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quarta-feira, março 17, 2010

Transexuais denunciam "regras preconceituosas" do Estado
A Associação Panteras Rosa diz que o Estado português impõe "regras preconceituosas" no processo legal de mudança de nome e sexo nos documentos de identificação dos transexuais, criticando ainda a "postura de policiamento" exercida pelas autoridades.
"Nesta questão, o Estado não tem outra intervenção a não ser exercer um policiamento relativamente ao género a que a pessoa diz pertencer, e criar um processo que estica ao máximo as dificuldades burocráticas para, basicamente, tentar dissuadir as pessoas das suas intenções", acusou o porta-voz da associação, Sérgio Vitorino.
Transexuais: Críticas ao Estado

Alicante: fallo judicial "comprensivo" para el agresor de una mujer transexual
La sentencia sostiene que el victimario tuvo una reacción “explicable” ante “su frustrante sorpresa”, luego de comprobar que la prostituta era una mujer transexual. Cuestionable tratamiento de la noticia en el diario Las Provincias.

El ayuntamiento paga a la transexual sin techo pensión y billete a Madrid
La Concejalía de Bienestar Social de Valencia resolvió ayer con dos billetes de tren el problema de Adriana Turuelo, la joven transexual a la que en los albergues le obligan a dormir y compartir cuarto de baño con los hombres porque en su DNI figura como varón. Adriana y su madre, Mari Paz Argüero, que están en paro y se han quedado sin casa, llevan varios días durmiendo en la calle por temor a que en los centros de acogida las separen, una "vejación" a la que no quieren verse sometidas, tal como adelantó ayer Levante-EMV.

Los avances indican que el futuro DSM-V, que se habrá terminado hacia 2013, seguirá incluyendo la transexualidad con el nombre de “Incongruencia de Género”.
La razón que se da es que esta expresión alude a la “incongruencia” entre la identidad que se siente o expresa y lo que los otros esperan de la persona que la vive.

El Orgullo de este año quiere ser trans
Los colectivos LGTB apuestan porque la transexualidad sea el centro este año del Día del Orgullo

Online US hate campaign ‘led by Colchester man’
The victim of a sustained international racist and bigoted cyber attack claims the “leader” lives in Colchester.
A woman, who goes by the name Margerie Brubaker, has posted a video online accusing a man from the town of subjecting her to years of hate mail, death threats and online abuse because she is a male-to-female transgender.

How This Transgender Photographer 'Ruined' One Couple's Heterosexual Wedding
Not all weddings can be as fabulous as the union between Michael Cole Smith and Jamil Smith Cole. But Melanie and Anthony Vaughan, a British couple married last year, at least tried. That is until their male wedding photographer showed as a woman and ruined everything! How dare she.

Se desata persecución policial de homosexuales en Malawi después de boda de dos gays
Malawi es cada vez más inseguro para los homosexuales y transexuales desde que la detención de una pareja de hombres que contrajo matrimonio desató una persecución policial contra gays, lesbianas y transexuales.

Transvestites’ letter turned into petition; AG served notice
The Sindh High Court (SHC) issued notice to Advocate General (AG) Sindh, on the petition of transvestites seeking implementation of the Supreme Court of Pakistan’s (SCP) directives regarding welfare of their community.

Buoyed by women's bill, sexual minorities too seek quota
With the women's reservation bill getting through the Rajya Sabha hurdle, sexual minority groups in Kolkata are now seeking a similar quota for themselves as well as reservation in other fields such as health, education and employment. Sexual minority groups comprise gays, lesbians, transgenders and bisexuals.

[Canada] [Commentary]
Black market hormones
A couple of summers ago, I met a transwoman in New York City who was planning on ordering estrogen and an anti-androgen over the Internet. She had conducted meticulous research and claimed to have figured out the proper dosage, given her weight, her medical history, and other factors.

Citizen lobbyists to push for trans inclusive ENDA on Tuesday
Citizen lobbyists from across the country are expected to descend on Capitol Hill this week to encourage lawmakers to pass a trans-inclusive Employment Non-Discrimination Act.
[USA] [Blog/Commentary] Time to Get Serious About ENDA, Speaker Pelosi

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
American Apparel starts trans clothing line - or is it just a bad joke?
Is it really love or just a game? American Apparel has apparently launched a new line of clothing for MTF trans people called Trans Am, or someone is making a very bad and very elaborate joke. There is a lot of conflicting news fluttering around the web about this at the moment, and a lot of it is commentary from other blogs (which isn’t necessarily reliable, critical or very trans-friendly) but so far not much from AA itself. I checked out AA’s website but no information is listed to either confirm or deny that this is an official AA campaign.
[Blog/Commentary] Trans Am, In Which American Apparel Designs for Transsexuals

The Not-So-Curious Case of Scott Moore
His is not the first example of a transgender male pregnancy. But as this father-to-be has experienced, the phenomenon remains misunderstood among doctors and derided by some in the gay community.

Transgender Woman Issued Marriage License in Shasta County
A Shasta County transgender woman and her fiancé are getting ready to tie the knot here in the North State.
Danielle Severson and Rebecca Love weren't sure it would happen after being denied a marriage license in Reno, Nevada. (Photo)

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Review Of CNN Presents Documentary: Her Name Was Steven
I watched the CNN documentary Her Name Was Steven on Saturday evening, and again on Sunday evening. I saw good in bad in how the documentary was presented on CNN -- in how CNN Presents covered Susan Stanton's transition.

Whipping Girl: Interview with trans feminist Julia Serano
Cath Davies talks to writer, spoken word performer and activist Julia Serano, author of Whipping Girl: A Transsexual Woman on Sexism and the Scapegoating of Femininity. (Photo)

Transgender supporters to meet lawmakers to discuss discrimination
Transgender people and their families and friends are gathering on Capitol Hill tomorrow to promote the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA).
On Tuesday, March 16, about 200 supporters are scheduled to discuss with legislators the problems of transgender discrimination.
ENDA, authored by U.S. Rep. Barney Frank, would extend protection against job discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.
Transgender People and Families Gather in DC for Employment Rights

Two Transgender Individuals Attacked on March 13th
On March 13, 2010 the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) received a call for an assault in the area of 14th & Sheperd St. NW. An investigation revealed that a man armed with a metal pole assaulted two transgendered individuals. The investigation further revealed that the suspect attacked the complainants because of their gender identity.

Chicago Transgender Activist Speaks Out on HBO
A transgender woman is going to be on TV tomorrow. And guess what? She's not answering questions about her anatomy.
Chicago-based transgender activist, Christina Kahrl will be featured on Bryant Gumbel's HBO Real Sports tomorrow (Tuesday) at 8pm.

Berwyn bar cited for disturbing the peace
Berwyn police were called to Tapas Bar, located at 6543 Cermak Road, at 2:15 a.m. March 6 in regards to a fight. Upon arrival, police viewed a security camera that showed two apparent women being escorted out of the bar.
One of the apparent women, a 24-year-old man, told police that a man in the bar battered him.
The complainant and another transvestite were at the bar attending a bachelor party, bar security told police.
Charges were not filed against the man suspected of battering the complainant, according to police.

Trans People Need Not Apply at J. Crew?
The J. Crew store on Manhattan's Fifth Avenue was barraged Sunday by protesters who accused the store of discriminating against transgender job applicants.

Un transexual postula al Congreso en Colombia
Todas las mañanas, José Sánchez se maquilla y se pone tacones para recorrer las calles de la ciudad de Cali con el fin de ganar adeptos a su causa: ser el primer transexual que llegue a la Cámara de Representantes por el Valle del Cauca.