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domingo, julho 26, 2009

Sex change inmate seeks prison move
A transsexual prisoner serving life for manslaughter and attempted rape committed while she was a man has claimed the refusal to move her to a women's prison is a violation of her human rights.
[Blog/Commentary] Transsexual Inmate Has A Beef With The System
Trans woman demands move to female prison

Transvestite dies after fight with customer
An Indonesian transvestite died 12 hours after a fight with his “customer” who had refused to pay for services rendered.

Bill 44 passes in Alberta legislature
The Alberta government ushered in controversial changes to Alberta's human rights laws early Tuesday morning, bringing a five-week battle over the nature of rights to a close.
Bill 44 introduced to Alberta's Human Rights Act the right for parents to pull their children from classrooms in which teachers discuss sexual orientation, sexuality, or religion. The parental rights amendment was included with a motion to enshrine gay rights in the province.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
A Mother’s Tale: Life With An Adult Transsexual Child, pt 2
Some time ago, my mother wrote a piece about what life is like living through the transition of her son to her daughter. As a note, my mother refers to me as Paul and by ‘he’ in referring to past events before I went full time.

Lily McBeth: transsexual teacher leaves profession
Lily McBeth made headlines three years ago when the popular New Jersey substitute teacher transitioned from male to female.
Now she’s
back in the news as she makes a decision to leave the substitute teaching arena.

Transgender mayor accused of showing too much skin - Video
It is not news that the mayor of Silverton, Oregon is transgendered. Citizens have known that. But what has brought attention to Mayor Stu Rasmussen is what he wore to a meeting on a hot day, reportedly violating the city's dress code.
Mayor’s Skimpy Dress Draws Complaints
[Blog/Commentary] Formal complaint filed against transgender mayor regarding attire

[DC,USA] [News/Commentary]
Trans Bathroom Safety: The "Pee in Peace" Campaign
Earlier this month the DC Trans Coalition launched their “Pee in Peace Campaign.” This campaign aims to spread the word and start enforcing the DC laws that are already in place regarding restroom use in public spaces -Laws the protect the harrassment of DC Residents who attempt to use public restrooms which match their gender identity or gender expression.

Discriminan a travesti de Plan Social
Alejandra Ironici denunció que le sacaron “de manera injustificada” un plan jefe de hogar que tenía desde hacía dos años. “Aducen cuestiones de asistencia cuando no falté nunca”, aseguró.
Selenia Alejandra Ironici, tal su identidad de género, denunció a Diario UNO que se siente discriminada por su condición de travesti. “(Las travestis) No sólo luchamos por nuestra identidad de género sino por la posibilidad de tener un trabajo, una educación y un acceso a la salud, dignos”, señaló.


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