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terça-feira, abril 27, 2010

Primeiro Congresso Mundial de Transexualidade e Direitos Humanos
A Conferência Internacional terá lugar de 4 a 6 de Junho de 2010 na Faculdade de Direito da Universidade de Barcelona, no seguimento da pré-conferência que se realizará entre 1 e 3 de Junho no mesmo local.

Trans Pilot 'No Big Deal' For British RAF
This week, news emerged that a helicopter pilot in the British Royal Air Force (RAF) will be undergoing the process of gender reassignment and transitioning from male to female.

Concentración en París contra las declaraciones del cardenal Bertone
Un centenar de personas se reunieron este sábado en París para denunciar las declaraciones del cardenal Bertone, número dos del Vaticano, quien vinculó la homosexualidad con la pedofilia, constató la AFP.

Pro-Gay Article Sparks Smear Campaign in Yemen
A Yemeni filmmaker is receiving death threats after publishing an article upholding gay rights.

Another American Anti Gay Preacher Heads to Uganda for ‘Crusade’ Against Homosexuals
Visit by Lou Engle is condemned by Sexual Minorities Uganda
Cabinet committee split over homosexuals Bill

Malawi President slams homosexuality
President Bingu wa Mutharika has come out in the open to express disapproval of homosexuality in Malawi.
The President commenting for the first time since the arrest and trial of gay couple, 26-year-old Steven Monjeza and 20-year-old Tiwonge Chimbalanga, said homosexuality was bizarre.

Indian film festival promotes gay rights
Excerpt: The festival also highlighted the issues of transgender Indians, known
as Hijaras, who are often seen by society as the lowest of the low.
India's gay film festival highlights gay rights

Resistance, Norrie undress social rights issues
Androgynous activist Norrie May-Welby put on a theatrical performance during the national conference of social youth organisation Resistance.
Norrie, the first person in the world to be legally recognised as genderless, addressed the crowd at Thirroul Community Centre on Saturday to speak about the rights of people not to have their gender specified.

Groups Call on Congress to End LGBT Job Discrimination
More than 200 Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender groups, along with allies in the faith, labor and civil rights communities, are demanding Congress immediately outlaw job discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. Equality Arizona spokesman Dan Mallar says the need for protection has increased with the recession.

Police Release Sketch and Ask Public for Help
California State University Long Beach police asked the public's help to identify the suspect who attacked a transgendered student earlier this month.
Suspect sought who slashed transgendered student

Transgender Candidate Runs in Florida
Donna Milo, a transgender Republican businesswoman from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., is in the race for the 20th congressional district seat, running on a platform of conservative values in government.

Transgender Community in New Orleans Claims Police Harassment
New Orleans' black and transgender community members and advocates complain of rampant and systemic harassment and discrimination from the city's police force, including sexual violence and arrest without cause. Activists hope that public outrage at recent revelations of widespread police violence and corruption offer an opportunity to make changes in police behavior and practice.
[Blog/Commentary] What Else Is New?- Black Transpeople Getting Harassed By New Orleans Po-Po's

Mass. Dems to Vote on Bisexual and Transgender Representation
Massachusetts democratic state committee members are encouraging a party convention vote to create seats on the committee for two bisexual and two transgender members.

Key to Successful Treatment of Transgender Patients May Involve Delay of Puberty
Complications from transgender procedures may be significantly minimized when treatment of a patient with severe gender identity disorder begins prior to puberty, according to expert opinion today at the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE) 19th Annual Meeting & Clinical Congress.

Oct. death sheds light on misunderstood community
She liked cropped jackets and skinny jeans. Her favorite hair color was fire-engine red.
On the streets of lower Charles Village, the 24-year-old who dropped out of school at the age of 14 went by the name April Green, or "Miss Dee," or simply "Dee."
But on her death certificate, she is Darren Neal Green Jr. a man who had convincingly dressed as a woman since her early teens. And like some of city's transgendered, Green was drawn to an insular, alienated and misunderstood community where she joined others walking the streets exchanging sex for money.

