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quarta-feira, fevereiro 24, 2010

Todo lo no dicho sobre asesinato de Roberto, hombre transexual "Brandon Teena español"
Hay cosas que dan vergüenza ajena, y a veces hasta propia. La agonía y martirio que sufrió Roberto hasta su muerte, es muy difícil de plasmar en palabras. Javier V. -Fundador del Colectivo El Hombre Transexual de Madrid- ha querido redactar para el Diario Digital Transexual a modo de homenaje y denuncia publica, lo que fue la vida y hasta angustia final de este hombre transexual. Sin duda alguna el "Brandon Teena español". No necesitamos irnos a Estados Unidos para tener referencias de las barbaries en crímenes de odio. Tenemos un referente español en una mujer transexual, el desgraciado caso de Sonia Rescalvo, en Barcelona, que cada año recordamos.

Nueva novela Sánchez Vidal profundiza en las vicisitudes de un hermafrodita
En la obra, Sánchez Vidal reconstruye de una forma narrativa una historia, perfectamente documentada, que transcurre hacia 1587, al final del reinado de Felipe II y que gracias al proceso inquisitorial abierto contra el protagonista se conserva en el Archivo Histórico Nacional.
Sánchez Vidal apela al Humanismo como el gran motor de la dignidad

School skirts may violate equality
Making girls wear skirts as part of their school uniform is “potentially unlawful”, equality bureaucrats have said.
[Commentary] Gymslip hysteria shows the age of satire is dead

Una transexual, primera mujer en formar parte de la principal organización masónica francesa
Interesante entrevista la que publica hoy el diario Público a Olivia Chaumont, la primera mujer en formar parte de la principal organización masónica de Francia, el Gran Oriente de Francia (GODF), hasta ahora vetada a las mujeres. Chaumont, de hecho, ingresó oficialmente con hombre. Sin embargo es una mujer transexual, y tras su proceso de reasignación la organización ha decidido mantenerla como miembro.
"¡Soy una hermana entre 50.000 hermanos!"
Una mujer transexual ingresa por primera vez en 250 años en el Grupo Mason de Francia

Macedonian Parliament Debates Proposed Anti-Gay Discrimination Law with Euro MP
Ulrike Lunacek, the MEP who is co-president of the European Parliament’s all-party ‘Intergroup’ for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights, today told Macedonian politicians that there was no opting-out from fundamental human rights as Macedonia continues the process of accession to the European Union

Religion, politics and Africa's homophobia
Since a Ugandan MP proposed the death penalty for some gay people, homophobia has been on the rise in other parts of Africa.
Earlier this month, US President Barack Obama's criticism of the Ugandan proposals led to huge anti-gay rallies in neighbouring Kenya.

Transgender Men Seek End to Guyana Dress Code Laws
A group of transgender men in Guyana have asked the country's Supreme Court to strike down laws that leave them open to arrest following a police crackdown on male cross-dressers.
Historic constitutional motion filed against cross-dressing law
Marking World Day of Social Justice, Transgender citizens, supported by SASOD, move to the courts to challenge Guyana’s law against ‘cross-dressing’

El Tribunal Constitucional de Malawi rechaza hacerse cargo del caso de la pareja encarcelada por celebrar una boda
Malas noticias para Steven Monjenza y Tiwonge Chimbalanga, la joven pareja que está siendo juzgada en Malawi bajo la acusación de homosexualidad. El Tribunal Constitucional del país ha rechazado la posibilidad de pronunciarse sobre el caso, cuya sentencia se conocerá el próximo 22 de marzo. Los dos jóvenes, que fueron detenidos a finales de diciembre tras celebrar una ceremonia tradicional de boda, se enfrentan a una posible pena de 14 años de cárcel.
Malawi court dismisses gay couple's appeal case

Plea seeking sex-change permission dismissed
The Lahore High Court Monday dismissed the petition of a man who wanted permission for undergoing surgery to change his sex from male to female.
Petitioner Sami Saleem, 30, pleaded he was suffering from gender identity disorder and doctors had suggested him a sex-change operation in order to become a woman.

