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sábado, julho 04, 2009

Espécies em risco de extinção aumentam
Brasil apresenta o maior número de espécies de pássaros ameaçados

Chilling tales of hurt, humiliation
For the lawyers arguing to decriminalise homosexuality, it became crucial to demonstrate the actual harm that Section 377 caused — the Government was claiming that since few were convicted under this section, the law itself was benign. To counter this, affidavits were produced before court — first person accounts of those brave enough to publicise their names, describing harassment that was often too horrific to read out in open court.

IPC 377 rarely invoked in Tamil Nadu
Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), which prescribes life term for “carnal intercourse against the order of nature with any man, woman or animal”, has seldom been invoked in Tamil Nadu to book homosexuals or even harass transgenders over the years, according to senior police officers.

61 SHGs formed for welfare of transgenders
Social Welfare Minister Geetha Jivan on Thursday said that 61 self-help groups (SHGs) have been formed for the welfare of the transgenders in the State.

[USA] [Commentary]
Why Chaz Matters
It was the fastest anyone has ever come out trans. Within moments of TMZ’s June 11 announcement, emails, text messages, tweets and retweets zipped the news around the globe: Cher’s daughter Chasity Bono, was transitioning from lesbian to male.
Cher Urges Chastity To Reject TV Documentary Offers

Two Ga. congressmen co-sponsor ENDA
U.S. Reps. John Lewis and Hank Johnson, both Democrats from the Atlanta area, are the only two Congress members from Georgia to sign on as co-sponsors to an employment non-discrimination bill that includes protections for gay and transgender people.
ENDA is back

Jogger Finds Dead Man Dressed in Drag
A jogger found a dead man, wearing women’s clothing, in Fairmount Park Wednesday morning, police sources told NBC 10.
Body found in Fairmount Park is identified

Judge: Trans lawsuit against Ga. lawmakers can continue
A federal court has refused to dismiss a lawsuit filed by a transgender woman who accuses lawmakers and staff at the Georgia General Assembly of illegally firing her after learning of her gender transition.

Stonewall Week honors start of modern LGBT movement
Excerpt: While there was no Pride parade through the heart of Midtown this year, a large, lively crowd joined the “Transgender Rights Now” march through Little Five Points and Inman Park. Organized by Human Rights Atlanta, a queer-friendly coalition of more than 70 different organizations, the march was one of a series of events aimed to focus attention on transgender issues.

Ad Campaign Fights Transgender 'Bathroom Bill'
They call themselves transgendered -- people who are attempting to become members of the opposite sex.
Thirteen states have laws to protect them from discrimination. But an effort on Beacon Hill is being fought with an ad campaign that calls it "the bathroom bill."

Transgendered Prostitutes Becomming a Nuissance in Old Goucher
Prostitution is an on-going problem in parts of Baltimore, and in one neighborhood, a very specific kind of prostitution has become a serious concern.People who live in the Old Goucher neighborhood say transgendered prostitutes flock to the area every night -- and they say police aren't doing enough to keep them out.

East Side Assault Reflects Larger Trend
Excerpt: Transgendered New Yorkers, a relatively small percentage of the overall LGBT community, continue to bear a disproportionate — and growing — share of this violence. Six transgendered men and 62 trans women — or 15 percent of the total — were among the 435 victims of the crimes AVP documented.

Customer drops pants to prove gender
A disagreement at the local Social Security office Wednesday ended with one of the people dropping her pants.