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terça-feira, fevereiro 16, 2010

Comienza el juicio a las presuntas autoras de la muerte de un chico transexual en Madrid
Tras ser suspendido en diciembre debido a un error procedimental, hoy ha dado comienzo en la Audiencia Provincial de Madrid el juicio contra las dos acusadas de la muerte de Roberto G.H., un chico transexual a quienes propinaron además un trato humillante aprovechándose de su situación de extrema vulnerabilidad.

La transsexualité officiellement sortie de la liste des affections psychiatriques de longue durée
La transsexualité est sortie de la liste des "affections psychiatriques de longue durée", le décret préparé par la ministre de la Santé Roselyne Bachelot étant paru au Journal officiel.
Une âme de geisha
Les trans ne sont plus des malades
Les Transsexuels s'inquiètent de ne plus être remboursés

[Germany] [News/Film]
Russian drag queens' story lively but skin-deep
Advertised as the first Russian film about drag queens, writer/director Felix Mikhailov's "Jolly Fellows" vaunts the brash, in-your-face liveliness of a debut film on a naughty topic. Despite some engaging perfs by a game cast, this curiosity item lacks the emotional connections and in-depth character exploration that could have taken it beyond gay and lesbian fests into the memorable territory of a "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert." It has received limited release in Russia and the Ukraine and, after its Berlin Film Festival screening, can hope to do a little more in a few Euro niches.

Shukria wants to be a man after 25 years of girl’s life
He travelled all the way from the little known village of Dandu in Mandera to Nairobi because he was convinced it was the only way the world could learn from his experience.
At his birth 25 years ago, Shukria Abdi Issak had a genital abnormality known as undescended testicles or cryptorchidism – a condition in which the testes are missing or they may be felt as lumps in the groin. His parents in a state of panic, lack of information and scanty healthcare facilities, decided to ‘turn’ him into a girl. They feared they would ruin the marriage prospects of a healthy child if discovered and bring shame to the family.(Photo/Paul Waweru - Shukria Abdi Issak speaks at Nation Centre on Sunday on his gender dilemma. He has lived like a woman in North Eastern Province for 25 years.)

C. Semenya est d'actualité à Vancouver
Lors de son assemblée générale, jeudi, le comité international olympique (CIO) a été mis au courant des tests pour la vérification du genre -- un problème qui a capté l'attention du monde entier l'an dernier avec le cas de la coureuse sud-africaine Caster Semenya.

Under the Shadow of Shariah Law, Transsexuals Take to the Stage in Aceh in Rare Beauty Contest
In their best Acehese costumes, kitsch jewelry and towering hair buns, 40 transsexuals sashayed down a stage on Saturday to loud club music, disco lights and rapturous applause as they competed in the Miss Transsexual Aceh 2010.
The streets of Aceh may be monitored by the Wilayatul Hisbah, or Shariah Police, but that did not deter the audience in the auditorium of the Radio Republik Indonesia building in the provincial capital, Banda Aceh, as they welcomed the finalists with screams and whistles.

(Photo: Three transsexual contestants show off their outfits.)
Transsexual Pageant All Right in Aceh as Long as Clothes Stay On: MUI
Aceh holds 2010 transvestites pageant

Aceh Shariah Leaders Blast Transsexual Beauty Pageant
Ulemas slam at transvestites pageant
Ulemas condemn Miss Transvestite pageant
Fundamentalistas musulmanes irritados con concurso belleza de transexuales en Indonesia