20-year-old man eager for sex change: 'Even if I die from it'
With brown-dyed hair, miniskirt, black silk stockings and tender voice, a 20-year-old Jiangxi man Liu Jun is always considered as a girl. He said he is eager for sex change surgery but still can’t pay for it.
“I've known for years I'm a woman - I think and act like a woman, not a man. I want to accept sex change surgery and be a complete woman; even if I die on the operating table.” Liu Jun told Xiamen news media.

(Photo: The 20-year-old Jiangxi man Liu Jun in Xiamen)

Gay, transvestite couple chosen as AIDS envoys
A gay man and a transvestite were chosen as envoys for AIDS treatment in Bali during a contest organized by Gaya Dewata Foundation on Saturday.
Surya Tan and Ella Wasabi were crowned as the Raka and Rai couple during the contest, in which 12 couples of gay men and transvestites competed.

[Australia/Germany] [News/Film]
Australian films win Berlin plaudits
An australian short film about a cross-dressing boy who wins a holiday resort beauty competition won the Crystal Bear for best short film in the Berlin Film Festival's children's section, Generation K-plus. A jury of children described Hannah Hilliard's Franswa Sharl as ''non-stop fun … for a moment we forgot the world around us''.

(Photo: Callan McAuliffe in a scene from Hannah Hilliard's Franswa Sharl.)

[Australia] [News/Film]
The Brisbane Queer Film Festival
Proving that all the best festivals have longevity, the 11th Annual Brisbane Queer Film Festival steps confidently into its second decade this year, bringing you the most incredible selection of queer films and documentaries from around the globe this April.

(Photo: Legendary drag queen Candy Darling in the film Women in Revolt.)
From the Brisbane Queer Film Festival website ...


Prodigal Sons
Sun 11 Apr 10


A unique story that confronts issues of sibling rivalry, nature versus nurture, and self-reinvention, Prodigal Sons shows that transformation can happen when you least expect it.

Marc feels cheated by life. Adopted as an infant, he was held back in preschool, didn’t graduate from high school, and suffered a head injury at age 21. In contrast, his sister Kim’s life always seemed easy: high school class president, valedictorian, voted most likely to succeed—not to mention captain of the football team. Maybe it wasn’t so easy: Kim also used to be Marc’s younger brother.

This sibling bond is the fascinating heart of this documentary, which chronicles a year in the life of their family and travels from Montana to Croatia, from high school reunion to jail cell.

They are orbited by a colourful, articulate cast, including prison chaplains, rugged farmers, and intrigued classmates. Carol, the resilient mother who accepts her children’s surprises with grace and optimism, provides a strong backbone for the family.

Official Selection Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival 2009
Official Selection Outfest, The 27th Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Film
Festival 2009

Director Kimberly Reed
Country USA
Year 2008
Duration 86mins

Beautiful Darling: The Life and Times of Candy Darling
Sat 17 Apr 10


He dreamed of being a Hollywood star…what she became was a legend.

This marvellous tribute to a brief, extraordinary life shows how Candy Darling, iconic and glamorous Warhol Superstar, went from suburban Long Island roots to starring in Warhol Factory films and inspiring the classic Lou Reed song Walk on the Wild Side.

In this in-depth homage, Candy is immortalised in rare archival footage, while Julie Newmar, Tennessee Williams and John Waters share insights and divulge classic Candy moments. Candy’s dearest friend Jeremiah Newton's continued devotion to her drives this documentary, which serves as a love letter to Candy and her unrealised dreams. Thirty years after she’s gone, this film brings Candy’s world back to us.

World Premiere 60th Berlin International Film Festival 2010

Director James Rasin
Country USA
Year 2009
Duration 82mins

The Amazing Truth About Queen Raquela
Sun 18 Apr 10


A ‘lady-boy’ blessed with extraordinary beauty and grace, Raquela Rios heads from the streets of the Philippines to the world of the Internet.

Raquela makes her living by walking the streets and serving a clientele with exotic tastes. However this self-proclaimed queen dreams of bigger and better things. So when she’s recruited to join the lucrative world of Internet porn, Raquela dives in headfirst.

