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quinta-feira, agosto 13, 2009

Good overview of policy issues affecting trans people
The Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights has published an excellent summary of current human rights issues as they affect the transgender community. Though written from a European perspective, it’s a good read for anyone involved in trans activism.

Report claims killers of eunuchs remain untraced
A research report, compiled by Global Foundation Executive Director Ulfat Kazmi, has alleged that since 1978 dozens of eunuchs were killed, harassed and victimised, but police failed to nab the culprits involved in crimes against them.

Inmate Wants a Decision on Her Penis
A male inmate who wants to become a woman claims the Canadian government is dragging its feet on her request to have her penis removed, as her doctor recommends.

[Canada] [Blog/Commentary]
Trans Woman Fired In A Case Of Discrimination
I came across the story of Andre Edwards over at Deeply Problematic. It seems Ms.Edwards was fired from her job in what appears to be a case of transmisogny. She worked as a cab driver and was accused of having a “bad attitude” Too often when society wants to discipline women, we are constructed as bitchy, angry, and just plain ill tempered. Luckily, she was able to find a new job and she reports that she is happy.

Fully inclusive Employment Non-Discrimination Act introduced in the Senate
A bipartisan bill (S. 1584) that would provide employment discrimination protections to individuals based on their sexual orientation and gender identity was introduced in the Senate on August 5, 2009. Called the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), the bill would extend federal employment laws, which currently prevent employment discrimination on the basis of race, religion, gender, national origin, age and disability, to also cover sexual orientation and gender identity.
[Blog/Commentary] Stoking Fire: Far Right Opposition to Hate Crimes Laws

[CO, USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Hate Crime in the “Sex Change Capital of the World”
In the small town of Trinidad near the New Mexico border, police are expressing shock at the attempted murder and sexual assault of a transgender person in a local motel. Violence against transgender people in the so-called “sex change capital of the world” is rare, but this crime appears to have been motivated by hatred toward gays, according to The Pueblo Chieftain.
Violence against transgenders rare in Trinidad

Mass. transgender inmate denied electrolysis
A federal judge in Boston on Tuesday denied additional hair-removal treatments for a murderer who is seeking a taxpayer-funded sex-change operation, saying the inmate has failed to prove she will suffer "serious harm" without further electrolysis.
Wolf zaps inmate’s electrolysis, for now
Judge leaves inmate with a hair across ‘her’ case