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terça-feira, setembro 15, 2009

Queer Lisboa 13 Festival de Cinema Gay e Lésbico de Lisboa
A 13ª Edição do Festival de Cinema Gay e Lésbico de Lisboa - Queer Lisboa realizar-se-á entre 18 e 26 de Setembro de 2009.

Aumentam casos de violência contra travestis em Teresina. Polícia suspeita de grupo organizado
Dois casos recentes de extrema violência contra travestis de Teresina preocupam a polícia local. Quatro travestis foram na manhã desta segunda-feira, 14, à Delegacia de Direitos Humanos e Repressão às Condutas Discriminatórias para denunciar que foram agredidas por dois estudantes já identificados.

RJ: Decretada prisão de quadrilha que explorava trans
A promotora Ana Lúcia Melo, da 25ª Promotoria de Justiça de Investigação Penal da 1ª Central de Inquéritos, pediu prisão preventiva dos envolvidos em uma quadrilha que explorava a prostituição de transexuais nas ruas de Copacabana. O pedido inclui seis pessoas que favoreciam o tráfico de pessoas e a exploração sexual.

Denuncian una agresión homófoba a las puertas de un bar de Oviedo
Un joven que iba vestido de mujer y su novio fueron insultados y golpeados

Let perv tranny rot in a men’s prison
The victim of a sex-swap fiend who tried to rape her has blasted judges for moving "him" to a women's jail.

I became a woman at 70, says Sheffield ex miner
Rachel Fleetwood is 75 years old, lives in a Sheffield nursing home - and is most likely Britain's oldest transsexual.

Legislating gay hate in Lithuania
If the Baltic state perseveres with new homophobic laws, it has no place in the European Union

[South Africa]
Caster Semenya goes into hiding after IAAF test leak
The 18-year-old South African is undergoing psychological counselling but is not suicidal, according to her national athletics association
[Commentary] Sorry, Caster, saying you're a girl doesn't make it true
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[Commentary] Yin/Yang: An Intersexed South African Runner As Symbol Of The Universal
[People/Commentary] I feel for Caster Semenya - I am a woman with male chromosomes
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[Letters to the Editor] Gross IAAF insensitivity in Semenya's case
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Women's minister writes to UN over Semenya

The complexities of human sexuality, and Islamic laws and regulations in Iran
In the following paper, the complexities of human sexuality are explored as it occurs within the present day Iran. Attention is given to the Islamic laws currently demanded and practiced in Iran, as well as issues such as the existence of Lesbian,Gay, Bisexual, and Transgenders (LGBT) and gender identity within the culture. 
Historical and cultural relevance is given to each issue examined while remaining sensitive to the present day laws and regulations in Iran.

Irã pode ter casamento enre mulher e transexual
O Irã pode ter em breve o primeiro casamento entre um transexual e uma mulher de sua história.

How Islamist gangs use internet to track, torture and kill Iraqi gays
Iraqi militias infiltrate internet gay chatrooms to hunt their quarry – and hundreds are feared to be victims

Eunuchs want voter identity
With the Assembly elections to be held next month, eunuchs and transgenders have once again put forward their demand to be extended the fundamental right of voting to them as a community.

Transgender beauty pageant to debut in India
The first annual Miss India contest, a beauty pageant for transgender women, will be held on Dec. 19 in Chennai, the Times of India reported Sept. 2.

Transgendered woman sexually assaulted at gunpoint
Vancouver Police are looking for a suspect who assaulted a transgendered woman at gunpoint.
Police investigating sexual assault of trans woman in the West End

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Arguments Against ENDA (Part II)
One of the major arguments against ENDA is a concern that the government is infringing the right to practice religion. Fortunately, ENDA does not prohibit any religious beliefs or expressions protected by the First Amendment. However, that will not stop the concerns that people have. Today we will take at look at religious arguments against ENDA.
[Blog/Commentary] ENDA!!

Gays, Lesbianas y Trans limeños lo dijeron fuerte y claro: No somos enfermos, no tenemos nada "malo"
Pacífico pero fuerte y claro, así fue el segundo plantón realizado por activistas gays, lesbianas y trans limeños para manifestar su rechazo ante las posiciones religiosas fundamentalistas que se oponene a sus legítimo derecho de amar y ser felices ofreciendo "cura" y "restauración" para la homosexualidad. (Foto)
Gays protestan en Miraflores