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quarta-feira, julho 08, 2009

MG: 400 pessoas participam da Parada Gay de Passos
A cidade mineira de Passos realizou na tarde do último domingo, 5, em frente ao prédio da prefeitura, a 3ª Parada Gay de Passos. Organizada pela Associação GLSBT de Passos, a festa começou por volta das 14h e teve sua abertura oficial às 15h30, reunindo pelo menos 400 pessoas, segundo a organização.

Kate Craig-Wood: 'I'm lucky, many men would never pass for a woman'
Award winning businesswoman Kate Craig-Wood talks about her extraordinary transition from Robert.
(Photo: TOM STOCKILL - Kate Craig-Wood)

Justicia francesa condena a cuatro años de cárcel dos hombres que secuestraron trans
Dos hombres fueron condenados en Creteil, Francia, a una pena de cuatro años de prisión por haber secuestrado en julio de 2006 a una travesti peruana en el Bosque de Boulogne, en Paris, para robarle dinero.

LGBT Refugees in Turkey Face Violence, Inadequate Police Protection
– ORAM – Organization for Refuge, Asylum & Migration published its research report today on perils facing lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) asylum seekers and refugees in Turkey.
“Unsafe Haven: The Security Challenges Facing Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Turkey” is a comprehensive account of the crushing burdens LGBT refugees face in a country that is increasingly a crossroads for mixed migration flows from Asia and Africa to Europe. Forced to endure violence and insufficient police protection, they are also deprived of basic services, including medical care.

Movilh pide a intendencia de Valparaíso medidas contra ataques a transexuales
Anoche dos personas transexuales padecieron una brutal golpiza en Valparaíso lo que sigue manteniendo a esta ciudad como “altamente peligrosa” para las minorías sexuales, señaló el Movilh. La instancia pidió al Intendente De la Maza reaccionar con urgencia a estos atropellos.

Uganda's Most Wanted
Victor Mukasa crossed a line in his home country. He came out -- once as a lesbian, once as trans -- and decided not to stay silent about it. Now he fears the worst. (Photo)

[USA] [Commentary]
In vigilance we trust
Excerpt: For centuries, the transgender community has been one that was repeatedly misunderstood by society, misdiagnosed by doctors and psychiatrists, misjudged by law enforcement, and mistreated by family members and friends. Transgender persons throughout the world have faced discrimination from the earliest days of their existence, even in the most "open" and democratic of societies. Law had never been enough to govern the enemies of the community, whether religious, political, conservative, or flat out prejudiced – those who saw the transgender population as an independent branch, a domestic foe. Even parents have ordered their children to avoid contact with transgender people as if they carried an incurable, contagious disease.

[USA] [Commentary]
Transgender marriages, a religious quagmire
A young women contacted me through my website, asking to get married. She and her soon to be husband, Dave, wanted a nice beach wedding in Monterey, California. As that is what I do, I congratulated her on her upcoming wedding while I checked my calendar for available dates. We settled for a weekend in September and I began asking her about her plans for the wedding and her life in general.

[USA] [News/Commentary]
Employment Non-Discrimination Act reintroduced in Congress
New version includes protection of transgender workers

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Why we need the Matthew Shepard hate crimes bill
Once again, passage of a hate crimes bill seems to be in danger of stalling, this time in the United States Senate. In this case, the Matthew Shepard Hates Crimes Prevention Act -- a bill that would expand the definition of hate crimes to include crimes based on sexual orientation and disability -- is being targeted by the right. (Which, by the way, can't bring itself to call it the Matthew Shepard bill and instead abbreviates it as the HCPA, showing that homophobia is alive and well) Leading the charge against the Shepard bill is the United States Commission on Civil Rights, of which I am a member.

Chaz wants sex change on TV
After announcing her intentions to undergo gender reassignment surgery, Chaz Bono, formerly known as Chastity, is reportedly fielding offers from producers to document the transformation for a reality TV show.

CU's 'Transgender 101': Born in the wrong body
An insecure man in his early 30s had been lost in the discomfort of his own body since puberty.
But in 1996, a glimpse of contentment surfaced when he -- dressed as Patsy Cline -- and attended a transvestite ball with his wife in Durango.
"When I got home from the ball, I just couldn't get out of those women's clothes for about two hours. I was just so excited and keyed up. It was the most amazing feeling of my life."
Seven years later, thanks to sex reassignment surgery, that man became Angela Palermo.

Transgender Model Loses Libel Case Against NY Post
The New York Post did not commit libel when it reported on the alleged sexual fantasies of a transgendered model who was suing a billionaire for sexual exploitation, a New York appellate division ruled.
Back in the News: Jeffrey Epstein and His Special Friend