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quinta-feira, julho 16, 2009

Sra Andréa Albertine
A Associação das Travestis, Transexuais e Transgêneros (ASTRA RIO), organização de abrangência estadual com associadas em todo o estado do Rio de Janeiro, cuja missão objetiva: organizar, associar e atender as demandas da população de Travestis, Transexuais e Transgêneros deste estado,assim como promover a cidadania e defender os direitos destes segmentos, afirmando a livre orientação sexual e identidades de gênero.
Vem por meio desta manifestar publicamente seu pesar pelo falecimento de uma de suas sócias fundadoras a Sra Andréa Albertine falecida dia 9 de julho de 2009 em Mauá SP , aos 22 anos, Andrea teve seu contato com esta instituição desde sua fundação quando ainda menor de idade residia sobre a guarda da nossa primeira presidente Hanna Suzart, tornando-se uma das sócias fundadoras.Seu grande sonho era a realização da cirurgia de adequação genital, para poder estudar, trabalha e ter uma vida “NORMAL”.

[UK] [Books/People]
Why I had a sex change operation
The Making of Miranda tells the story of farmer Rhodri Davies's decision to become nurse Miranda Ponsonby at the age of 56. Features editor Joni Ager talks to Miranda, now 76, about her transformation from gentleman to gentlewoman.
Rhodri Davies was born into an upper-middle class family.

Born 'Tim,' now sweet-sixteen 'Kim' looking for pop stardom
This just in from the world of the hyper offbeat: London's New York Post, the randy Sun, is all ablaze with news of the "youngest person in the world ever," to have a sex change operation.

SC orders equal benefits for transvestites
The Supreme Court has ordered that transvestites, being equal citizens of Pakistan, should also benefit from the federal and provincial governments’ financial support schemes such as the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP).
(Photo: Transvestites Roop and Shazia come out of the Supreme Court after the decision is taken in their favour in Islamabad. –Dawn )

[India] [People/Commentary]
Transgenderism: 'Society can be cruel'
Dr Manabi Banerjee, 38, underwent a sex change operation to become a woman in 2003, in Kolkata. Despite suffering torture and physical intimidation, Manabi earned a doctorate and now works as college lecturer in Bengali, one of the most spoken languages in the world. On the back of the Delhi court's decriminalisation of homosexuality last week, she describes her journey.
(Photo: Dr Manabi Banerjee. Photograph: Abhijit Dasgupta)

RM25 fine for cross-dressing
A 26-year-old man was fined RM25 by a Magistrates Court here on Tuesday after he pleaded guilty to dressing up like a woman.

Trans passport changes welcomed
Transgender activists have welcomed changes to Australia’s passport policy.

Alberta sex change patients file human rights complaints over lost gov't funding
At least three dozen sex change patients have filed human rights complaints since the Health Department cut funding for operations that can cost up to $80,000.
Jordenne Prescott, a 31-year-old from Calgary who is waiting for male-to-female surgery, says she was told by the Alberta Human Rights Commission last week that her complaint will be heard.

[USA] [Health/Medicine]
Endocrine Society released guidelines for treatment of transsexuals
Guidelines include recommendations for hormone therapy, surgery and long-term care for all ages.

DOJ will not appeal transgender veteran's $491,190 award against the Library of Congress
The US Department of Justice (DOJ) has decided not to appeal a federal district court ruling awarding transgender veteran Diane Schroer a total of $491,190 for the discrimination she suffered because of her sex after being refused a job with the Library of Congress. The deadline for seeking an appeal was June 30, 2009. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has represented Schroer in her case (Schroer v Billington, DDC, No 1:05-cv-01090-JR).

Voodoo Linked to Transsexual's Death
Much unanswered in death at ritual in N.J.; Ark. friends want accountability
(Photo: Lucille Hamilton, who police said had traveled from Arkansas to New Jersey for a Haitian cleansing ritual, died Saturday. Autopsy results were not released, pending a toxicology report.)

Witness recounts shooting of transsexual in hate-crime murder trial
Two men were making derogatory comments about homosexuals before a third man obtained a rifle and fired one shot into a car on Seymour Street last Nov. 14, a witness testified this morning.
Cassie Williams, however, testified she never heard the gunman say anything at all before he fired that shot.

Judge: Witnesses in hate crime trial threatened
Testimony Continues In NY Hate Crime Murder Trial
Family of murdered New York trans woman call for protection under hate crimes bill
Transgender Murder Trial Opens In New York
The Lateisha Green Murder Trial: Tuesday Blog Post
Witnesses in Syracuse hate-crime trial balk at incriminating DeLee

Transgenders fighting for protection
Lorelei McLaughlin, a transgender person from Northampton, said he wants to obtain a job, but he is constantly rejected for positions because of his sexual identity.
Lawmakers' pace angers full House
‘Speed hearing’ on new justice bills
Controversial gender ID bill fuels bathroom fear
Local officials react to transgender bill
[Commentary] HB1728: The bill that will allow anyone to go into any bathroom
Patrick: We manage at home with multi-gender bathrooms