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quarta-feira, setembro 09, 2009

Comunidad Transexual pide que Tele5 haga reportaje de "desagravio" para hablar de las "excelencias" de Canarias
El colectivo Transexualidad Clínica de España ha pedido hoy a la cadena de televisión Tele5 que realice un reportaje de "desagravio" para hablar de las "excelencias" que tienen las Islas Canarias ya que consideró que con las imágenes de La Noria "se ha dañado al turismo gay que beneficia a las islas".

Algerian Transsexual Woman Murdered
Excerpt: A brutal murder took the life of a young transsexual woman. She had a degree in Spanish from the University of Algiers. Her family threw her out on the street and, on the street, she could only find work as a sex worker to support herself. She lived in Algiers and went out every night to corners and streets frequented by sex workers and their customers. One night, four weeks ago, she was attacked by a group of strangers who beat her up severely. In the hospital, she arrived badly injured and died shortly after.

[Uganda] [Blog/Commentary]
Intersex and the LGBTI cause
I have been trying to make people understand why the Intersex people are important in the whole LGBTI politics thing. Kind of hard to explain, to many people. I am a gay man. I don’t want to be a woman. I don’t think of myself as a woman.

[South Africa] [Blog/Commentary]
Kenyans and the man-woman thing: Thanks Semenya!
Kenya’s own Janeth Jepkosgei lost the recent 800 metres race at the World Championships in Berlin to Caster Semenya of South Africa. Kenyans seem to be waiting for the answer to the question, “Is Miss Caster Semenya a woman?” If the answer is in the negative then our own Jepkosgei gets the gold medal. I want to urge Kenyans to simply go beyond the gold medal and bring the Semenya controversy close to home. How do we deal with our Semenyas in various fields of excellence? Shall we disown them or glorify them?
Caster Semenya coach quits over gender row

Calgary celebrates diversity with pride
Vincent Penny lives day-to-day as a woman, but Sunday, at the annual Gay Pride Parade, was the first time he went out in public in Calgary in full drag.
(Photo: Lorraine Hjalte, Calgary Herald - The Calgary Pride Parade and party at Olympic Plaza was feeling the love as a couple of thousand people took part in the event.)

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Arguments Against ENDA: Are We Ready? (Part I)
o one in the national media is yet focusing much on the upcoming Employment Non-Discrimination Act, and neither the proponents on the left nor the opponents on the rights have said much either. But there is much to be said, and sooner or later, the weary war of words will begin. Just as in the health care debate, the war will not be fought by massed armies on the field of rationality, but as hand-to-hand combat in the streets of demagoguery.

Lil Mama apologizes to the GLBT community
As many know from a previous post (here) and for those who watch MTV and America’s Best Dance Crew, there was a tiny cause for discomfort when judge Lil Mama critiqued fabulous NYC-based group Vogue Evolution.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Transsexuals According To The Mainstrem Media: Either Deceptive or Pathetic
Aqueertheory at Below The Belt, nutshelling Julie Serano,1 writes:
…one of the main problems that trans women face is the common belief that their femaleness and femininity are somehow fake or inauthentic. This view is constantly (re)emphasized in the mainstream media. Transsexual women are routinely portrayed “in the act of putting on lipstick, dresses, and high heels, thereby giving the audience the impression that the trans woman’s femaleness is an artificial mask or costume” (41).

Asylum Pitfalls May Await the Transgender Applicant
Excerpt: The asylum officer could not imagine what harm will befall Cristina based on her transgender identity because she doesn’t “look transgender.” She looks like a “regular” woman. Essentially, the comment indicates that she will lose her asylum case, at least at the first stage, because her transition has been too successful.

Trans woman stabbed to death in DC
Two trans women who were attacked in the street may have been the victims of a hate crime, Washington DC police have said.

Salió Queer, el periódico de la Federación LGBT
Con doce páginas en formato tabloide y papel de diario, el periódico Queer nació en mayo de 2002 como un emprendimiento de María Rachid y Claudia Castro. Se repartía gratuitamente en bares, boliches y lugares de encuentro del circuito gay lésbico porteño y contaba con pequeños anuncios, la mayoría de empresas vinculadas a la comunidad LGBT. Hace un tiempo dejó de circular, pero ahora volverá a las calles. Mónica Ferrari y Vanina Franco, que tienen la misma edad que tenían las fundadoras cuando salió el primer número, estarán a cargo de esta nueva etapa del proyecto y contarán con la colaboración de Flavio Rapisardi como editor. Ya no será un emprendimiento privado, sino una publicación oficial de la Federación Argentina de Lesbianas, Gays, Bisexuales y Trans, de la que María Rachid es presidenta.
(Foto: De estreno. Mónica, Vanina, Flavio y María, con Queer en las manos. Por ahora será gratuito en Capital y en algunas provincias.)