Tribeca Review: Ticked-Off Trannies With Knives
Back in 2007, Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez paired up to create the double-feature Grindhouse. The film was a loving recreation of low-budget 70’s exploitation films that would run in seedy drive-in theaters and use shock to draw in audiences. The film worked hard to both praise the genre while also acknowledging its campiness. In 2010, director Israel Luna has created and premiered Ticked-Off Trannies With Knives, which not only rips off everything that made the Tarantino-Rodriguez film entertaining, but manages to suck all of the fun out of it in the process.

[Puerto Rico]
Second Puerto Rican LGBT killing in six months
Puerto Rican police are investigating after a trans woman was found murdered in her home last week.
PR Police Search for Transgender Woman's Killer
Transgender Woman Brutally Murdered In Puerto Rico
PR police search for transgender woman's killer

In the final stages a Cuban documentary about a transsexual
The documentary "En el cuerpo equivocado" (In the wrong body), which is the story of Mabi Susel, a transsexual who undertook in Cuba in 1988 a sex change operation, is in the final stages of post production, announced sources of the Cuban cinema institute, informs PL.

Evo Morales esclarece em carta ligação entre frangos e homossexualidade
Depois de afirmar que ao ingerir frangos geneticamente modificados homens podem se transformar em gays, o presidente boliviano Evo Morales enviou uma nota à comunidade gay da Espanha afirmando que em nenhum momento quis ofender os direitos homossexuais.
El portavoz de Evo Morales “ratifica” el respeto del Presidente de Bolivia a la diversidad sexual y sostiene que fue malinterpretado
Gobierno de Evo Morales: Nosotros respetamos a los gays
ILGA LAC rechaza las declaraciones del Presidente Evo Morales sobre homosexualidad

[Opinion] Progresía y coherencia: de pañuelos y pollos

Condenan a 2 policías por no auxiliar a travesti
Yefri Edgar Peña Tuanama (32) ahora siente que todos esos años de lucha sí han valido la pena. Siente que la justicia por fin ha llegado a su vida. Mira a su madre, Nelly Tuanama, y con un beso le agradece ese impulso que le daba para continuar cuando la luz parecía alejarse de su camino. Observa a su abogado, Dante Valenzuela, y con una sonrisa le agradece el haberla apoyado cuando su valentía parecía quebrarse. “Pensé que la justicia no me favorecería. Ahora que lo he logrado sé que mi caso será un ejemplo para las personas con diferentes opciones sexuales”, dice emocionada. (Foto)

Contundente rechazo al abuso de menores y a la relacion entre homosexualidad y pedofilia en Lima
Contundente fue el rechazo al abuso sexual de menores y a la relacion entre pedofilia y homosexualidad manifestado por un centenar de personas que se reunieron frente a la Nunciatura Apostólica en Lima. (Foto)
Gays y católicos chocan en Perú por pedofilia y declaraciones de Bertone
Gays protestan en Lima contra Iglesia Católica por casos de pedofilia
Grupos de activistas chocan por pedófilos
Católicos y gays se enfrentan en Lima

Ministra del Sernam se reune con lesbianas y transexuales y anuncia gestiones para dar urgencia a ley contra la discriminación
La Ministra del Servicio Nacional de la Mujer expresó también su apoyo para combatir el bullying que afecta a lesbianas y transexuales, así como su preocupación por los problemas de salud que dañan a quienes tienen una identidad de género diversa. Schmid valoró además el trabajo desarrollado por el Movilh en Chile.

Homosexuales repudian abusos y pedofilia ante Catedral de Buenos Aires
Una pancarta con la inscripción "El abuso es un crimen, la homosexualidad no lo es" fue instalada, este sábado, por un grupo de activistas gays en las puertas de la Catedral de la capital argentina, en protesta por el escándalo de pedofilia que involucra a la Iglesia Católica.
Marcha gay en Buenos Aires en contra de los abusos sexuales de sacerdotes
La Comunidad Homosexual Argentina (CHA) protestó frente a la Catedral Metropolitana