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quinta-feira, julho 09, 2009

Central alemã parada até 2010 após avarias em série
A central nuclear alemã de Krummel (norte), afectada recentemente por uma série de avarias nos transformadores eléctricos, não estará ao serviço antes da próxima Primavera, anunciou hoje o grupo sueco Vattenfall que a explora.

Dana International accused of racism
Famed transsexual singer Dana International has been accused of unleashing a torrent of racial abuse and threats this week against a pregnant, dark-skinned woman who recently immigrated from Britain.
The singer's manager, Shai Kerem, has denied the charges, adding that a lawsuit for slander was being planned. (Photo)

Big Strides in Gay and Transgender Rights in Cuba Mariela Castro Tells London Audience
Cuba has made big strides on gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender rights in recent years, Mariela Castro told an audience at the Barbican Centre cinema on Saturday evening.
(Photo UK Gay News - Alberto Roque (left), Peter Tatchell and Mariela Castro at Pride London prior to their Q&A session on Cuban gay rights at The Barbican.)

Nuevo ataque transfobico en Venezuela
La organización Acción Zuliana por la Vida quiere expresar su más profunda preocupación, así como indignación, por el nuevo crimen de odio que enluta al colectivo LGBTTI del estado Zulia tras el vil asesinato de “Violeta” Vergara Conde.

Majority against discrimination
LGBTI activists say the results of a new poll which shows 85 percent of Australians support anti-discrimination laws are a ‘wake up call’ to the Australian Parliament.

Murdered man dressed as a woman
A man beaten to death this past weekend in a neighborhood just east of Presbyterian Hospital was dressed as a woman.
Albuquerque Journal reports that 42-year-old Teri Benally, who was assaulted early Saturday morning near Coal and Maple, was the second case of a cross-dresser beaten to death in the past month.
Cross-dresser murdered in Albuquerque

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
An "insignificant" truth about common LGBT suicide
A trans person committed suicide in June.
Nobody reported it, and her death went mostly unnoticed by the rest of the world. The death did not end in a sensational court case, or in some bloody mess that news cameras caught before the Coroner could bring the covering over her face. Her story was, for all intents and purposes, not newsworthy in any way, shape, or form; it did not create any waves, nor did it generate traffic on websites. She was, for all intents and purposes, another face in the crowd, and her story isn't worthy of reporting here on Bilerico-IN.
There are important issues on the table right now. We can observe the increasing desperation in the Religious Right's attempts to
vilify LGBT people, or the myriad piles of civil rights bills hitting governments' desks across the country. We can even speak of high-profile cases, like Teish. There's plenty to celebrate, and plenty to be happy about in the fight for our civil rights.
This does not change the fact that this girl is dead.

Beating was hate crime: LGBT groups
Elected officials and nonprofits are rallying behind a transgender Jackson Heights woman who was severely beaten by a pair of men in Woodside last month after the Queens district attorney’s office did not initially categorize the attack as a hate crime.

Man charged in silicone injection business
Excerpt: Hendrix, a transvestite, and his partner Mark Hawkins were accused of causing the death of a 53-year-old woman, Vera Lawrence of Miami, in March 2001. Lawrence died after attending an underground Miramar "pumping party" where she was injected with industrial-grade silicone in her buttocks, the newspaper reported. (Photo)
Transsexual Charged Again With Back-Alley Silicone Injections

[USA] [News/Commentary]
New bill prohibits discrimination against sexual orientation or gender identity
Representative Barney Frank just may be successful this time.
A new bill was introduced to Congress on June 24 which would prohibit unlawful employment practices against individuals because of their actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity. The Employment Non-Discrimination Act of 2009 (ENDA) is now under consideration in the House Judiciary Committee.

[USA] [Blog/People/History]
On Gay History, Or, This Is Not A Stonewall Story
Pride Month has come and gone, Gentle Reader, with no comment from this desk.
It’s not that I’m in some way insensitive to the subject; instead it’s more of a desire, once again, to stay off the beaten path.
And in that spirit, I do indeed have a story of Gay History... but it’s not from the Summer of ’69... instead, this story was already well underway before the Summer of ’29.
So put on something très chic and let’s head on over to the time of the Renaissance... because it’s time to meet Gladys Bentley.

Atlanta march demands transgender rights
In Atlanta on June 27, some 175 members of the transgender community and their supporters marched on the 40th anniversary of the historic Stonewall Rebellion, the militant birth of the modern trans, lesbian, gay, bi and queer movement in the U.S.

Back to Beacon Hill
The transgender community and its allies will return to Beacon Hill July 14 for a hearing before the Judiciary Committee on a bill to add trans-inclusive language to the state’s non-discrimination and hate crimes laws. The hearing will mark the second time the committee hears testimony on the bill, known this session as House Bill 1728 (H. 1728); the judiciary held a hearing last session, but the bill died in committee.

Court rules that boy who identifies as a girl should be allowed to use the girls bathroom
In Maine last week, the Maine Human Rights Commission ruled that a child who is biologically male but self-identifies as female must be allowed to use the girls bathroom at her school. The child, a fifth-grader, had been allowed to use the girls bathroom until another child began harrassing her. The other child, a non-transgender boy, was encouraged to use the girls bathroom whenever the transgender girl was using it. He also called the girl "faggot" and other slurs, and intimidated her, according to the Bangor Daily News.

Celebrate the late LaTiesha Green’s life
On Saturday July 11, from noon to 4 p.m., an event to remember LaTiesha Green, the 22-year old transgender woman who was killed on Nov. 14 will take place, at the First English Lutheran Church, 501 James St., Syracuse.