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quinta-feira, abril 01, 2010

Empresa Mattel de Barbie al final da autorización para la exposición de muñecas transexuales en Alicante
Que si, que no, y al final parece que si. Después de un día tenso, al saber que Mattel podría emprender acciones legales contra la exposición, parece que todo a llegado a buen fin. Según un comunicado de prensa emitido por DecideT, la empresa Mattel ha informado que "no ha emprendido acciones legales" contra esta muestra y "no tiene ningún impedimento" para que se abra la exposición 'In-Visibles' en la Universidad de Alicante.

Grupo GLTB-PSOE de Galicia en Día Visibilidad transgénero y/o transexual revindica derecho a la diversidad
Hoy se celebra el segundo día Internacional por la Visibilidad de Transgénero. El segundo día de una visibilidad que debería haber existido desde hace mas de dos años y que incluye no solo a los transexuales sino a todas esas personas que se mueven en medio de los géneros, intentando nadar en medio de la fuerte corriente del binomio masculino-femenino en el que somos educad@s.

Transsexualism no longer a disorder in France
France has become the first country in the world to remove transsexualism from its list of recognised mental illnesses.
The decision was announced by France’s Minister of Health, Roselyne Bachelot, on the eve of last year’s International Day Against Homophobia, but did not come into effect until last month.

Lebanon: Memoir sheds light on the life and struggles of Arab transsexual from Algeria
The threatening letters and phone calls at night trickled in at a steady pace. They had become a part of everyday life for Randa, an Algerian transsexual and one of the pioneers in the Arab world's gay and transsexual activist movement.
One letter dropped in Randa's mailbox said, "We will kill you." Another one read, "You are a threat to all Muslims in Algeria." In mosques around the country, Randa's name was being circulated. Still, she refused to be intimidated and shrugged off the threats.

[South Africa]
Caster Semenya must wait for June result of gender test before return
South Africa expects the International Association of Athletics Federations to report back on the results of Caster Semanya's gender test by June and has told the athlete that she cannot compete until the results are known.
The world 800m champion released a statement yesterday indicating her intention to return to the sport immediately, just hours after the ASA said her return would have to wait until the conclusion of testing by the IAAF.

[Canada] [Commentary]
Bigots upset about new Ontario health curriculum
Excerpt: The curriculum also contains detailed anti-bullying information. Children learn that bodies come in different shapes and sizes, that people come from different cultural and religious backgrounds, and that not all families look the same. They also learn that not everyone grows up to be heterosexual or sticks to their birth gender, and that none of these aforementioned characteristics give them the right to hurt or discriminate against anyone.

'Ticked-Off Trannies' Trailer To Be Altered
Transgender activists cheered Tuesday's announcement that a trailer featuring real-life hate crime victims will be altered.
The outcry over director-writer Israel Luna's Ticked-Off Trannies with Knives included a protest from the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD).
Trailer to Change for Transgender Film

Group Starts Campaign Against 'Transgender' Bill
Congress may soon be considering legislation that would force schools and business to hire transgendered employees, including teachers.
The Employment Non-Discrimination Act would require every state and local government and business with 15 or more employees to employ and affirm transgendered people.

Lake Worth commissioners give mixed reviews to city manager hired after sex change
Performance evaluations aren't always easy for employees. Just imagine having to sit through one in a public forum with your five bosses.
That's what Lake Worth City Manager Susan Stanton did Monday night as she received her first review at the city commission meeting. It's the first time in Lake Worth's history a city manager has received a performance evaluation.

Unlikely panel denounces discrimination against homosexual, transgender people
Discrimination against homosexuality is the civil rights issue of this generation, agreed an unlikely panel consisting of a Wyoming Republican, a pastor, a veteran and a former outspoken conservative.
"I cannot believe we're fighting issues like this in 2010," Tom Figarelle, past chairman of the Montana College Republicans, said regarding the ability to discriminate against lesbians, gays, bisexual and transgender individuals.
Anti-discrimination ordinance rhetoric heats up

Transgender woman Amanda Gonzalez-Andujar found dead, naked in ransacked apartment
A transgender woman was found dead in her ransacked Queens apartment on Tuesday, her naked body sprawled across the bed, police said.
Amanda Gonzalez-Andujar, 29, born Edelbuerto, had not been heard from since Friday.
Her friends got her landlord to let them into her Glendale apartment around 4 p.m. Tuesday.
(Photo: Amanda Gonzalez-Andujar)
Transgender woman Edelbuerto Gonzalez-Andujar aka Amanda, found dead and naked in her Brooklyn apartment
Transgender woman Amanda Gonzalez-Andujar found dead in New York apartment
Man, 29, Found Stabbed to Death at Home in Queens
NYC apartment transgender victim was strangled

Trans Lawyer Challenges Homophobe for Oklahoma Legislature
Oklahoma lawyer and trans woman Brittany Novotny is challenging the vocally anti-gay Republican Sally Kern for her seat in the state legislature, according to The Advocate. If Novotny is elected, she will be the first transgender to serve as an Oklahoma state representative.

Transgender Community to Protest SEPTA's "M" & "F" Stickers Today
The bizarre “gender stickers” (reading “M” or “F”) affixed to SEPTA’s accidentally-ironic Transpasses are ostensibly there to discourage fraud. But they have led to some very uncomfortable and even humiliating situations for transgender Philadelphians. Last June, we profiled riders who had been accused of not being male- or female-looking enough for their gender sticker, and were forced to pay full fare. We named one of them, Charlene Arcila, our No. 1 “newsmaker” of 2009.
Transpass protest: Gender's a sticky issue

Transgender murderer has Marshfield roots
On Jan. 22 of this year, the citizens of Abilene, Texas, were dealt a tremendous shock when they learned of the murder-suicide of a local congregate and minister.
Rev. Karen Lee Johnson of the Unity Church of Christianity (UCC), 61, had gone to visit and counsel a member of her congregation, preoperative transgender resident Renata Antoinette Monet. After her arrival in the home of Monet, Johnson was repeatedly stabbed and killed.

Arrestan y hostigan al presidente de Fundación LGTB cubana
Aliomar Janjaque Chivaz, Presidente de la Fundación Cubana LGBT Reinaldo Arenas en memoria, declaró este lunes que está siendo acosado por agentes de la Seguridad del Estado desde hace varias semanas. Según Janjaque, el objetivo del acoso es impedir que la organización realice las actividades que planea para celebrar el Día Internacional contra la Homofobia, el próximo 17 de mayo.
Cuban Independent LGBT group's leader denounces police harassment