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quinta-feira, fevereiro 04, 2010

La transexualidad, en Primera Persona
Esta semana viajamos hasta Oviedo, en Asturias, para hablar con una mujer y un hombre transexual, Eva y Mané, que luchan por vivir plenamente como la mujer y el hombre que son.
También hablamos con Tino, coordinador de la asociación Xega.

Transexuales de Islas Baleares ha presentado una Guía de Transexualidad para sensibilizar
El colectivo de de Transexuales y Lesbianas de las Islas Baleares y la Federación Balear de Asociaciones LGTB (gays, lesbianas, transexuales, y bisexuales) ha presentado una guía sobre la transexualidad.

Pope's swipe at UK equality laws provokes foes
Pope Benedict XVI's condemnation this week of British equality legislation designed to protect gays and women in the workplace has deepened the battle lines between the Vatican and secularists, who demand that taxpayers not foot the security bill for his newly announced September visit.
[Blog/Commentary] Should the Homophobic Pope Visit Britain, Or Stay Home and Polish His Red Guccis?
The Big Question: What is equality legislation, and why is the Pope so concerned about it?

[Ireland] [PR/Books]
Book Deal For Amazing Memoir Of Transgender
Prizeman & Kinsella, the literary agents, are delighted to announce that we have just sold the Irish rights (32 counties) to the amazing memoir of Ireland's first transgender, to Poolbeg Press. This amazing story, His Name Is Rebecca, gives us a remarkable insight into the hell any transgender goes through before they finally accept that they are living in the wrong body.

Projet de rapport sur la prise en charge du transsexualisme : la HAS ouvre une consultation publique
La Haute Autorité de Santé a élaboré un projet de rapport sur le transsexualisme et sa prise en charge médicale et souhaite recueillir l’avis de toutes les personnes concernées ...

Interview exclusive: Pierre Lambicchi, Grand Maître du Grand Orient, conforte les propos d’Olivia Chaumont
Dans une interview exclusive à Yagg, Pierre Lambicchi, Grand Maître du Grand Orient de France (GODF), principale obédience franc-maçonne française, conforte les propos d’Olivia Chaumont (lire l’interview).
La semaine dernière, Olivia Chaumont devenait la première femme transsexuelle de cette obédience exclusivement masculine. Reconnue comme femme par le GODF, après avoir été initiée comme homme il y a quelques années, elle témoignait pour Yagg et nous faisait partager son histoire.

L'hermaphrodite de la renaissance aux lumiéres
Bien que l'hermaphrodite ait été l'objet ces dernières années de nombreuses études, tant en France que dans le monde anglo-saxon, en particulier à travers le prisme des gender studies, il mérite qu'on y revienne. En effet, pour ce qui est de la période envisagée, les travaux de Kathleen P. Long pour la Renaissance, de Patrick Graille pour les XVIIe et XVIIIe siècles, et l'analyse de Pierre Ronzeaud sur l'utopie hermaphrodite, pour ne citer que les ouvrages les plus connus, invitent à poursuivre la réflexion sur une figure aussi complexe que contradictoire, notamment en ce qu'elle interroge les frontières entre le masculin et le féminin, la norme et le monstrueux, le mythe et la réalité, et se trouve à la croisée de nombreux discours, où se confrontent et s'interpénètrent le médical, le politique, le théologique et le littéraire, entre héritage antique et modernité.

Bientôt une prison spéciale pour transsexuels
Une prison spécialement aménagée pour accueillir une trentaine de détenus transsexuels ouvrira bientôt ses portes à Empoli, au coeur de la Toscane (centre de l'Italie), une initiative saluée mercredi par les organisations de défense des homosexuels et des «trans».
Construida en Italia la primera cárcel exclusiva para transexuales
Italie : une prison exclusivement consacrée aux personnes transsexuelles

Pakistan's eunuchs face life of begging, prostitution
Mohammed Zafar Iqbal used to cash in on his beautiful face and graceful moves, dancing bedecked in midnight blue veils and dresses for clients who sought his perceived closeness to God.
But like most of Pakistan's eunuch and transsexual community - mocked, pitied and shunned by society - his life has mostly been marred by hardship and suffering, peaking seven years ago when he was brutally attacked.
A jealous admirer, furious at being spurned by a hijra, as eunuchs are know in Pakistan, threw acid in his face. That man, Shabir, was once his best friend.

