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quinta-feira, fevereiro 25, 2010

[Ireland] [News/Health/Science]
Estrogen protects against cardiovascular disease
UCD researchers led by Conway Fellow, Professor Therese Kinsella have shown that estrogen can protect against cardiovascular disease by impacting the levels of a key protein called prostacyclin receptor. The findings are published today in the Journal of Molecular Biology.

Swedish church group offers choice of three genders
Sensus, a Swedish church-backed study association, has adopted a new policy to allow prospective employees to classify their gender in three ways: Female, Male or Other.

Transgenders Make Their Presence Felt at the Workplace
Dressed in women’s attire and a nose-pin errantly positioned on one nostril, 38-year-old Shahzadi adjusts her ‘dupatta’ (scarf) over her head as she enters the office of Cantonment Board Clifton, a provincial government bureau that recently hired her.
(Photo: Zofeen Ebrahim/IPS - Riffi Khan(left)and community leader Bindya Rana (right) enjoying a light moment.)

Everything you always wanted to know about sex... changes
A Bangkok sexual reassignment surgeon shares the graphic details behind these complex procedures

'I was not his lover'
He stayed the night on several occasions between 2007 and 2008, and he slept in the same bed as Mr Abdul Khalid Othman. But Astro Jakaria, who is accused of murdering the transvestite, insisted yesterday in court that he was not the latter's lover.

[New Zealand/Australia]
Aroha honour sees Carmen visit NZ again
Trans-Tasman transgender legend Carmen Rupe is to visit New Zealand again – this time to pick up the inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award from the Aroha Festival.

Sydney Mardi Gras photo exhibition on transgender people opens
YOU can find out more about drag queens in a free photographic exhibition, Take A Drag, at Sydney's Seymour Centre.
Photographer Cynthia Sciberra's collection of portraits taken in Bali from 2005-2009 is an intimate, colourful and theatrical photographic exhibition.
(Photo: Hero by photographer Cynthia Sciberra)

Cops nab transgendered parolee in connection with robbery
Police say a transgendered person out on parole is in custody after a suspect described as “a man dressed up as a woman,” held up a Revelstoke, B.C. bank.

Gay Discrimination Bill Will Stifle Free Speech, Advance 'Homosexual Agenda,' Critics Say
A bill in Congress that would prohibit discrimination in public schools based on sexual orientation or gender identity could stifle free speech and even lead to "homosexual indoctrination" in the nation's classrooms, critics say.

Transsexual Lesbian Takes Hollywood!
Prodigal Sons is just another documentary by a transsexual lesbian from Helena, Montana, who's working out delayed issues with her adopted brother, a bitter but sometimes appealing guy who flies into rages because of an old head injury but calms down on learning that his grandparents were movie legends Orson Welles and Rita Hayworth.
Prodigal Sons opens (Photo: Kimberly Reed)

Heroes, Pioneers and Trailblazers 2010 Honoree: Sandra Usi Ramirez
They make a difference in our lives. Some are well-known activists in San Diego's LGBT community and others are working tirelessly outside the spotlight.
Ten key players in the LGBT community will be honored Feb. 26 at a Heroes, Pioneers and Trailblazers gala at The Center that is sponsored by Lambda Archives of San Diego (LASD).
In the days leading up to the gala, SDGLN will profile each of these individuals and provide our readers with an inside peak at what this award means to each honoree.
(Photo: Sandra Ramirez)

Surviving as a Hemingway
Excerpt: Gloria Hemingway, a transgender woman, died in 2001 at a detention center in Florida, facing charges for indecent exposure. Gregory Hemingway, a doctor, had been married four times and was the father of eight. He had undergone sex reassignment surgery at age 64, six years before he died of heart disease.

MSSU students protest language of harassment policy
Students are protesting at Missouri Southern State University demanding more rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender peers.

Seis mujeres transexuales reclaman ante la Corte Suprema de Guyana poder vestir de acuerdo a su identidad de género
Un grupo de seis mujeres transexuales de Guyana han solicitado a la Corte Suprema del país que acabe con la prohibición de vestir de acuerdo a su verdadera identidad de género. Las mujeres fueron detenidas hace ahora un año por vestir como tales cuando su sexo “legal” es masculino. “Fue una de las experiencias más humillantes de mi vida”, cuenta una de ellas.
Guyana Group Fights Transphobic Laws
Call to end cross-dressing ban
Transgender Group Seeks End to Guyana Dress Code Laws
Exigen a Guyana que derogue Ley que penaliza a transexuales por vestir acorde a su genero

Centros de Salud de Santa Fe, Argentina, deberán de respetar nombres de transexuales
La norma establece que los trabajadores de los hospitales y centros de salud deben designar a las personas travestis y transexuales que asistan como pacientes por el nombre que ellas elijan.