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terça-feira, março 30, 2010

"Triplemente vulnerabilizadas; Prostitutas, inmigrantes y transexuales" Presentación en Alicante
Este miércoles 5 de mayo tendrá lugar la presentación del Informe Triplemente vulnerabilizadas. Prostitutas, inmigrantes y transexuales.

Nabai presenta en Parlamento de Navarra proposición Ley para creación Oficina Transexuales y Homosexuales
Esta es la proposición de Ley completa presentada el viernes pasado en el Parlamento de Navarra por el Grupo Nafarroa Bai.

Transsexuals call for improved rights
A lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender, or LGBT, association in the western province of Bursa has called on the government to start an initiative to institutionally secure the rights of members of this marginalized group.

After Criticism from GLAAD, Ticked-Off Trannies Director Promises Change
Movieline just heard from Israel Luna, the director of the suddenly-hot Tribeca fest entry Ticked-Off Trannies with Knives, a “transploitation” revenge thriller attacked by GLAAD last week. Said the organization then: “The film, its title and its marketing misrepresent the lives of transgender women and use grotesque, exploitative depictions of violence against transgender women in ways that make light of the horrific brutality they all too often face.” Luna took issue with that description, though as he told Movieline today, the criticism has convinced him to change the film’s trailer: (...) Here’s the original version of the trailer:

'Ticked-Off Trannies' Draws Wrath Of Gay Group
[Blog/Commentary] A Step In The Right Direction, But More Steps Needed
[Blog/Commentary] Transgender Advocates respond to promised changes to 'Ticked off trannies with knives' trailer
[Blog/Commentary] When Ticked Off Gay Men Attack: Misogyny As A Knife

[USA] [Commentary]
What Transgendered Parents Can Teach Us About Motherhood and Fatherhood
Let me share with you a real-life story involving a transgendered parent. A few years after Michael B. married his wife Barbara in the 1970s, he told her that he preferred wearing women's clothing and that he felt more comfortable thinking of himself as a woman.
The marriage was a rocky one, but it lasted for almost twenty more years. In 1998, the couple divorced and a year later Michael had gender reassignment surgery and changed her name to Monica. After that, Barbara went to court in their home state of Kentucky and successfully got an order prohibiting Monica from contacting any of their four children because she was now living as a woman.
But things soon got even worse for Monica. Barbara eventually remarried and she and her new husband petitioned the court to terminate all of Monica's parental rights so that the new husband could adopt the one child out of the four who was still then a minor.

The Heartache of Mike Penner/Christine Daniels
The gender transition and suicide of sportswriter Mike Penner/Christine Daniels was chronicled in an article over the weekend by his former employer, the LA Times. Penner/Daniels became an overnight sensation in 2007 when he announced plans for a gender shift in a column for the Times called "Old Mike, new Christine."

ENDA Vote May Be Near
With health care a done deal, Baldwin and Frank say House is poised to move on employment anti-discrimination for LGBT people

Chaz Bono asks judge to change name, gender
Chaz Bono is asking a judge to formally change his name and gender.
The 41-year-old writer, activist and reality-TV star, was born a girl to Sonny Bono and Cher. He filed a petition to change his name and gender last week.
Chaz Bono Gender Reassignment Complete
Chaz Bono Turns To Transgender Law Center For Help

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Being a Transgender Person is No Longer a Pre-existing Condition
In a historic moment, President Obama signed the health care reform bill into law last week. The law will allow millions of Americans to be able to afford insurance coverage and to access quality health care. In expanding access to health care, the law addresses one of many social justice issues we encounter today in American society.
Transgender people can be rest assured that insurance companies cannot deny or drop coverage to an individual because that individual is transgender. The health care reform law bans insurance companies from dropping or denying coverage to individuals or their dependents because of their pre-existing conditions. Thus, being a transgender person cannot be denied coverage or dropped by an insurance company because the insurance company considers transgender people to have a pre-existing condition. However, we should note that this portion of the health care reform law will not be enforced until 2014.

Fighting for a hate-free union
Christine Darosa reports on the fight of a transgender union activist in Service Employees International Union Local 1021 to remove a union supervisor from his position because of his reported prejudice.

Transgender Latinas Organize at City College
Andrea Flores recalls getting stares and muffled comments by Latinos when she walked across the City College of San Francisco’s Mission campus.
“They would look at me and they would laugh,” said Flores, a shy, soft spoken, slim transgender woman with long flowing hair.
“They would say, ‘there goes a joto,” she added, describing the derogatory Spanish slang word used to describe a gay man.

In Seeking To Strip Gays Of Hate Crimes Protections, Oklahoma Removes Protections For Race And Religion
In October, President Obama signed The Matthew Shepard Act, expanding the reach of the 1969 hate crimes law to “authorize the Department of Justice to investigate and prosecute certain bias-motivated crimes based on the victim’s actual or perceived sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, or disability.” Previously, the law only allowed for the federal prosecution of anyone who “willingly injures, intimidates or interferes with another person, or attempts to do so, by force because of the other person’s race, color, religion or national origin.”
State lawmakers in Oklahoma argued that the Shepard Act would trample on the free speech rights of religious leaders “who preached out against the lifestyle of the victim who was attacked.” On March 10, the Oklahoma state Senate thought it was passing a bill prohibiting “local and state law enforcement agencies from sharing information about hate crimes with federal authorities if the state of Oklahoma did not recognize the crime as a hate crime by its own statutes.” Oklahoma state law does not recognize “sexual orientation or gender identity” as a special class and fails to provide gay and lesbians with hate crimes protections.
Oops! Oklahoma Senate opts out of wrong hate crimes law

Rebrotan ataques a homosexuales y transexuales en México después de aprobación matrimonio gay
Varias ONG del colectivo lésbico, gay y de personas transgénero y/o transexuales (LGBT) y el Consejo Nacional contra la Discriminación (Conapred) denunciaron hoy un rebrote de la Homofóbia y la Transfóbia en México, desde la aprobación de la ley que permite en la capital del país el matrimonio y la adopción a personas del mismo sexo.