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sábado, agosto 01, 2009

Transexual lança programa de rádio nas madrugadas
A transexual Maite Schneider pode ser, a partir do próximo dia 3, a companhia das noites frias e de insônia. Isso porque ela, que é dona do conhecido site Casa da Maitê, acaba de lançar um programa de rádio, exibido de segunda à sexta, da meia-noite às duas da matina.

Travesti faz ensaio fotográfico para edição argentina de revista masculina
Travesti nova sensação do show bizz na Argentina, Zulma Lobato acaba de participar de uma sessão de fotos para a edição argentina da revista masculina Maxim, que também circula no Brasil (e é bem inteligente). Acostumada a receber sempre lindas e gostosíssimas mulheres, a publicação abriu espaço para a diversidade sexual e clicou Zulma em um ensaio com vários looks diferentes.

Southport boxer Rob Newbiggin about sex-change plan and losing friends
Southport boxer Rob Newbiggin says he has been driven out of the town he loves after admitting he will undergo a sex change operation.
The father-of-three has forged a 20-year career as a boxer in America and has even sparred with Ricky Hatton, but will soon begin a new life as a woman, known as Mercedes, after the operation.
Rob, 44, said that as soon as the news broke in a daily tabloid newspaper, he lost all his friends.

(Photo: Rob and his wife Emma)

Sex Change Asylum Seeker Can Stay
AN ASYLUM seeker who claims to be a man in a woman’s body can stay because deportation could infringe her human rights.
The taxpayer will pick up the £10,000-plus legal bill for her case after Home Office lawyers decided not to contest a judicial review of their decision to kick her out.

Albania 'to approve gay marriage'
Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha has announced his party will propose a law legalising same-sex marriage.
It is an unexpected move in a country that is still one of the most conservative in Europe and where homosexuality was illegal until 1995.

Albania, a favor de legalizar uniones gay
Albania permite el matrimonio entre personas del mismo sexo

HRW denuncia el acoso legal a la población homosexual en Burundi
Human Rights Watch (HRW) denunció mediante un informe multimedia el creciente hostigamiento que sufren los homosexuales de Burundi desde que el presidente del país, Pierre Nkurunziza, firmara en abril pasado una ley que criminaliza la homosexualidad.

[Lithuania] [News/Commentary]
A daring Baltic ban on gay propaganda
A new Lithuanian law aims to protect minors from information that could be harmful to them.

Thai effeminate priests
The religious authorities in Thailand say they're introducing a 'good manners curriculum' to discourage behaviour seen as effeminate. The guidelines are aimed at curbing the flamboyant behaviour of gay and transgender monks.

Labor’s nod to GLBTI health
The sexual and reproductive health needs of the gay and gender diverse communities have been added to the ALP platform—the party’s central policy document—for the first time.
The move could pave the way for federal research grants into GLBTI health issues.

El primer ministro de Australia insiste en oponerse al matrimonio entre personas del mismo sexo
El primer ministro de Australia, el laborista Kevin Rudd, ha insistido, cara a la Conferencia Nacional de su partido que comienza hoy en Sydney, en que él es contrario a autorizar el matrimonio entre personas del mismo sexo a nivel federal, aunque “da la bienvenida” a que se discuta sobre el tema, tal y como reclaman sectores de su partido. Hace dos días os informábamos precisamente de como los laboristas de Tasmania habían aprobado una moción pidiendo al Gobierno federal que apruebe el matrimonio entre personas del mismo sexo, en lo que parece una maniobra destinada que el tema sea por fin discutido a nivel nacional.

[Guam] [News/Commentary]
Transgender student turned away from prom
Jeremy was refused entry to his high school prom when he arrived in a gown and makeup instead of a tuxedo.

Senate votes to expand federal hate crimes law
People attacked because of their sexual orientation or gender would receive federal protections under a Senate-approved measure that significantly expands the reach of hate crimes law.
The Senate bill also would make it easier for federal prosecutors to step in when state or local authorities are unable or unwilling to pursue hate crimes.

Navigating the ultimate identity crisis
Calyb Hare has been through so many transitions and redefinitions that just navigating the minefield of words becomes a perilous process.
Hare has crossed borders and dividing lines once considered unthinkable. Born in a female body he now lives openly as a male — a transgender male.

(Photo: Vernon Fueston/Chowan Herald - Edenton native Calyb Hare is currently working through a controversial process, gender transition. He recently spoke about his life at the Edenton Discussion Group.)

She … Amanda Lepore
‘World’s Most Famous Transsexual’ on her upcoming LP, boob jobs, role model status and her famous vajayjay (Photo)