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quinta-feira, agosto 20, 2009

Alagoas: Policiais acusados de agredir travesti são afastados do trabalho
Um vídeo exibido na TV Globo de Maceió resultou no afastamento de policiais militares que atuaram na 4ª Parada Gay de Penedo, a 157 Km de Alagoas. Feitas por um cinegrafista amador, as imagens mostram uma travesti sendo agredida por policiais.

Mudança de lei inclui trans e gays masculinos como passíveis de estupro
Desde o último dia 7, travestis, transexuais e gays masculinos podem sim ser considerados vítimas de estupro. A mudança veio com a Lei 12.015, de 7 de agosto de 2009, que alterou o tratamento dados aos crimes sexuais no Brasil e já está em vigor. O avanço se deu porque a nova redação da lei uniu em um único crime de estupro (art.213 CP) o constrangimento ao sexo vaginal e o constrangimento ao sexo anal. Ou seja, forçou para transar é estupro, seja lá com quem for.

Woman set Birmingham transvestite alight in row over handbag, court hears
A transvestite wept as he described the moment when a woman threw petrol over him at his flat in Birmingham and then turned him into a human fireball.
It is alleged his attacker was angry because she believed he had stolen property from her including a Louis Vuitton handbag.

[Germany/South Africa]
Gender bender on IAAF agenda
South African middle-distance sensation Caster Semenya was at the centre of an inquiry on Tuesday over concerns about whether she is a male or female.
The 18-year-old has emerged in recent months as a top 800 metres runner, and won her semi-final in commanding fashion at Berlin's Olympic Stadium on Monday night, eliminating Kenya's Olympic champion Pamela Jelimo along the way.

But the South African's physique and powerful style have sparked speculation in recent months that she might not be entirely female. IAAF rules state that competitors must be entirely female to compete in women's races but some people are born with a mixture of chromosomes and display both male and female characteristics.
(Photo: AFP Genetic tests … the IAAF will rule on whether South African teen sensation Caster Semenya, right, can run in the 800m final.)
South Africa to test gender of 800-meter runner
Dudan del sexo de una atleta sudafricana
Após dúvida sobre sexo, atleta sul-africana vence a final dos 800m no Campeonato Mundial

Boy sent to girls’ home - Teenager wants sex change
Questions regarding the identity of a teenage boy, recently thrown out of a women’s remand home where he stayed for 10 days posing as a married woman, has thrown railway police off guard.

The case of Mam Shah, 15, who was briefly put behind bars and is now in the “custody” of Bolangir railway police, has managed to baffle the force that can’t fathom what to do with him. (Photo)

Transgenders to have ID, ration cards in Tamil Nadu
Transgenders in Tamil Nadu, who have an exclusive Transgender Welfare Board, the first in the country, will soon have their demands of ration cards, passport and voter ID cards, fulfilled.

Hijras hit Dhaka catwalk in unique campaign
The audience at a show titled "Agony and Ecstasy," at the National Museum on Tuesday, were treated to a unique event as Hijras took to the catwalk in a fashion show as part of the programme's aim to to sensitise the larger community on transgender issues. (Photo)
Day in pictures

[South Korea]
Transsexuals Will Have Easier Legal Sex Change
Male-turned-female transsexuals will no longer need to fulfill their military service before changing their legal sex in family records.

Australian transsexual pair win legal recognition as men
Two Australian transsexuals have won legal recognition as men despite the duo still having female reproductive organs.
Dos hombres transexuales australianos ven reconocido su derecho a ser registrados como varones sin necesidad de cirugía genital

Sect members apologise to transgender, intersex people
Two members of the Exclusive Brethren religious sect has publicly apologised for offending sexual minorities in Tasmania.
The apology, published today in Tasmania's three daily newspapers, followed a conciliation suggested by the state's anti-discrimination tribunal following a complaint by Martine Delaney.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
ENDA support...but can you please drop the transgenders?: Florida's Lincoln Diaz-Balart
The Employment Non-Discrimination, one of the only LGBT protections likely to be put in place this legislative session, is haunted by a giant shadow of the sordid past.Lincoln Diaz-Balart
That shadow is the effort by our "leaders" to pass ENDA in 2007 by stripping out gender identity provisions that would protect members of our clan who are not gender-conforming, whether they be transgender persons or gay men or lesbians or even straight people.

Justice Department Names Liaison to Gay and Lesbian Community
The Justice Department's civil rights division has hired a veteran Senate staffer as a senior counselor and liaison to the gay and lesbian community. The hire comes amid efforts by the Obama administration to mollify growing impatience and displeasure among gays and lesbians with how the White House is handling issues important to them.

New Security Measures May Complicate Transgender Travel
As of Aug. 15,
flight safety regulations require airlines to secure the middle initial, date of birth, and gender of every passenger on a domestic flight. The regulations, courtesy of the Transportation Security Administration’s new “Secure Flight” initiative, seek to “reduce the number of times passengers are misidentified as possible terrorists.” The initiative may also make air travel more difficult for transgender passengers.
NCTE: Flying Now Requires Gender

Updates: Trinidad attack suspect not local, sentencing in Lateisha Green murder
A small amount of new information has surfaced in the brutal attack on a trans woman who had traveled to Trinidad, Colorado, to consult with noted surgeon Dr. Marci Bowers.
The Denver Post reports that, while no arrests have been made, the primary suspect is not from Trinidad.

New York man gets 25 years for transgender killing
Dwight DeLee was found guilty of manslaughter in the shooting death of Lateisha Green, who was born Moses Cannon.
[Blog/Commentary] Anti-Transgender Violence: Closure and a New Wound
Man Sentenced to 25 Years for the Killing of Lateisha Green
Human Rights Campaign Statement on Sentencing in Lateisha Green Murder Trial
DeLee sentenced to 25 years in prison for hate crime
New York Transgender Killer Given Maximum Sentence
DeLee sentenced for hate crime
Primera condena en Nueva York por el asesinato de una persona transgénero
Homem é condenado a 25 anos de prisão por matar trans em NY

Trans woman is assaulted in town known for accepting attitudes
A violent assault on a trans woman in Trinidad, Colo., site of a clinic where about 150 people undergo gender-reassignment surgery each year, has surprised some residents of the town.