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domingo, julho 12, 2009

Piden autorización para el cambio de nombre en documentos para trans basileñas
Las Organizaciones Associação Brasileira de Gays, Lésbicas, Bissexuais, Travestis e Transexuais (ABGLT) en nombre de Articulação Nacional de Travestis e Transexuais (Antra), Articulação Brasileira de Lésbicas (ABL), la red E-Jovem, el Grupo de Padres y Madres de Homosexuales e CEN-Brasil – Coletivo de Entidades Negras pidieron la semana pasada que se asegure a nivel nacional el derecho de las travestis y transexuales al cambio de identidad en sus documentos.

Tranvestite in Ronaldo case dies of AIDS
A transvestite at the centre of a sex scandal last year involving Brazil's football star Ronaldo has died of AIDS.

'It was like suddenly taking the brakes off'
As Kate Craig-Wood bends to grab something from the office photocopier, she waves one wedge-heeled foot in the air. It's a feminine gesture that matches her expressive way of talking while waving her arms about so that her bracelet jangles. If I didn't know that four years ago she was Robert, a married man, I would never have guessed.
(Photo: Kate Craig-Wood knew from early childhood that she was really a girl)

What you got undie there?
Excerpt: Brunette Lisa, 35, boasted: "I let people think I was a natural-born woman for a long while and had a great time seeing how many men I could pull and get away with it.
"But now I'm ready to let the world know who I really am. I want people to know that transvestites and transsexuals aren't all ugly freaks."
As well as Lisa's online lingerie shop , her glam pictures have been used on dating websites, nightclub posters and adverts for contact lenses.(Photo)
Lingerie model reveals she was once a man

[Ireland] [Health/Medicine]
Face to face with new ideals of feminine beauty
There are not many of us, male or female, who are blessed with the facial beauty of a Jaye Davidson (Dil in Neil Jordan's The Crying Game). As a woman Jaye was good-looking, but as a man he was beautiful -- the same face, of course, but our perception of that face on the body of a man was different. We assign a higher standard of beauty to women.

India gay sex ruling - protection, not acceptance
For India's gay community, the joy that greeted this month's court ruling legalising gay sex is tempered by the fact that, although the law now accepts them, society still does not.

'Woman' killed over sex change
A Russian man murdered his girlfriend after finding she had once been a man.
Furious man shoots dead girlfriend after discovering she had once been a man

[Australia] [Blog/Commentary]
Surgery on intersex infants and human rights
From the Australian Human Rights Commission:
During 2008, the Australian Human Rights Commission undertook a project on human rights and sex and gender diversity. Following consultations with the sex and gender diverse community, the Commission focused its work for 2008-09 on a project examining the
legal recognition of sex on documents and government records.

Transgender community protests exclusive pharmacy
Advocates of Vancouver's transgendered and transexual community have taken offence to a women's only pharmacy that opened this week in the Downtown Eastside, which they say excludes them.
Protest of Lu Pharmacy

[América Latina/Caribe]
Informe de ILGALAC: A 40 años de Stonewall: Lesbofobia, Transfobia, Homofobia, Bifobia en Latino América y El Caribe
El Informe ILGALAC se difunde oficialmente, a semanas de conmemorar los 40 años de Stonewall. El documento es un homenaje a la lucha iniciada, finalizando la década de los 60, por un grupo de personas trans, seguidas por lesbianas, gays y bisexuales y una denuncia de la discriminación jurídica que aún recae sobre la diversidad sexual.

[América Latina]
Quién vio caer la sangre caliente sobre la espalda de Zoe
En los últimos dos años hubo cuarenta asesinatos contra personas trans denunciados en latinoamérica. Zoe y Jéssica no murieron pero acaban de ser baleadas entre Laferrere y Gonzalez Catán.

Denuncian 24 agresiones de odio contra comunidad LGBT en 14 meses
Según publica el medio De Liberar, de ese país, en poco más de un año 24 personas han sido víctimas de agresiones en diversas ciudades de colombianas en razón de su orientación sexual o identidad de género.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
More on Psychiatry's DSM-V Mess
Updating my previous post ( I turn once again to Danny Carlat:
--who tells us about more fallout from the DSM-V drafting and research process.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Trans People Deserve Better
A Miami report tells us of the arrest of a Donnie Hendrix. Ms. Hendrix is a male-to-female transgender woman who was arrested for practicing medicine without a license. She was injecting other would-be male-to-female transgenders with silicone for anywhere from $400.00-$600.00 per injection. Ms. Hendrix has a good job, a home and was described as a " real loner ".

Arrest made in transvestite murder
El Paso Police arrested Michael Manuel Herrera last night in connection with the murder of Cesar Torres. While police walked him to the jail last night - Herrera told us he was "Torres' boyfriend for six months."
As we reported first Thursday - people who live in the neighborhood on West Missouri Street tell us Torres was a transvestite and would often go out in women's clothes.

[DC, USA] [Blog/PR/News]
Press Release Announcing “Pee in Peace Campaign
On Friday, July 3rd, the DC Trans Coalition (DCTC) along with the DC Office of Human Rights (OHR) launched the Bathroom Access and Safety Campaign, otherwise known as the Pee in Peace Campaign – a community mobilization project designed to ensure bathroom access and safety for all residents, including transgender, transsexual and gender non-conforming individuals, in the District.

GLAAD in Syracuse for Lateisha Green’s Trial
I am on the ground in Syracuse preparing for next week’s court trial involving the murder of Lateisha Green. I will be in Syracuse with a couple of our sister organizations throughout the entire trial working with both the family and media outlets covering this profoundly sad story.
[News/Commentary] Lateisha Green — anti-trans violence never stops
Trial for Lateisha Green’s Murder Begins Monday
Friends, family honor murder victim LaTeisha Green (Photo: Al Campanie /The Post-Standard)
Service at noon to remember LaTeisha Green
NY to use hate crime law in transgender case
The Lateisha Green Murder Trial: Sunday Blog Post
NY To Use Hate Crimes Law In Transgender Case
Hate crime murder trial begins Monday

Kolestani sentenced in first degree murder case
An immigrant charged with first degree murder was sentenced Friday. Police say that on Monday, August 25th last year, 42 year old Majid Kolestani shot and killed 29 year old Ehsan Kababian in the 400 block of Fifth Avenue East in Twin Falls.
A grand jury indicted Kolestani on first degree murder charges which he pled guilty to in a plea bargain agreement last month.
Kolestani considers himself transgender, transitioning from being a man to becoming a woman, and refers to himself as a female. (Photo)

Transgender woman gets life term

Two Charged in Trans Woman's Attack
Two suspects have been arraigned on assault charges after allegedly attacking a transgender woman in Queens, N.Y., on Wednesday.

Transgender Economic Empowerment Initiative
TEEI is a unique collaborative program designed to help transgender individuals find stable jobs that provide a living wage, benefits, and opportunities for advancement.