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sexta-feira, março 26, 2010

Hate-Crimes Expansion Protects LGBT Scots
An expanded hate-crimes law covering gays and lesbians as well as people with disabilities went into effect Wednesday in Scotland.

Malabarista transexual de Francia cuestiona la identidad de genero desde el arte
A través del juego y dominio de más de un centenar de bolas de hielo, la malabarista transexual francesa Philippe Ménard, trata de demostrar en su espectáculo "PPP" (Posición Paralela al Piso) que cualquier elemento puede ser moldeable y cambiar de estado, cuestionando así la identidad de género. (foto)

Turkey's transsexuals popular on TV but not at home
Singer Bulent Ersoy is renowned for her elaborate wardrobe, formidable décolletage, countless albums, a stint on Turkey's most popular TV talent show and a spin-off film career. She was also born a man.

Indonesia split on sex laws as Islamists rally
Sexual expression, freedom of religion and the direction of Indonesia's biggest mainstream Muslim group are arousing passionate national disputes.
The conservative Indonesian Council of Ulemas (MUI), a Muslim scholars group set up by former dictator Suharto to monitor religious orthodoxy, succeeded in getting an international gay and lesbian conference banned this week after a quick and nasty campaign.
College Students Rally Against Asian Homosexual Conference In Surabaya

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Make Some Noise Against Trans Exploitation at the Tribeca Film Festival
Yesterday, Shaker Eastsidekate sent me the link to (emphatic trigger warning re: transphobia, violence, and exploitation) this piece by Gina at Skip the Makeup about a film set to run at the Tribeca Film Festival titled Ticked Off Trannies With Knives.
Dallas filmmaker Israel Luna takes his ‘Ticked-Off Trannies With Knives!’ to the Tribeca Film Festival — but not without controversy

Health passes, ENDA is poised
A bitterly divided U.S. House of Representatives approved the Senate health care reform bill late at night on March 21 - a bill that includes no provisions to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity in health care but which promises to provide long-sought health care to millions of Americans.
NCTE explains how new health care reform will affect transgender people
Obama signs health care; reps push for ENDA
Editorial: Finally, health care reform, on to ENDA

Remembering Johannah Baker-Johnson, Transgender Advocate: July 26, 1983- March 15, 2010
With the faintest good-natured grin and worried eyes, Johannah would draw out his laptop, shift his chair from side to side, and wait for community meetings to start. Always a little ill at ease, always apologetic in his movements, Johanna Baker-Johnson was the quietest kind of advocate for transgender rights. But she was also the most persistent.

Transgender Woman Fights Public Housing Discrimination
Transgender people often face housing discrimination. So the federal government is currently conducting a first-ever study to learn more about it. In Chicago, one woman has faced bias from a tenant. She lives in public housing for seniors. And unlike many other transgender people, she’s speaking up. (Photo: Gloria Allen)

Asesinan a travesti
Sujetos a bordo de un carro azul marca Nissan Frontier dispararon en varias ocasiones en contra de un grupo de travestis en la madrugada de hoy en el bulevar Morazán de Tegucigalpa que dejó como saldo un joven de 19 años muerto.