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quarta-feira, abril 07, 2010

Council of Europe takes historic Recommendation
On March 31st, the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe took a historic Recommendation to member states on measures to combat discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation or gender identity.

70 portugueses mudam de sexo
Em cinco anos, foram operadas 25 pessoas, mas há mais 45 casos de reatribuição do sexo a decorrer no País.
Dois a três anos é o mínimo para alterar o nome no BI
"O meu objectivo foi sempre ir até ao fim...."

Em debate de travestis, psiquiatra defende transexualidade como doença
Realizado entre os dias 24 e 25/03, quarta-feira e quinta-feira respectivamente, o Seminário "Transexualidade, Travestilidade e direito a saúde", evento organizado pela Comissão de Cidadania e Reprodução (CCR), debateu a inclusão dos homens trans, o direito ao tratamento pelo SUS por parte das/os transexuais, autonomia sobre o corpo e a despatologização da transexualidade.
Além da cidadania cirúrgica

Condenadas las sádicas e inhumanas asesinas del hombre transexual de Madrid, Roberto, a 18 años de cárcel
Los vecinos se apenaban: era una muerte anunciada, entre ellos hablaban cada mañana: “esta noche le han debido dar a base de bien”, “un día de estos se lo cargan”…y así ocurrió. Ahora que ya sabemos la sentencia, solo sentimos consternación por tanta putrefacción humana en la mente de estas dos miserables.

I’m half-man, half-woman until NHS funds a 2nd opA transsexual says she has been left half-man half-woman after a health trust refused to pay for the second part of her sex op.
Miranda Lee, 40, who was born Raymond Harwood, wants South East Essex Primary Care Trust to pay for her breast augmentation to complete her change from a man to a woman.
(Photo: Miranda Lee wants to complete her sex change)
Boob job or I'll sue says sex swap girl

Serbian pioneer sex change surgeon dies
Internationally renowned Serbian sex change surgeon Sava Perovic has died in Belgrade aged 72, local media reported Monday.

Boycott Bombay Gymkhana, says Celina
After the incident of Bombay Gymkhana asking transgender activist Laxmi Tripathi to leave, Celina Jaitly, activist and friend of Tripathi, has launched a Twitter campaign to boycott it.

It is time eunuch prisoners get equal treatment: HC
Transgenders or eunuchs might have won the right to vote, but the discrimination they face is far from over, as the recent debarring of a transgender activist by a prestigious city gymkhana testifies.
I have been ostracised, says HIV+ eunuch at Nashik jail

Kalimalang mutilation victim a transsexual
The Jakarta Police announced Monday that body parts recently found along the Kalimalang River, East Jakarta, and Bekasi likely belonged to a transsexual.

Kim Miles, Filmmaker
We sit down for a question and answer session with filmmaker Kim Miles
Excerpt: You say you were drifting until you owned up to your transgendered truth. What do you mean by that?
Since I was a child my life was dominated by fear. I had to hide, fight and lie. My true self, my identity, was suppressed in an effort to survive. As a result, I drifted through life feeling incomplete. I wasn’t sure who I was, what I was, or even what I looked like.

Mississauga high school balks at awareness day after students suggest trans speaker
For the past five years, students at Cawthra Park Secondary School in Mississauga have been encouraged to learn about social justice causes through Social Awareness Day, the highlight of which is a talk by a prominent activist.
But there will likely be no Social Awareness Day (SAD) at Cawthra this year — and organizers are accusing the school administration of scuttling the event rather than invite a transgender speaker to the school.

Cop Accused of Beating Transsexual in Court
If a surveillance video hadn't existed would fired former Memphis Police officer, Bridges McRae still be a wearing a badge? If there wasn't the video could somehow the still unsolved shooting death 9 months later of the late transsexual, Duana Johnson, have been avoided?
Bridges McRae Trial Ongoing

Which Restroom? Employers Face Challenges With Gender Identity Issues.
Good Eats, runs a family restaurant in a state which prohibits discrimination in employment based upon gender identity and disability.
Its employees are required to wear name-tags, and to dress the same (black pants and shirt, minimal jewelry, conservative make-up). It has men's and women's restrooms, used by customers and employees alike. An employee (George) tells the manager that he is in transition to becoming a woman, and wants:
to be addressed as Gail,
to change her name-tag to read "Gail," and
to use the women's restroom.
Several of the restaurant's female employees have told the manager that they intend to quit if Gail is permitted to share the women's restroom with them, and management is concerned with the reaction of its female customers if Gail is permitted to use the women's restroom.

Doctors Say Schools May Be Spreading Misinformation About Homosexuality
The American College of Pediatricians (ACP) is sending a letter to school superintendents asking that they not tell students who may experience same-sex attractions to simply accept that they are homosexual.
The group has launched the Web site with material for educators and students.
The letter cites studies that "demonstrate most adolescents who initially experience same-sex attraction, or are sexually confused, no longer experience such attractions by age 25."

L.A. Times shines light on Christine Daniels
Excerpt: What I found most interesting in the piece was the description of the “turning point” for Christine, when the seeds were obviously planted to return to her life as Mike Penner, even though she knew it likely meant her death:

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Court Rules That Wisconsin Law Prohibiting Prisoners From Receiving Hormone Therapy Is Unconstitutional
Congratulations to our great colleagues and allies at Lambda Legal and the ACLU for a tremendous victory for transgender people.
[Blog/Commentary] Cruel and unusual punishment to deny inmate sex-change hormones?

50-plus protest anti-discrimination ordinance at Missoula council meeting
"Confusion is Contagious."
"Don't trample the word of God."
"Flush the ordinance."
Holding signs printed with those statements and others, an estimated 50 people plus some children demonstrated Monday in front of Missoula City Council Chambers against a proposed equality ordinance.

Transgender woman found dead
Via Carla Antonelli’s Diario Digital Transsexual comes this news about a frightening new form of warfare against us:

woman beheaded
Via Carla Antonelli’s Diario Digital Transsexual comes this news about a frightening new form of warfare against us:

"Víctor Victoria" La Revista informativa de personas transexuales en Ecuador que lucha por normalización
Con permanentes campañas de prevención de las enfermedades infectocontagiosas, los/as transgéneros y/o transexuales agremiados luchan por su reconocimiento en la sociedad.