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segunda-feira, abril 12, 2010

La nueva ley no considerará enfermos mentales a los transexuales
"El Gobierno comparte la necesidad de descatalogar la transexualidad como un trastorno mental". Esta es la respuesta que hace unos días ofreció el Ejecutivo a una pregunta parlamentaria del diputado de ICV Joan Herrera y que la Red Estatal por la Despatologización de las Identidades Trans considera un paso adelante. Por ello reclaman que se modifique la Ley de 2007 sobre rectificación del sexo en el Registro Civil.

Andalucía anuncia en breve acometerá Ley Integral de Transexualidad, declaraciones Secretario PSOE Andaluz
El secretario de Ciudadanía de los socialistas andaluces, Felipe Sicilia, anunció que se está ultimando una normativa contra la discriminación de las y los transexuales que incluye también -entre otras- campañas en los colegios porque «no podemos consentir que nuestros niños vivan en valores que son del pasado y que se eduquen percibiendo una sociedad que no es la real».
Socialistas luchan por igualdad de transexuales en primer encuentro nacional

Ministra Justicia de Francia a favor cambio de sexo en DNI sin necesidad de cirugía de reasignación genitales
La Ministra de Justicia, Michele Alliot-Marie, ha indicado no exigir la esterilización como condición para obtener el cambio de identidad en respuesta a una pregunta del senador socialista Roger Madec sobre el "reconocimiento del sexo" en las personas transexuales y/o transgéneros.

Even after death, abuse against gays continues
Even death cannot stop the violence against gays in this corner of the world any more.
Madieye Diallo’s body had been in the ground for only a few hours when the mob descended on the weedy cemetery with shovels. They yanked out the corpse, spit on its torso, dragged it away and dumped it in front of the home of his elderly parents.

[Uganda] [Commentary]
The Answer to Homosexuality is Christ, Not Flimsy Laws
Given the international uproar the Anti-Homosexuality Bill has raised, one would be forgiven to imagine Ugandans have no opinion on the issue. In fact, I read an article in an online magazine, Christianity Today, which credited the anti-homosexuality debate in Uganda to Evangelical American Christians who visited the country earlier last year and applauded Uganda for its resistance to homosexuality.

Transgender Pioneer Jing Xing on Art and Censorship
Jing Xing’s an amazing choreographer and dancer who happens to be transgender. Notice how she’s valued for her artistic contributions regardless of her gender identity. No one even mentions “transsexual” and “trangender”. When this happens, you have arrived.

Malaysia could see first gay-themed film
Cinema audiences in Malaysia could soon see the country's first gay-themed film after censorship guidelines were eased.
Dalam Botol, or In A Bottle, is about a man who undergoes gender reassignment to the detriment of his relationship with his male partner.

Ang Ladlad can run in May polls
Saying what is immoral is not necessary illegal, the Supreme Court has allowed gay group Ang Ladlad to join the party-list elections this May 10.

Transgender challenge to rules on birth certificates
A sydney transsexual has filed a sex discrimination complaint against state and federal governments over a refusal to change his birth certificate to ''male''.
Conor Montgomery, 50, was born a female in Australia but took male hormones, had a double mastectomy and a chest reconstruction 2½ years ago to become a man.

Physicians help parents, schools combat propaganda
The American College of Pediatricians (ACP) is cautioning educators and expressing concerns on dealing with sexual orientation and gender confusion by sending a letter to every U.S. school superintendent.

Colorado Springs breaks ground with trans training
The Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD) has become one of the first police forces in the country to receive formal training on transgender issues, thanks to activists who recognized the need for such training after the passage of several trans-friendly bills in the state legislature over the past few years, including hate-crimes protections and protection against discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations.
Colorado Springs trans activist Nancy-Jo Morris, who leads Peak Area Gender Expressions (PAGE), a trans support group in the Springs, was also moved to action by the brutal 2008 murder of Angie Zapata, a trans woman in Greeley.
(Photo: Crystal Gray (left) and Nancy-Jo Morris)

Former Soldier Turned Transgendered Weapons Felon Goes to Prison
Last fall, we ran a feature ("Babe n Arms") recounting the bizarre journey of Rachel Idleya Amratiel, ne Thomas Hibodon IV -- a Persian Gulf War veteran, carpenter and cross-dresser who pleaded guilty to federal weapons charges after becoming a woman (kind of a long story). (Photo by Jennifer Silverberg - Rachel Ildeya Amratiel strikes a pose.)

Anti-Gay Graffiti Found at Oregon Univ.
Residents of a gender-neutral dorm at Southern Oregon University, found anti-gay graffiti in their hallway walls early Thursday.
The university is located in Ashland, Ore. and local police believe the graffiti was intended to intimidate residents of the dorm.

Gay, Transgender Protections Go Into Effect In Salt Lake City
An ordinance was passed in Salt Lake City that protects gay, lesbian, and transgender people from discrimination. Salt Lake City became the first city in Utah to put this into law.

[Puerto Rico]
Varias vistas previo al juicio por la muerte de Jorge Steven López Mercado
El descubrimiento de prueba previo al juicio contra Juan “Casper” Martínez Matos no ha finalizado, por lo que se celebrará otra vista de status el 14 de abril.
`Casper' to use insanity defense in López's killing

Jamaica Stages First Public ‘Gay Pride’
Imagine. Gay Pride in Jamaica. The words of William Urich, the chair of InterPride Committee on International GLBTI Human Rights, on the first public Pride even on the Caribbean island which was staged yesterday.
Officially, it was the Walk for Tolerance from Howard Cooke Park, along Howard Cooke Boulevard and ending on the beach. (Photo)
Editorial: On tolerating homosexuals and such

In paying for sex changes, Cuba breaks from past
Looking in the mirror used to make Yiliam Gonzalez sick to her stomach.
"I would see myself, and my body didn't match who I was," said the 28-year-old wedding pianist, who went by William before receiving a sex change under Cuba's universal health-care system.