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segunda-feira, março 01, 2010

Actor Harry Potter filmará anuncio para prevenir suicidios de transexuales y homosexuales
Varias estrellas han apoyado los derechos de los homosexuales, pero algunos se preguntan por qué Daniel Radcliffe filmaría un anuncio de servicio público en apoyo a una causa que busca apoyar a jóvenes gays, lesbianas y transexuales, a lo que el actor contestó: 'No necesitas ser gay para apoyar, solo debes ser humano'.

[Asia] [Blog/News/Health]
Transgender Health Handbook for transwomen in Asia
The Transgender Health Handbook. A health resource (currently in English) for transwomen in Asia. Produced in 2010 by APNSW (Asia-Pacific Network of Sex Workers) with funding from amFAR (the Foundation for AIDS Research). Superbly comprehensive advice for transwomen in plain English.

The dance of yin & yang
As a ballerina, a transsexual and owner of China's only independent dance company, Jin Xing has needed extraordinary courage to battle the communist system.

Transgender Model Amanda Lepore Leads Sydney Gay Pride
Fashion icon Amanda Lepore kicked off Sydney's giant gay pride parade Saturday, The Sydney Morning Herald reported.
The annual Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade drew an estimate 100,000 people along its Oxford Street route to enjoy more than 135 floats celebrating famous gay and lesbian people throughout history.
Mardi Gras pulls huge crowd as honies celebrate sexuality
Colour and joy, tinged with tears

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
More Bathroom Hysteria From The Maryland Citizens For A Responsible Government
After awhile, reporting on the anti-transgender bathroom and locker room hysteria gets pretty old and pretty repetitious. But, it seems to not be getting old for Ruth Jacobs of Maryland Citizens for a Responsible Government. On Friday, February 26, 2010, the Maryland Citizens for a Responsible Government released another blast of hysteria filled with nothing but blatant fear mongering. Just the crazy font and color schema of their opening paragraphs should give you an idea of the email's tone:

[USA] [PR/Television]
From Steven to Susan – CNN Documents an Extraordinary Journey of Gender Reassignment and Self-Discovery for Public Official
Steven Stanton, former Largo, FL, city manager, appeared to have the perfect life: a loving wife and son, an influential job. Stanton described it as “paradise.” That dream world – “Steven’s World” - all changed when Stanton’s plans to become a woman were revealed. Stanton tells a dramatic story of public and private struggle during this transition. Interviews with Stanton’s wife, teen-age son and co-workers, along with childhood diaries, personal journals, and family films, take viewers into the world of Steven as he transitions to Susan.

Police to get savvy on transgender issues, policies
Last week, Colorado Springs police joined a small number of departments in the nation in educating officers about the transgender community, a surprising move in a conservative city home to religious groups that have fiercely opposed transgender-inclusive legislation.

[TX/USA] [News/Commentary]
San Antonio police officer charged with sexual assault of transgender man
(Update: a new story from My San Antonio News appears to indicate that the individual is a trans woman and that the media is using incorrect pronouns. However, it's still a little difficult to determine what is actually happening. Hopefully, this will be clarified soon.)
(Latest update as of February 28: the victim is, in fact, a trans woman and was misidentified by San Antonio media.)
Accused SAPD officer received previous complaints
[Blog/Commentary] Kristina, Read Your AP Stylebook
Breaking News! San Antonio Transwoman Rape Victim

Transgender people may feel they were born in the wrong bodies, take steps to change
Elizabethtown residents Julia Martin and Patti Wallech achieved what many same-sex couples in Pennsylvania have not yet yet been able to do: They got married. Martin, a transgender woman who has chosen to not undergo gender re-assignment surgery, is legally a male but lives life full time as a female. Together the couple have faced a unique set of challenges. "You don't do this without expecting a question," Patti said. Societal norms don't give fair consideration to people's privacy, their right to live and let live, she said. "We're always checking each other's business. It's annoying."
Transitions: Patti & Julia's story
Transitions: Jack & Alyssa's story
Transitions: What does 'transgender' entail?

[Trinidad and Tobago]
T&T activists say of Guyana crossdressing lawsuit: Just first step to bring changes
The motion was filed February 19, with the support of Guyana NGO Society Against Sexual Orientation Discrimination and lawyers in Guyana, St Lucia and at the University of the West Indies Rights Advocacy Project (U-RAP) on the Cave Hill, Barbados campus.
The litigants were four MtF transgender Guyanese who were rounded up in a crackdown, stripped, denied medical attention, detained over a weekend, and fined US$7,500 under chapter 153(1)(xlvii) of the Summary Jurisdiction (Offences) Act, Chapter 8.02.

Concurso le dio empleo como recepcionista a una transgenerista
La 'afortunada' fue una desempleada de 24 años. Ahora tendrá contrato y ganará el mínimo.
Era jueves en un bar de Chapinero. En la entrada dos provocativas modelos vestidas con blusa y pantalón negro -ceñidos al cuerpo- repartían condones a los primeros visitantes.

Defensoría del Pueblo defiende a transformistas mientras a la niñez venezolana la destruyen
La presunta Defensora del Pueblo convoca al canal del Estado (VTV) e informa sobre un taller que le será dictado a los funcionarios policiales para inculcarles respeto e idolatría hacia los transformistas de Caracas, porque según la “Defensora”, Gabriela Ramírez, los están torturando en las calles, basándose ella en un video de You Tube que refleja el supuesto maltrato, mientras tanto nadie defiende a la niñez de los riesgos en los lugares de viviendas convertidos en zonas de tolerancia. Además esta funcionaria refuerza la campaña permanente de difusión que mantiene la prensa española para desacreditar a Venezuela por presuntas torturas a los trasformistas. Los invitamos a leer uno de los artículos españoles y saque usted sus propias conclusiones ….
Pero, lo grave es que nunca ella, representante presuntamente de la Defensoría del Pueblo, ni los otros entes gubernamentales, han dado la cara para defender los derechos de los niños y adolescentes, víctimas del acoso de estos malvivientes, que han convertido una zona donde viven miles de familias, como es la inmensa parroquia el Recreo, en una enorme zona de tolerancia.

Dificultad de reasignarse como mujer siendo transexual y medianamente pobre en Argentina
Las travestis y transexuales recurren a técnicas peligrosas para cambiar sus cuerpos y llegan a poner sus vidas en peligro.
Uf, si las propias representantes del sexo femenino hablan de lo difícil que es ser mujer, imagine lo que debe ser aspirar a transformarse en mujer siendo hombre. Y no sólo eso: imagine lo que debe ser aspirar a eso siendo hombre y relativamente pobre.