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terça-feira, março 09, 2010

As mulheres transexuais portuguesas associam-se ao Dia Internacional da Mulher, e lamentam a continuação da discriminação a que são vetadas pelas suas irmãs.

[Portugal] Conferência: "MUDANÇA DE SEXO na clínica, no bloco, na pessoa"

Data: 18 de Março, 17h


- Dr. João Décio Ferreira (cirurgião)
- Dr.ª Iris Monteiro (Psicóloga)
- Dr. Pedro Freitas (Sexologista clínico)
- Filipe Salema (activista GRIT)

Local: Anfiteatro III da Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade Nova (Campo dos Mártires da Pátria)

Power of words: Brazil LGBT launch guide for media
The Brazilian Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transvestite and Transsexual (LGBT) Association (Associação Brasileira de Gays, Lésbicas, Bissexuais, Travestis e Transexuais or ABGLT) recently launched an “LGBT Communication Manual” aimed at communication professionals, students and teachers to reduce the use of inappropriate language that prejudices, or perpetuates misunderstandings about the millions Brazilian LGBT people and their supporters.

Transsexual fights for early pension
Christine Timbrell, formerly known as Christopher, undertook a full sex change in 2000 however she is still not recognised in law as a woman – unlike most transsexuals – because she refuses to divorce her wife.
She is now 68, but wants her pension backdated to the age of 60, the age women are entitled to claim their payout. This is five years earlier than if she had stayed a man.
Transsexual fights for five years' pension
Trans man wants law to treat him as both sexes
Trans woman fighting for pension rights

Sex-change operations cost NHS £250,000 over five years
Sex change operations have cost the NHS in Coventry and Warwickshire a quarter of a million pounds in the last five years.
Twenty-three people have undergone gender swap surgery, according to figures obtained by the Telegraph.

'Transsexual photographer ruined my wedding'
A british bride says her wedding day was ruined when the photographer turned out to be a transsexual, The Sun reported on Thursday (GMT).

Gender Reassignment Support in the workplace policy
The aim of this policy is to support staff who are transitioning or who have transitioned and also managers and other members of staff who work with them. The purpose of this guidance document is to further elaborate on its Single Equality Scheme with particular emphasis on the support that can be given to individuals who are going through, or have been through gender reassignment. This support may be in a number of forms from educating others to providing practical advice and guidance contacts for the individual concerned. This support and information is also essential for those working with the individual and this document will provide a framework of actions that can be taken by managers to support the individual and deal with any changes incurred in the workplace.

Groups target trans abuses in Turkey
Recent murders of two transgender women in Turkey highlight an ongoing pattern of violence and the urgent need for government intervention, four human rights organizations said Feb. 22 in a letter to Turkish authorities.

Women's Day not easier for those on margins of society
It is International Women’s Day on Monday, March 8, and many women’s organizations and activists will be celebrating the date with activities throughout the week.
Some groups will meet to protest inequalities resulting from age-old patriarchal understandings between men and women. Others will distribute flowers to women on the street like on Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. Still other women and men will come together to discuss problems of being a woman in Turkey and the rest of the world.

Nepal: one nation, a hundred languages, three genders
Could you ever imagine being a prisoner of your own body and mind? What would you do, if at birth, you were assigned a body that didn’t match with your true gender? What would you do to come to terms with it? And, how would you deal with all these issues while society unjustly punished you for it?

(Photo: Sook de Jong - Sandhya says her friends have accepted her and feel proud that she is fighting for her identity.)

Life is hard for boys who want to be girls in a frontier town
Its history has been sculpted with the dagger and cannon, its progress marked by the footprints of various armies that have stamped their bloody way through the lands of the indigenous Pashtun tribes. A frontier town, it was the jump-off point for Mujahidin incursions into Soviet-occupied Afghanistan. Today it is known for bombs and suicide attacks by Taleban militants. (Photo: Mira, a Hijra or transvestite in Rawalpindi)

Transsexual wants to adopt after four years of marrriage
Jessie Chung, the transsexual who made headlines when she married Joshua Beh, plans to adopt children after four years of marriage, Sin Chew Daily reported.
She said they planned to adopt two or three children next year.

