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terça-feira, julho 28, 2009

Polícia paraibana prende trio de jovens acusados de matar travesti
A polícia da Paraíba prendeu na tarde do último sábado, 25, em João Pessoa, um trio de adolescentes que é acusado de matar uma travesti conhecida como Bianca. Dos três, dois deles são menores de idade. Bianca teria sido assassinada porque eles estavam com raiva dela por ter tentado fazer sexo oral neles.

Parada de Cuiabá leva 40 mil pessoas às ruas
Capital de Mato Grosso, Cuiabá realizou no último sábado, 25, sua 7ª Parada da Diversidade Sexual. A novidade neste ano foi o dia, um sábado, já que a caminhada era realizada sempre em uma sexta-feira. Segundo os organizadores, o evento levou pelo menos 40 mil pessoas às ruas cuiabanas. (Photo)

Encuesta revela fuerte rechazo a los homosexuales en las escuelas brasileñas
El 87% de la comunidad escolar brasileña tiene algún grado de prejuicios contra los homosexuales, según revela un informe elaborado por la Universidad de Sao Paulo (USP) y difundido hoy por la Agencia Brasil (oficial).

Grupo brasileño de gays y lesbianas participará en debates de ONU
La Organización de las Naciones Unidas concedió el lunes un estatus formal a una organización de gays y lesbianas de Brasil que le permitirá participar en reuniones de la ONU sobres asuntos que va desde la salud hasta los derechos humanos.

M2F Transgender kept in male prison
A trans woman, serving a life-sentence for manslaughter and attempted rape claims the court denying her application for residence in a women's prison violates her human rights.

Northern Lads Going Mad For Transsexual Kim
NORTHERN blokes are going nuts for transsexual pop babe Kim Petras.
They’ve fallen head over high heels for the shapely 16-year-old, despite the fact Kim used to be a Tim.

McCreath wins gold
Transsexual athlete Jennifer McCreath has finished the marathon at the 2009 Outgames in Denmark, making her the first person in world history to run a marathon in a third gender catgory specific for transsexuals, winning a gold medal for the achievement.
…She was the only one running in the category, but still. It’s definitely a landmark.

Egyptian man-turned-woman sues al-Azhar
An Egyptian man-turned-woman has filed a lawsuit with the prosecutor general against the president of al-Azhar University for refusing to re-admit her after the sex-change operation.
(Photo: Sally got a sex-change operation and was kicked out of al-Azhar university)
When Sayyed Met Sally

Transgender gets admit card for teacher training
A member of the transgender hailing from Chettikulam near Vadugaptti in Theni district was issued the admit card to join the Government Teacher Training Institute, Tiruppur, during the counselling conducted here on Sunday.

Lady Boy Refused Sex Opp Found Dead In Pattaya Home
On 26th July 2009 a Thai lady boy with a history of drug use and mental health problems was found dead at his home in Soi Toongglom Tanman. Several medications were found including weight loss tablets and sedatives. (Photo)

[South Korea] [Blog/News/Film]
Lee Na-young becomes a father in transgender role
Lee Na-young (Maunday Thursday, Ruler of Your Own World) is taking on a transgender character in her next film role, one year after she was last seen in the Kim Ki-duk film Dream.
The movie is called Dad Likes Women [아빠는 여자를 좋아해] and unfolds around Lee Na-young, a photographer who is sought out by her child born of a college relationship. The wrinkle is, the son is looking for his father, not knowing that he has since undergone a gender transformation and is now living as a woman.

Permiten a hombre trans jugar fútbol profesional
En un hecho histórico, un joven transgénero de 25 años se convertirá en el primero en ingresar a uno de los clubes profesionales de balompié australiano. Primero tendrá que someterse a una cirugía para remover sus órganos sexuales femeninos.

Pride Parade's message of community and respect
Excerpt: For Sandra Bornemann, who held hands with her transsexual husband Julien Davis, Pride represents much more than sexuality. “It’s about visibility as well, because in the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) community, the T is often invisible,” Bornemann said. “We’re showing that it’s not so invisible.”

[USA] [Blog/Television/Commentary]
Dr. Phil Continues Anti-Queer Crusade by Picking on "Gender Confused Kids"
Excerpt: Dr. Phil has some nerve to say this is a "sensitive topic", while continually referring to these children as "confused" and bringing anti-LGBT speakers such as Glen Stanton of the notorious hate group Focus on the Family. Another problem is that he mistakenly mixes up the terms "sex" and "gender."

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Free Sex-Swap Ops Under ObamaCare Plan
Barack Obama’s proposed national health care plan will offer free sex change operations and require commercial plans to cover the surgical procedure if they do not already do so.
“Instead of allowing insurance to compete by offering different benefit packages, the Democrats are considering insurance mandates to cover exotic benefits that individuals may not want to buy such as [....] sex change operations,”
writes lawyer and conservative political analyst Phyllis Schlafly.

New bill could help expand hate crime laws
Gay, transgender or disabled people might have more protection under a new U.S. Senate bill that expands the reach of hate crime legislation.

[USA] [News/Commentary]
Renee Ramsey: what her transition means for understanding trans issues
At 77, Renee Ramsey has become one of the oldest people to undergo gender reassignment.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
A Mother’s Tale: Life With An Adult Transsexual Child, pt 4
Some time ago, my mother wrote a piece about what life is like living through the transition of her son to her daughter. Much of what my mother has written so far has concerned life in Georgia. The LGBT Community in Georgia was far from accepting. Indeed, many of the gay and lesbian people I met in Georgia outside of Atlanta were more than willing to ignore me once they knew that I was transsexual, and it was worse if I reveled that I was also lesbian. The online community was far worse to me than the people I met in Georgia, at least most of that time. What follows are my mother’s feelings about what happened, and what went on.

Transgender Activists Protest Recent Attacks
Dozens rallied in Jackson Heights, Queens on Sunday, following reports of two recent alleged attacks against transgender women, to demand that Albany pass legislation to stop the violence.

Transwoman’s Quarrel Ends in N.Y. Cop Shot
In a bizarre series that would fit into an episode of a TV drama, a New York City police officer was shot when he intervened in a lover’s quarrel. The woman, it turns out, is a male-to-female transsexual, and the gun that injured the officer went off when it hit the ground and went off accidentally.