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quinta-feira, setembro 10, 2009

"Não será a cirurgia que me fará mulher", diz pedagoga
O 7º Encontro Nacional Universitário de Diversidade Sexual (Enuds) em Belo Horizonte está perto do fim, mas os seus debates e personagens não. Letícia P., 21, formada em pedagogia pela Universidade Estadual do Rio de Janeiro (UERJ), está no evento "para saber o que o mundo acadêmico está discutindo a"respeito das travestis e transexuais", disse. (Foto)

Detienen a tres hombres por el asesinato de transexual quemada en Valencia
Según informaron fuentes jurídicas, las detenciones se produjeron el pasado mes de agosto después de que uno de los presuntos homicidas regresara a España tras viajar de forma precipitada a Brasil. Los tres individuos fueron vistos en compañía la transexual marroquí Cristina. L., de 36 años de edad, en la madrugada del 22 de marzo de este año -la noche del crimen- cuando salían de la sala de fiestas Lady's.

Welsh man accused of raping trans woman
A man from the Welsh town of Llanelli is on trial for the rape of a trans woman.
Kiron Singh Chand, 20, of Pottery Place, is accused of forcing the alleged victim to perform oral sex on him on April 13th.
According to the South Wales Evening Post, Chand denies rape but admits causing actual bodily harm.

Alleged rape victim was due for sex-change operation

Transsexual Killer Transferred to Women’s Prison in U.K.
A convicted killer who is also a transwoman won a human rights case to be transferred to a women’s prison in the U.K.

Serbia to see first gay film festival
Serbia’s first gay film festival, "Merlinka," takes place September 11-13 in Belgrade.
It is named after the late transgender actress Vjeran Miladinovic ("Merlinka") who starred in Zelimir Zilnik’s film "Marble Ass."

[South Africa]
From clamour to glamour: Caster Semenya sets the agenda of a real golden girl
South Africa, has had a second significant victory after the IAAF confirmed yesterday that she would not be stripped of her gold medal whatever the results of her gender test.
Semenya, who won the title in Berlin last month, has also made a resounding statement about her feminity by posing for a glamour photoshoot in a glossy national magazine.

World in Motion: Caster Semenya photoshoot brings sex back to top of agenda
Embattled track star Caster Semenya gets new coach, new look

A transsexual match
When Kalki Subramaniam, founder-director of the Sahodari foundation (an organisation to support transgenders), launched a matchmaking site recently -- the world’s first it has been said -- exclusively for transsexual women, she showed the world that the voices against the injustice are getting louder.

[Singapore] [Blog/Commentary]
Let Transsexuals Participate in Ms Singapore World Pageant. Here’s Why
If post-operative transsexual women are legally recognised as women, why shouldn’t they be allowed to participate in the Ms Singapore World Pageant? There are numerous sophisticated, elegant and beautiful transsexual women out there who also speak decent English.

Transgendered lawyer's complaint against Canadian Forces rejected by tribunal
A federal human rights tribunal has rejected a complaint by a transgendered lawyer that she was discriminated against when the Canadian Forces refused to enlist her.
Forces cleared of bias

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Stealth Was A Mistake
One of the ongoing arguments in the transgender community that’s guaranteed to generate heated debate one way or the other is the stealth vs out one.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Labor Day and Transgender Workers
It is quite fitting that our final push for the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) begins at the time that we as Americans celebrate Labor Day. This is our moment to say that transgender people have the right to be employed, to be judged on the quality of the work we do, and not on who we are. It is a time to stand up with dignity and assert our equality in the workplace.

Local library boasts trans collection
When the Oak Park Public Library ( OPPL ) evaluated its collections back in 2005, there was one glaring hole in its diversity collections. There were books and other materials for the "LGB" portion of the LGBT community, but there was very little for the "T."
Since 2007, the OPPL has amassed a collection of around 150 transgender-related books and other resources, making it the first public library outside of San Francisco, Calif., to have a trans collection.

Transgender activist runs for mayor of Idaho town
Robinson says she has been warmly received in small town
Can Idaho Locals See Beyond Melissa Sue Robinson's Sex Change?
Idaho Mayoral Race Includes A Transgender Woman

Presentan estudio sobre discriminación laboral a personas trans
Mujeres transgénero y transexuales mexicanas evidenciaron el desalentador panorama que viven al ser discriminadas en sus centros de trabajo. Unas, debido al rechazo, recurrieron al autoempleo; otras, a falta de trabajo, viven al día.

El Concejo Deliberante de Lanús buscará sancionar un proyecto de identidad de género
En la sesión del viernes se apunta a un proyecto orientado a la integración social de las personas, El municipio de Lanús y la organización social Jóvenes por la Diversidad impulsan este viernes a las 11.30 en el Concejo Deliberante la sanción de un proyecto de ordenanza orientado a la integración social de las personas travestis, transexuales y transgénero.