As Raquela’s online popularity skyrockets, she’s soon off living a life of odd adventures and finally fulfills a lifelong dream to see Paris. And once the site’s New York-based owner takes a shine to her and visits her in the City of Light, Raquela may even find true love.

Part fact and part fairytale, this dazzling docudrama blends gritty verite and fictional flights of fancy to chronicle this truly transtastic character’s life.

English, Icelandic, Cebuano and Thai with subtitles

Winner Teddy Award for Best Feature Film, Berlin International Film
Festival 2008
Official Selection Vancover Queer Film Festival 2010

Director Olaf de Fleur Johannesson
Country Iceland and Philippines
Year 2007
Duration 80mins

[Australia] [Blog/Science/Commentary]
Another Part of the Puzzle
Disorders of sex development expose transcriptional autonomy of genetic sex and androgen-programmed hormonal sex in human blood leukocytes. by Holterhus PM, Bebermeier JH, Werner R, Demeter J, Richter-Unruh A, Cario G, Appari M, Siebert R, Riepe F, Brooks JD, Hiort O. BMC Genomics. 2009 Jul 1;10:292.

[Canada] [Blog/Commentary]
Karen Selick: The human rights set-up
One of the most preposterous cases in the field of so-called human rights law in recent years has quietly evaporated into the ether, leaving a relieved but nevertheless injured victim.
The victim is John Fulton, owner of the Downtown Health Club for Women in St. Catharines, Ont. In 2006, an individual dressed as a woman visited the club and applied for membership. The person then told Fulton, “I’m really a guy” — a man planning to have a sex-change operation.

Withers: A new trans ‘zine enters the market
The media world is melting faster than a witch soaked in water, but it doesn’t mean their isn’t a market for the tried and true. Remember back in the day when ‘zines were sold and mailed everywhere? Those heady times have returned with Original Plumbing. Amos Mac, the publication’s editor-in-chief, says OP’s aim is “to shoot true diversity in the FTM community; in size, age, body, surgery, hormone use and non use, because it is our belief that surgery and hormones don’t necessarily make the man.” After the jump there are photos of models in OP’s winter edition (it’s all about hair), and an interview with Mac (pictured above). Go to the site and give it some love. You’ll have a good time.

[USA] [Blog/Television]
Dr. Oz Introduces Daytime Audiences to Blossoming, Confident Transgender Kids
Most of Oprah's proteges annoy us, particularly those that rhyme with Fockter Dill. Now, Dr. Oz just might be on that list, but last week he introduced living room Americans to a little word called "transgender," and in a not terribly exploitative way! Even when dealing with transgender kids!

Transgender group, restaurant agree to mediation
Members of a local transgender social club and Capone's Italian American restaurant last night agreed to attempt to resolve their differences before a mediator.

Suit claims police harassed transgender Newarker
A transgender Newark resident has filed a lawsuit that alleges harassment by police officers.
Transgender woman sues N.J. police department for harassment

[Puerto Rico]
La comunidad gay se muestra satisfecha por el juicio por el brutal asesinato de un joven homosexual
La comunidad gay puertorriqueña está satisfecha por el inicio el próximo marzo del juicio contra el presunto asesino del joven homosexual Jorge Steven López, cuyo cuerpo fue decapitado y descuartizado el pasado noviembre.
Causa para juicio por asesinato en primer grado por la muerte de Jorge Steven López

[Latin America]
Derechos gays en Latinoamérica: ¿Realidad o espejismo?
Nueva legislación en Argentina y México alienta a la comunidad GLBTI de Latinoamérica a creer que la reivindicación de sus derechos civiles está por hacerse realidad en el subcontinente.

Gays y trabajadoras sexuales se reúnen en Iquitos
Líderes y activistas de la comunidad lébisca, gay, trans, bisexuales y trabajadoras sexuales de tres regiones amazónicas se reunirán en Iquitos para analizar temas referidos a los principales obstáculos y oportunidades que se presentan en el marco de la lucha por el respeto a sus derechos.