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terça-feira, abril 13, 2010

Nueva ley no considerará enfermos mentales a transexuales, se espera que también recoja otras demandas
"El Gobierno comparte la necesidad de descatalogar la transexualidad como un trastorno mental". Esta es la respuesta que hace unos días ofreció el Ejecutivo a una pregunta parlamentaria del diputado de ICV Joan Herrera y que la Red Estatal por la Despatologización de las Identidades Trans considera un paso adelante. Por ello reclaman que se modifique la Ley de 2007 sobre rectificación del sexo en el Registro Civil. También se espera que recojan otras demandas del colectivo de mujeres y hombres transexuales.
ATA celebra la postura del Gobierno Andaluz con las personas transexuales

Two cis women imprison, torture and murder a man in his own home
Via El Pais (translation by the OII’s founder, Curtis Hinkle), this report is a rare example of the abuses that can be inflicted on trans men by cis women; in this case two cis women who imprisoned a trans man in his own home and, over a nine month period, tortured and eventually murdered him.

[UK] [People/Books]
What it feels like to want to be a girl when you’re a boy
As a child, Olivier Theyskens wasn't interested in boys’ stuff. But as the fashion designer's body developed, he contented himself with the androgynous look

Macedonia Anti-Discrimination Law Criticised
Macedonia has failed to adopt an anti-discrimination law that is completely harmonised with European norms and standards, with explicit protection against discrimination based on sexual orientation a crucial missing element, local human rights experts commented after the country’s parliament adopted its first law on the subject.

Russia: Two trans advocates killed in Polish plane crash
Last Saturday’s news of the Polish plane crash near Smolensk, Russia, was undoubtedly a tragic event which has rightly received widespread media coverage.
Via email, Wiktor “Latarnik” Dynarski (Vice President for International Affairs at Trans-Fuzja) has advised that, amongst the 97 lives lost in the crash were two Polish people known for their work on trans issues.

Gay men's bodies desecrated in Senegal
A report says that the bodies of dead gay men in Senegal are being unearthed by homophobic mobs and in some cases being left on their families' doorsteps.

Steven Monjenza, uno de los jóvenes encarcelados en Malawi por homosexualidad, severamente enfermo
Steven Monjenza, uno de los dos jóvenes detenidos en Malawi desde el mes de diciembre acusados de celebrar una boda homosexual, se encuentra severamente enfermo.
(Foto: Steven Monjenza, izquierda, e la transsexual Tiwonge Chimbalanga)

Transgender India: Banned in Bombay?
Laxmi Tripathi stands tall and proud. She — who used to go by he — wears her hair long, her eyes decorated with thick black eyeliner and a low-cut top that reveals a hint of cleavage. Bangles adorn her wrists. Hailed as a success story in India, Tripathi has spoken at the United Nations and addressed conferences around the world on the rights of the transgender community.
(Photo: Hanna Ingber Win/GlobalPost - Transgender activist Laxmi Tripathi, who was recently kicked out of an elite Mumbai club, sits outside a dubbing studio in Andheri on April 8, 2010.)

Sabeetha from Kerala is Transgender Miss India 2010
Sabeetha, 23, from Kerala was crowned Transgender Miss India 2010 at a beauty contest held here in which transgenders from across the country took part.
Kerala contestant wins Transgender Miss India 2010

[New Zealand]
Michael Hill girl dreams of getting into chains
Georgina Beyer - the first transsexual MP and mayor in the world - has taken up a job selling jewellery in Masterton.
Ms Beyer, 52, sported the crisp and corporate black suit of a Michael Hill sales assistant in her first week in the job and said her return to the nine-to-five working world was "a step back to being normal, back to the coal-face, as it were".
Beyer considers Masterton mayoralty bid

Demand for open investigation into an Aboriginal trans death in custody
Excerpt: An Aboriginal trans-woman, Ms Baxter was placed in an all male, maximum security jail and was found hung in her cell on March 16th 2009, only six days after her arrival.

Transexual activist lodges complaint with Human Rights Commission
The NSW Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages has refused to change a transsexual man’s documents unless he undergoes life-threatening surgery.

Mandatory sterilization & trans men in Australia
The fight over reproductive rights keeps dragging on in the United States, but in Australia, hot-button issues like abortion and contraception are rarely a subject for public debate. In Australia, instead, a new front in the fight has opened for a new group – transgendered men. Two recent test cases in New South Wales and Western Australia have seen three trans men fight for the right to be legally male without being sterilized.

Pregnant Man Scott Moore releases first pictures of baby boy
Scott Moore aka "Pregnant Man #2" is showing off his one-month old son for the first time. TMZ obtained one of the first photos of the California father and his son. In the photo, Moore is feeding baby Miles, who was born March 9, a bottle. Miles joins big brothers Greg, 12 and Logan, 10. The older children are Moore's partner's, who were born to him and a woman with whom he had a previous relationship. She has since died.
Trans Father Scott Moore’s Baby Photos Inspire Awws, Bigotry

ACP: Schools should not affirm students' perceived sexual orientation
In a recent letter sent to school superintendents throughout the country, the American College of Pediatricians (ACP) cautioned that it is “not a school’s role to 'affirm' a student’s perceived personal sexual orientation.” The ACP also said that “rigorous studies” show that children and adolescents who initially experience gender confusion or same sex attraction no longer do so by the age of 25.

State poised to punish free speech at schools
The state of California is poised within days to adopt a resolution that schools be "discrimination-free" zones – a plan one critic asserts is designed "to stamp out the free speech of students and teachers with moral values or scientific ethics."

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
"Tranny" This pejorative is not up for debate
The original announcement that Q Cinema Fort Worth, Texas will make Ticked Off Trannies with Knives" it's 'first centerpiece' film at it's film festival included this invitation to transgender people to watch the movie and then engage in dialogue

UM student talks about life as a transgender woman, helping others find their way
Meet Bree Sutherland.
Sutherland, 23, is a University of Montana student. She's a painter and a carpenter, an artist and an athlete. She's a student of computer science. The reason you're meeting her, though, is because she's a transgender woman.

Other towns see protection, little trouble, with similar equality ordinances
Stop thinking bathrooms for a minute. Think condominiums.
Why? The equality ordinance, of course.
In February, Missoula City Council members Dave Strohmaier and Stacy Rye proposed an ordinance to protect people from discrimination in their jobs and homes, including inequities based on "actual or perceived ... sexual orientation, gender identity or expression."
Myths and facts of Missoula's proposed anti-discrimination ordinance
People Protest Missoula Anti-Discrimination Ordinance

Full Frame festival gives filmmakers thrills
Excerpt: Swedish filmmaker Marcus Lindeen came to the festival with his film, "Regretters", which screened Saturday night. It's about a pair of one-time transsexuals who regretted their decision to have a sex change.

Gay rights in Texas taking 'two steps forward, one step back,' advocates say
Excerpt: Houston's mayor has drawn criticism since including transgender people in the city's nondiscrimination policy. [,,,] "We are appalled but not surprised that this mayor has so early in her administration proven that we were right in asserting before the election that her sexual preference is central to her public policy," said Dave Welch, executive director of the Houston Area Pastor Council. "Her reprehensible actions to open women's restrooms to men make our case and expose her pre-election denials as fraudulent," he said.