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segunda-feira, fevereiro 15, 2010

Ontem, 14 de Fevereiro, faleceu Doug Fieger, vocalista dos The Knack, depois de muito tempo a lutar contra um cancro. Os The Knack ficaram conhecidos com o êxito "My Sharona", nos finais dos anos 70.


[UK] [Blog/Commentary]

Newspaper’s story more important than woman’s safety, court decides
This story, published in the Northwich Guardian, illustrates the low regard that cis people in the mass media frequently seem to have for our safety – made worse in this case by a court’s endorsement of it.
Magistrates at Northwich say Hartford woman can be named in court case

Francia se convierte en primer país mundo retirar transexualidad como enfermedad mental
La transexualidad ya no es considerada una enfermedad mental en Francia, primer país en el mundo que saca la transexualidad de la lista de las afecciones psiquiátricas, según un decreto, publicado el miércoles en el Diario Oficial, que fue saludado por las asociaciones de mujeres y hombres transexuales.

[Germany] [Blog/Film]
Review: Beautiful Darling
Is transphobia Hollywood’s last acceptable prejudice?
Sympathetic depictions like Boys Don’t Cry or Transamerica are far outnumbered by mainstream films in which a transgender character appears at best as a punchline, or as a prop to be rejected by the male protagonist, thus affirming his heterosexual virility. There are numerous examples but the vile How to Lose Friends & Alienate People sticks in the mind.
And we’re only talking characters here; actual transgender performers are entirely absent from the multiplex. So it was particularly refreshing, and unexpectedly moving, to see Candy Darling’s short life so sensitively handled in the documentary Beautiful Darling, which received its world premiere yesterday at the Berlinale.

“Están reconociendo que también somos seres humanos” Hijras –transexuales- en Pakistán
Occidente siempre les ha llamado eunucos, porque esa palabra impregnada de leyenda se ajusta a nuestro estereotipo de Asia como un continente misterioso, pero los "hombres castrados" constituyen una minoría poco representativa entre los 'hijras' del Indostán.

Transgenders models walk the ramp in Mumbai
Twenty-six models participated in the second round of a beauty contest organised here on Saturday.

The DSM: How Psychiatrists Redefine 'Disordered'
The attempt to catalog all the ways that Americans can go crazy dates at least to 1840, when the Census included a question on "idiocy/insanity." From those two simple categories, we now have more than 300 separate disorders; they are listed in a 943-page book called the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or DSM for short. The book is important because doctors, insurers and researchers all over the world use it as a reference, a dictionary of everything humanity considers to be mentally unbalanced.
I’m not idle, I have sluggish cognitive tempo disorder
[Blog/Commentary] Compromise 2 – Analysis of the DSM-5 PRs
[Blog/Commentary] The DSM is Both Political and Neo-Religiious Crap
El nuevo DSM mantendrá que transexuales sufren una patología “Incongruencia de género”

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Music Within, Tilting at Windmills and the "Socially Disabled"
It isn't about how people feel about us, it is about how we make them feel about themselves.
Most people would argue that trans people are not disabled.
True, most of us have no physical (or mental) impairment but consider this. The Americans with Disabilities Act defines disability as a physical or mental impairment that limits a major life activity. If trans people are unable to secure employment (I'd say that is a major life activity) because of the way we look, are we not disabled in that sense?
Have you ever heard of The Ugly Law?
Well, there were such laws in the US until the 1970's. The law prevented people from being in public places if their unsightly or disfiguring disabilities made other people uncomfortable.

Ruta nocturna contra el VIH
Transexuales recorren las calles en busca de sus iguales para que se protejan del virus.
Diane Marie ha decidido enfrentar una selva ataviada con tacos, jeans ajustados y una blusa que desborda. Con sus insolentes 25 años decidió romper la ecuación sexo igual a órganos genitales. Se autoidentifica: “soy mujer trans”. Transexual, poderosa, envidiable, curvilínea, tuneada, sin rasguño alguno que evidencie que vive como en un campo de batalla.
(Foto: Marcos Pin / El Telégrafo - Diana y Nicole laboran cada noche en el centro de Guayaquil. Se exponen a sus clientes, pero se esconden de la Policía.)

El Ministerio Salud de Chile evalúa crear una “vía clínica” para las personas transexuales
El fin es “facilitar el acceso a la adecuación corporal de personas con discordancia entre sexo físico e identidad de género”. El proceso sigue la línea del Plan Piloto en Asistencia Médica y Psicológica para Transexuales, propuesto y creado por el Movilh y gestionado por el Ministerio de Salud.