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domingo, abril 04, 2010

[South Africa]
Semenya gets the mail on a swift return
After Caster Semenya's lawyers announced legal action to allow her to run, Athletics South Africa said the 800-metre world champion, who is at the centre of a gender dispute, could race next week if she talks ''to the right people''.

CM writes to PM for including transgenders in Census
Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi today requested Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to take steps to enumerate the transgender community in Census 2011.

Malaysia's first mainstream gay movie
Are Malaysian moviegoers ready for the first mainstream Malaysian-made movie about homosexuals?
That will be answered when ... Dalam Botol, directed by Khir Rahman, opens nationwide at the end of the year. The film will be his directorial debut.
The controversial film, its original title was Anu Dalam Botol, focuses on the relationship between a gay couple that ends tragically.
(Não percebo malaio, mas pelas imagens do trailer dá perfeitamente para se perceber que aquilo que se informa como um "gay" movie trata na realidade de uma relação hetero entre um homem e uma mulher que nasceu transexual.)

Sex change killer Maddison Hall to be free as a bird
Excerpt: It was at this point that the focus of the story changed. Noel Crompton Hall decided he was really a female trapped in a male body.
He wanted to become a woman. It was no longer about Lyn Saunders, murder victim, but Maddison Hall's "gender identity disorder".
"The courts stopped treating him like a murderer but as a medical case," Ms Saunders said with disgust.

Man acquitted of assaulting drag queen
The man accused of beating a female impersonator outside an Ottawa gay bar has been acquitted of assault, and the victim, who spent time in a coma after falling down stairs, says his homosexuality is the reason.

Rethinking responses to LGBT violence
A new report reveals widespread gaps in support and services for LGBT victims of violence.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Hate 101: Gay and Lesbian Transphobia – The Causes
I had originally planned on wrapping this series up with how we all can come together to put an end to the bigotry, so that we can work together towards the mutual goal of equality with the rest of society. Yet, how can one stop bigotry without understanding the causes behind it? And, here’s the kicker, there are legitimate concerns that are the underlying causes of gay and lesbian transphobia, concerns that all of us need to work on and address together, not fight amongst ourselves over them.

[USA] [Video]
Transgender and Transgender-Like Veterans - Part 1
monicahelms — April 02, 2010 — This is a documentary of those individuals who crossed gender lines to serve their country, from the Revolutionary War to the Spanish American War. The video has stories of interesting people, like Deborah Sampson, Albert Cashier and Cathy Williams. It didn't turn out too bad for what I had to work with.

Transgender Job Fair 6 - San Francisco
The Transgender Economic Empowerment Initiative (TEEI) is hosting its FREE Transgender Job Fair at The San Francisco LGBT Center.
TEEI is the nation's first program designed to help transgender job seekers find - and keep - good jobs in safe workplaces.
Meet supportive employers who have completed workplace inclusion training, offering opportunities in many fields!
Price: Free

LGBT survey shows progress being made in Colorado -- but there's still a ways to go
The results of a recent statewide poll of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Coloradans by the new gay-rights organization One Colorado are in -- and they make for some interesting reading.
For example, only 50 percent of LGBT Coloradans are out about their sexuality to extended family members.

Transgender Cafe Opens in Portland
Tuff Luck, a Portland, Ore., cafe, celebrated its grand opening last month.
The coffee shop is located inside In Other Words, a feminist bookstore, and was started as a way to help transgender people raise money for health care by providing them with a side job and a venue for selling art.
“Cool” Beans

Houston mayor issues sweeping non-discrimination order
Parker’s directives include protection for transgender community
Parker extends city rights policy to transgendered

Gay-rights laws take hold in Salt Lake City
Nondiscrimination » Equality Utah launches push to get 10 more cities or counties to adopt them this year.

Wisc.: Trans Prisoners Can Receive Treatment
A federal court ruled on Wednesday that transgender prisoners serving time must be allowed to continue hormone treatments in Wisconsin prisons.
Transgender inmates freed from hormone lockdown
[Blog/Commentary] HRT in Prison: Life or Death?

Policías son condenados a 4 años de pena privativa de la libertad por no prestar auxilio a persona trans
El 28 de octubre del 2007, Jefry, persona trans, fue agredida por cinco personas no identificadas. Como promotora del MINSA en el programa de Educadores Pares (PEPs), Jefry trabajaba en las noches brindando información a gays, bisexuales , lesbianas y trans sobre los cuidados que se deben tener para prevenir el VIH/SIDA y otras enfermedades de transmisión sexual.
La noche de los hechos, mientras realizaba su trabajo, fue interceptada por un grupo de 5 pandilleros que le golpearon y le cortaron el rostro con una navaja y un pico de botella. Huyendo de sus agresores, Jefry, encontró un vehículo policial hacia donde corrió para pedir ayuda, la misma que le fue negada: los efectivos policiales le dijeron que “ese era su problema y que viera lo que hacía”. Por la falta de apoyo policial, Jefry fue alcanzado con sus agresores quienes lo agredieron con extrema brutalidad.