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quarta-feira, julho 15, 2009

Nuevo convenio entre Ayuntamiento, COGAM y Transexualia ampliará la orientación jurídica para combatir la homofobia
La renovación del convenio que firmará el Ayuntamiento de Madrid con el Colectivo de Lesbianas, Gays, Transexuales y Bisexuales de Madrid (COGAM) y la Asociación Transexual Española (Transexualia), actualmente en tramitación, prevé la ampliación del acuerdo de orientación jurídica que el Consistorio tiene suscrito con el Colegio de Abogados para dar cobertura a las situaciones de homofobia y transfobia.

Equality bill is 'homophobic', campaigner says
Excerpt: Peter Tatchell, of gay rights group OutRage!, lambasted the government for excluding homosexuals from the anti-harassment clauses of the equality bill.
"This legislation was supposed to harmonise and standardise all equality laws, so that everyone has the same rights and protection," he said.
"Sadly, it enshrines in law discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Transgender singer, 16, targets pop career
Her songs are already a hit on YouTube, but now 16-year-old singer Kim Petras has arrived in the UK to launch her pop career - and has revealed she was born a male.
Cantora trans de 16 anos lança oficialmente carreira pop

[Russia] [Blog/Commentary]
Man Shoots Girlfriend for being Trans
A Russian man murdered his girlfriend after discovering she had once been a man.

Trans passport laws eased
The Australian Passport Office has reviewed its policy to make it easier for transgendered people seeking a passport in their preferred gender.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Schroer case shows why we need ENDA
After four years of fighting in court under the last Administration, the U.S. Department of Justice decided last month not to appeal Diane Schroer’s landmark victory in her discrimination suit against the Library of Congress. Diane, a U.S. Army Special Forces veteran and counterterrorism expert, was offered a position at the Library for which she highly qualified, only to have that offer rescinded on the basis of her gender transition.

Discovering, and protecting, their true selves
In high school, music was Bill Zircher’s thing, mostly drums. He studied electrical engineering in college. In 1994 he married a woman he met in a band. The couple had a daughter, and Zircher was thrilled to be a father.
Five years ago, Bill became Dana.
Dana Zircher still plays the drums, is still a self-described high-tech nerd, and still a parent. She still works as a software design engineer for Microsoft in Beverly, though she now uses the ladies’ room instead of the men’s.

Sicklerville police ID person found dead after voodoo ritual
Excerpt: Lucille Hamilton, 21, a transgendered woman from Little Rock, was pronounced dead at the home in the 400 block of Loch Lomond Drive after a caller said she was found unresponsive about 11 p.m.
LR Transgender Woman Dies after NJ Voodoo Ritual

Syracuse family calls on New York to pass transgender protection bill
The extended family of LaTeisha Green, a transgendered person who was born Moses Cannon, accepted her decision at age 16 to start dressing like a woman. But they couldn't protect her from being beat up at school, receiving death threats and, ultimately, being killed.
Testimony to resume Tuesday in hate crime murder trial
The Lateisha Green Murder Trial: Monday Blog Post
Opening Day Of DeLee Trial
Testimony continues in NY hate crime murder trial

Jornal denuncia mortes de LGBT
Segundo matéria publicada pelo jornal colombiano De Liberar nesta semana, em 14 meses morreram na Colômbia cerca de 24 pessoas LGBT foram mortas em diversas cidades por sua orientação sexual ou identidade de gênero.

Resolución por la identidad de género en la Provincia de Buenos Aires
Sara Dorotier de Cobacho, titular de la Secretaria de Desarrollo Humano de la Provincia de Buenos Aires, envió al Concejo Deliberante una resolución por la cual se debe reconocer el nombre que se corresponde con la identidad sexual travesti, transexual o transgénero que presenta servicio en todos los organismos estatales de todos los municipios.