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sexta-feira, julho 17, 2009

Una transexual, agredida en los vestuarios de un centro deportivo en Gijón
La mujer denuncia que no fue admitida en el vestidor femenino porque su documentación muestra que es de sexo masculino

Anger over 'transphobic' columnist
Dozens of members of the Queer Youth Network have written to complain about Sun columnist Jon Gaunt, who described gender reassignment as "misguided" and "slightly sick".

Married boxer plans sex swap operation
A married boxer with three kids has decided to ditch his macho lifestyle and try his hand in the fashion industry... as a woman!

Pakistan reconoce a las travestis como iguales ante la ley
La Corte Suprema ordenó que las travestis, al ser ciudadanas paquistaníes iguales a todos los otros, también tienen derecho a los beneficios de los programas de asistencia financiera de los gobiernos federal y provinciales, así como del Programa Benazir de Apoyo a los Ingresos.

Red tape to test transsexuals' desire
Yang Sisi feels he is different. He has been aware of it for many years and knows in his heart there is only one solution: an operation to make him a woman.
The 35-year-old wants to be among the rare few that undergo gender reassignment surgery every year in China, a traditionally low-key group, bar the odd beauty pageant and grand public wedding.
But the group has found itself thrust into the spotlight as authorities attempt to improve the procedure for transsexuals, moves that have met with a mixed response due to fears that newly proposed government regulations could hinder, rather than help.

Transgender patient says govt. backtracking on surgery claim
At least three dozen sex change patients in Alberta have filed human rights complaints.

Lu's Pharmacy rejects transgender customer
A Vancouver transgender activist says that the pharmacy owned by the Vancouver Women’s Health Collective has refused to fill her prescription. Jamie Lee Hamilton told the Georgia Straight on July 14 that Lu’s: A Pharmacy for Women denied her service because she wasn’t born female.
(Photo: Makeup artist Raigen D’Angelo (left) and activist Jamie Lee Hamilton hold up a prescription that was refused by the staff of Lu’s: A Pharmacy for Women. )

Bras specifically designed for transitioning women
Fake breasts have come a long way since transitioning woman had to rely on Kleenex and chicken cutlets to fill out a sweater. (Photo)

Hate crimes bill covering gays would get Senate vote Thur.
The U.S. Senate is expected to vote as early as July 16 on hate crimes legislation that not only would expand protections for homosexuals and transgendered people but could threaten religious freedom.

Political Notebook: Speier confident ENDA will pass
Congresswoman Jackie Speier (D-San Mateo), in a wide-ranging exclusive interview with the Bay Area Reporter, said she is confident that lawmakers in D.C. will pass a federal bill banning workplace discrimination against LGBT people this year.

Man Who Wanted to Be a Woman Found Shot, Wife Found Dead
A Belton man who neighbors said wanted to become a woman may be charged in his wife's death.The 36-year-old woman was found shot to death around 10:30 Tuesday (July 14) night. Her husband is in the hospital with a gunshot wound, a possible suicide attempt.

Syracuse Trial Spotlights Violence Against Transwomen of Color
This week, LGBT legal eyes are turned toward Syracuse, New York, where one man is facing murder charges and hate crime charges for killing Lateisha Green, a 22-year transwoman of color. The details of Green's murder are certainly unique to her case, but spotlight a growing trend of violence against transwomen of color. From Memphis, Tennessee to Greeley, Colorado and now to Syracuse, New York, transwomen of color are paying a huge price when it comes to the issue of hate crimes against the LGBT population.
Witness: Murder suspect made derogatory comment about homosexuals
The Lateisha Green Murder Trial: Wednesday Blog Post
Jury begins deliberating in NY hate crime trial
Jury deliberating hate crime murder trial
Jury deliberations wrap up for the day in DeLee murder trial

Trans woman dies after voodoo 'cleansing' ritual
A trans woman from Arkansas has died after apparently taking part in a voodoo ritual.

Policía reprimió a homosexuales en Cuba el fin de semana
Agentes policiales de la estación de Dragones, en Centro Habana, boicotearon el pasado fin de semana una actividad del programa de prevención de las ITS-VIH-SIDA efectuada por el Centro Nacional de las ITS, en los bajos del Capitolio.

Denuncian 470 crímenes de odio
El presidente del Consejo Directivo del Movimiento Homosexual de Lima comentó que aunque ha disminuido la persecución y acoso por parte de la Policía Nacional, todavía hay incomprensión en contra de homosexuales cuando denuncian maltratos.