Transgender call for Facebook
Queensland's gay and lesbian community has demanded Facebook widen its profile options to include transgenders.

Court gave teen the right to change gender from boy to girl
The Family Court has permitted a teenage boy to have hormone treatment to become a girl.
''Bernadette'' was born a boy in 1992 but began showing signs of female ''behaviour, preferences and traits'' from the age of three.
A judge in NSW gave Bernadette, supported by her parents, permission to have hormone treatment that would suppress the onset of puberty and - later - administer oestrogen.

Microsoft Changes Xbox Live Policies to Allow Sexual Orientation Expression
Microsoft has changed the Xbox Live Terms of Use and Code of Conduct to allow the use of words that suggest one’s sexual orientation in profiles or Gamertags. Previously, Microsoft did not allow users to express their sexual orientation through their profiles or tags. Users who violated the rule were either censored, suspended, or in some extreme cases, even banned completely from the service.
Xbox Live: 'Gay', 'transgender' now OK

Scholarships Available: ENDA Lobby Day in DC March 16
On Tuesday, March 16, there will be a lobby day specifically for ENDA in Washington, D.C.. LGBT people and allies from around the country who support ENDA will be there. I will be there. Will you?

Anna Conda Runs for District 6 Supe
For some, news that a drag queen threw her wig into the political arena, seeking election this fall to the District 6 (SOMA) seat on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, could have come as a shock. To those that know Glendon “Anna Conda” Hyde, though, the decision might have been far less surprising. (Photo)

Registed Nurse, Occassional Drag Queen, Gets Fired For 30-Year-Old Conviction
The Agency for Health Care Administration is in charge of policing registered nurses for complaints and criminal acts. Last month, it zeroed in on an ominous target: a South Florida nurse with a spray gun. Make that, a nurse who had once used a spray gun.

MBA names first transgender VP
The Metropolitan Business Association has elected Gina Duncan to the position of board vice president, making her the first transgender person to fill that role. Duncan is the second transgender board member in the MBA’s 18-year existence.
Duncan has been involved with the MBA for several years.
She said her initial interest was based on diversity and getting the transgender community involved in organizations around Orlando.
Duncan wants to get the different boards she sits on working together effectively. She also wants the MBA to re-focus on networking, shifting some of the focus away from the MBA’s other role of organizing Orlando’s Pride event.

Trans Group Alleges Restaurant Discriminated
Sisters Family, a transgender group, has filed a discrimination complaint with the city of Peabody, Mass., saying eight of the group's members were turned away from a restaurant because of their appearance, the Saugus Advertiser reports. (Photo)

Maine Schools Asked to Consider New 'Transgender' Guidelines
The Maine Human Rights Commission sparked a major debate this week over guidelines its developing that would allow 'transgender' students to use public school bathrooms and locker rooms and participate on sports teams based on whatever gender they consider themselves.
That means a boy who identifies himself as a girl could use a girls bathroom.

NY State Assembly passes GENDA
The New York State Assembly has passed GENDA, the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act, for the third time since 2008. The Act would amend the state’s anti-discrimination law to include protections based on gender identity and expression. GENDA would also put couples who are registered domestic partners on the same level as legally married spouses when it comes to making medical decisions.

Police chief reaches out to transgender community after alleged sexual assault
San Antonio's police chief is reaching out to the transgendered community because of an official police report that some might have taken the wrong way.
That report surrounds the arrest of a police officer last week. He faces charges of sexually assaulting a transgender.
2nd person accuses officer of sex assault

[Guyana] [Blog/Commentary]
The Case Against Cross-dressing and Transgenderism in Guyana
Excerpt: Armed with the evidence above, Section 153(1) (xlvii) of the Summary Jurisdiction (Offences) Act, Chapter 8:02, takes on a new character.
It does NOT appear irrational, discriminatory, undemocratic, contrary to the rule of law and unconstitutional. In effect, it serves a good and useful purpose in maintaining the national ethos.
Mandatory treatment of psychosexual and gender-identity disorders would seem a better option than “affirming” the condition via legislation.

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