a baby in yellow with her brother Marc and parents.)

CUAV restructures staff
Excerpt: Grace Lawrence, a transgender woman who once had hot battery acid poured on her face and body, is one person who's benefited from CUAV's services. Lawrence, who said the group has provided her with counseling and also helped her get plastic surgery, "really helped me to not be afraid when I walk on the street." She urged others to donate to the nonprofit and said, "If I were rich, I would commit a million dollars or so to CUAV...."

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Why I don't support hate crime legislation
The topic of hate crimes has been in the news a lot lately with the movement of the Matthew Shepard Act through Congress and the trial and conviction of Lateisha Green's killer. Many may take it as a given that all members of the queer and trans communities support hate crime legislation and convictions. This is not the case, though. Myself and many other queer and trans organizers and activists oppose this approach to violence against our communities.

Transgender teaching sub won't return
Lily McBeth, a substitute teacher from Little Egg Harbor Township, became a national symbol of acceptance for transgender Americans in 2006 when the Eagleswood and Pinelands Regional school districts kept her on the job despite protests from some parents.
But McBeth said the number of teaching assignments she got from both school districts dwindled from 10 to 20 calls when she was William McBeth to just one or two calls per semester. McBeth sent a letter to Eagleswood Township officials stating that she will not return in the fall and she plans to send a similar notice to the Pinelands Regional School District.

Transgender teacher retiring (Photo: Lily McBeth )

The Politics of Pronouns
"Another Cross-Dresser Found Dead"
"Murdered Man Dressed as a Woman"
"Cross-Dresser Murdered in Albuquerque"
These headlines don't sit well with Janice Devereaux, facilitator of Transgender New Mexico. The first comes from the Albuquerque Journal. The second, from KOB Eyewitness News 4's website. The third, from KRQE News 13.
(Eric Williams - Transgender New Mexico Facilitator Janice Devereaux stands in Roosevelt Park, close to where the murders took place.)

Transgender mayor's clothes spur complaint
Rasmussen defends choice of clothes at youth meeting
[Commentary] Appropriate dress is reasonable expectation