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segunda-feira, julho 27, 2009

Transsexual Protests Detention in Men’s Prison
A transsexual convict in the UK has gone to the High Court challenging detention in a men’s prison, saying it violates her human rights under European law.
The prisoner, in her 20s and serving a life sentence for manslaughter and attempted rape, is legally female and her birth certificate has been amended accordingly, the court heard.

Canadian Government Denies Montreal Pride Grant $$
The conservative Canadian government doles out grant money from a "Marquis Tourism" purse, the idea being that by helping underwrite cultural events, the government will be promoting tourism and bolstering the national economy.

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14: Transgender Victims of Rape
There are very few statistics available for the rate of rape among transgender individuals. One small study showed that 13.7% of transgender respondents had experienced rape or attempted rape. Another study shows that 50% of transgender respondents had been raped or assaulted by a romantic partner — and among all groups of people sexual violence is a common form of intimate partner violence.

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A Mother’s Tale: Life With An Adult Transsexual Child, pt 3
Some time ago, my mother wrote a piece about what life is like living through the transition of her son to her daughter. This part is shorter than the others. I am using the natural breaks in the story.

Ex-police commissioner in running for rights panel
It's no secret that former Police Commission president Theresa Sparks is on the hunt for a job - and it's appearing as if she didn't have to look far.

Transgender Day honored in Houston
There was a landmark celebration for a center that's thought to be the first of its kind anywhere.
The Transgender Center in Houston is celebrating its first anniversary. Houston City Councilmember Jolanda Jones came to a read a proclamation commending the center and included a message from Mayor Bill White proclaiming July 25, 2009 "Transgender Day" in Houston.

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Behold, The World's Oldest Living Tranny!
The nightly news loves stories about trannies. People think they're odd and don't understand them and don't want to talk to them. Just like old people! This story about a 77-year-old transgender woman is going to freak everyone out!
77-Year-Old Receives a Sex Change