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sexta-feira, julho 10, 2009

Passados 40 anos sobre os acontecimentos em Stonewall, realiza-se em 2009 a quarta edição da Marcha do Orgulho LGBT no Porto.
Este ano é marcado na agenda politica por um forte movimento social que exige igualdade de tratamento para os casais de pessoas do mesmo sexo. É nesse contexto de discussão pública que a organização da Marcha no Porto busca o seu tema e lema, colocando a tónica no tema da família.
A Organização da 4ª Marcha do Orgulho LGBT no Porto convida-te a estar presente sábado dia 11, pelas 15H, na Praça da República, local de onde partirá a 4ª Marcha do Orgulho LGBT no Porto.
A marcha seguirá pela Praça da Républica - Viaduto Gonçalo Cristovão - Rua Gonçalo Cristovão - Sta Catarina - Passos Manuel até Avenida dos Aliados e termina em frente a CMP na Praça General Humberto Delgado (junto à Câmara Municipal do Porto), onde terminará com a leitura do Manifesto e com declarações de madrinhas e padrinhos da MOP.

Proponen debatir derechos humanos de transexuales
La antropóloga Marta Lamas dijo que es imprescindible respetar la voluntad de las personas transexuales. Asimismo aseguró que desde el punto de vista antropológico existen muchas interrogantes respecto al tema de la transexualidad.

Rama incident leaves woman 'humiliated'
Carol Ann Kotsopoulos, 38, who has been undergoing the sex change process for 21/2 years, is taking action against Casino Rama over the alleged treatment she endured on March 27, 2008.
(Photo: WILLY WATERTON/SUN MEDIA - Transgendered woman Carol Ann Kotsopoulos, holding her cat Louise, is filing a complaint with the Ontario Human Rights Commission over treatment she received at Casino Rama.)

[Canada] [Blog/Commentary]
Vancouver Pharmacy Says No to Trans
Vancouver is now the home to North America’s first women-only pharmacy. Yesterday, the Vancouver Women's Health Collective opened Lu's: A Pharmacy for Women, a place where women in the community can go for health education, medication, and support. According to a report from the Vancouver Courier, it sounds like a brilliant idea—on the surface.
[Blog/Commentary] Lu’s: a pharmacy for cis women?

Justice for Lateisha Green
On Monday, July 13th, the trial for the murder of Lateisha "Teish" Green - a 22-year-old African American transgender woman - will begin in Syracuse, New York. Beginning tomorrow and continuing through the end of the trial, TLDEF staff members will be on the ground in Syracuse, working with Lateisha's family to ensure that the public learns as much as possible about Lateisha's life, the tragic circumstances of her death, and the tremendous violence that transgender people continue to face.

[USA/Brazil] [Film]
My Buddy Claudia

A Sao Paolo transsexual performer, celebrity and activist since the 1970s, Claudia Wonder certainly has a colorful enough resume to float Dacio Pinheiro's feature portrait "My Buddy Claudia."

[USA/Germany] [Film/People]
La Vie En Rosa: Film director Rosa von Praunheim
Rosa von Praunheim may not be the best-known German director, but like the man himself, his name isn’t easily forgotten. After four decades as a filmmaker, Von Praunheim has grown from a gay renegade in the German “underground” film scene to a well-respected documentarian—albeit one known to moonlight as an aging enfant terrible.

Tranz-Central Coast: Providing support for transgender residents
A few years ago, when Atascadero resident Kari Graton searched for health care professionals equipped to deal with her unique situation, she came up short.
“You do a search through the yellow book and the Internet to find somebody who can help you and there’s nobody there,” she said.
Graton, like dozens of others in San Luis Obispo County, is transgender.

(Photo: From left, Dr. Denise Taylor, Kari Graton and Doug Huemann in front of the new GALA Center in downtown San Luis Obispo.)

[USA] [Books]
Martine Rothblatt’s The Apartheid of Sex 15 Years Later
Martine Rothblatt’s The Apartheid of Sex (1995)—written with the precision and persuasiveness of a lawyer’s brief and the power of a visionary manifesto—will be viewed by most readers, today and in years hence, as making the case for the transgender movement at a critical juncture in its emergence.

South Florida: Man arrested in injections
A transgender man convicted in Broward County in 2003 of operating an illegal silicone injection operation that led to the death of a 53-year-old Miami secretary has been arrested in Flagler County.
'Pumping party' felon back in a silicone sting

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Embracing Trans Diversity is not a Luxury
Over the 12 years of living my life as Monica, I have been privileged to learn many things about the TBLG community, but mostly about the trans community. The biggest lesson in my short life as a woman has been the diversity of our people. Trans individuals have covered every segment of human experience since the dawn of time. We span all races, all sexual orientations, all gender identities, all gender expressions, all social and economic levels, all job experiences, all education levels, all ages and all health issues. If every American trans person populated just one city in America, it would be the third largest city in the country and every job in the city would be covered.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Transgender Africa - The Forgotten People
There are no transgender people in Africa. This is the lie that Victor Mukasa fights against on a daily basis. Imagine coming out twice in a country where physical abuse and even rape may be the only reply as you first say that you are a lesbian, and secondly admit that you are transgender. This was a reality for Victor Mukasa, and continues to be so for hundreds of transgender people in Africa who are frequently robbed of a voice.