Prayer Breakfast Group Member is Behind Uganda’s Infamous Anti-Gay Bill
As reported previously at EDGE, there is some evidence that Uganda’s anti-gay bill--which would steepen punishments against gays, and inflict the death penalty in certain cases of same-sex intimacy--was prompted in part by claims made by American evangelicals who visited the country nearly a year ago.

[Philippines/USA] [News/Commentary]
Head: ‘My BF doesn’t know I’m not a woman’
Paula looked great in tight designer jeans topped with a soft blue cashmere turtle neck sweater. Except for flesh colored lipstick, which complemented her fair smooth skin, she had no other makeup.
No need. She had a naturally pretty mestiza face framed by long soft brownish hair. Nice body too—a slim, 5’6” frame, long legs. She was 26 but looked 19.

GLAD Wins Equal Treatment for Transgender Taxpayers
The U.S. Tax Court today issued a long-awaited decision in O’Donnabhain v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue, ruling that treatment for gender identity disorder (GID) qualifies as medical care under the Internal Revenue Code, and is therefore deductible.
Case backs need for sex-change surgery
[Blog/News] Tax Court: Gender Reassignment Surgery Is a Deductible Medical Expense (But Not Breast Augmentation)
In re Rhiannon O’Donnabhain

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Congress and the public don't see eye-to-eye on ENDA
More evidence that politicians are falling behind their populations on anti-discrimination legislation came from the Salt Lake Tribune. 66% of Utah's population supports laws like ENDA. They were asked about the state-level, although I doubt they have a large population of die-hard federalists who'd be willing to make a harsh distinction between the state and federal government on this issue.

Una pareja gay, formada por dos hombres transexuales, espera un hijo fruto del embarazo de uno de ellos
Scott Moore y Thomas son una pareja gay de California. Ambos son varones transexuales, es decir, nacieron con sexo biológico femenino, aunque posteriormente acomodaron sus cuerpos a su identidad de género masculina. Están además legalmente casados, pese a ser una pareja gay, gracias a que Scott sigue figurando como mujer en los documentos registrales. Ahora Scott, que a diferencia de Thomas mantiene genitales femeninos, ha quedado embarazado. (Foto)
Le deuxième homme « enceinte » donnera naissance le mois prochain
Transexual, gay y padre

Transsexual Phoenix Author to Speak at City Event; Sex-Change Patient Grew Up in Detroit in 1960s
In the late 1960s, Millie C. Bloodworth was a city boy from Detroit who didn't like guns, the Army, snakes on field trips, or the looming prospect of getting shipped off to Vietnam.
What he really wanted was a sex-change operation and a wardrobe of pretty dresses.

TFA Board Member Radio Interview: Myra Ical
This is an interview of TFA Board member, Lou Weaver from the IndyMedia Radio program on 90.1 KPFT Houston from Friday, January 29, 2010. The interview is about the murder of Myra Ical, a Houston transgender woman who was initially slandered by local media. Lou talks about Myra’s life and death, the media response and the unprecedented reaction by the community.

Cuba se declara contra patologización de la transexualidad
Especialistas en sexualidad rechazaron la patologización de la transexualidad y propugnaron por un decreto de ley en Cuba sobre "Identidad de Género”, en la que se incluye el cambio de identidad con independencia a la reasignación sexual.

Wendy - Reconciling the Inner and Outer Image
It was as if she had only closed her eyes for a moment. When Wendy Iriepa came round after surgery over a year ago, she tried to get up as if nothing had happened, but a nurse gently pushed her back into bed. "All done?" she asked, and the nurse replied, "Yes."