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quarta-feira, abril 14, 2010

Escuela de Bélgica apoya a profesora transexual, y además dan sesión informativa de transexualidad a los padres
Las autoridades de una escuela primaria de la pequeña localidad de Ohain, a unos 20 kilómetros de Bruselas, sorprendieron al país al apoyar a la profesora de gimnasia J. C., mujer transexual, quien decidió someterse a una cirugía para reasignarse de sexo.

Joyce Meyer Joins Critics of Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Bill
Charismatic preacher Joyce Meyer has added herself to the list of prominent U.S. ministry leaders who have spoken out against Uganda’s highly contentious Anti-Homosexuality Bill.

[Japan] [News/Commentary]
Who’s Your Daddy: Gender Identity and Paternity in Japan
In 2004, the Japanese government enacted the Gender Identity Disorder Law, which allowed transgendered people to finally change their sex on official identification. Although some argue that defining a change in gender identity as a disorder is wrong-headed and biased, the law does at least allow for people to live in society as their true gender without being outed every time they show ID. However, recent events have shown that although the law recognizes their gender, it doesn’t consider them equal to “naturally” born men and women.

[Australia] [Blog/Commentary]
Demand for Open Investigation Into Death of Aboriginal Trans Woman in Custody
One year ago, Veronica Baxter, an Australian woman who was both Aboriginal and trans, was arrested on drug charges. Less than one week after her arrest, she died in custody.

Segundo hombre embarazado y marido de otro hombre transexual da a luz a su hijo; Mile
Scott nació como Jessica y realizo un proceso de reasignación como hombre, entre otras con una mastectomía. Tuvo a Miles y lo presentó en sociedad.

Gay Day of Silence a Waste of Tax Dollars, Critics Say
Thousands of public schools are planning to allow students affiliated with a gay and lesbian advocacy group to sponsor an anti-bullying "Day of Silence" on Friday, but family organizations say the demonstration is a disruptive waste of taxpayer dollars and are calling for families to pull their kids out of school.
This Friday, Participate in the "Day of Silence"
Keep your children home

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
We Are the Dead: Sex, Assault, and Trans Women
This guest post is a part of the Feministe series on Sexual Assault Awareness Month. C. L. Minou is a blogger and writer inhabiting a Great American Metropolis. In addition to her work at the Second Awakening, she has written for Shakesville, the Guardian’s Comment Is Free, and is a co-blogger at Tiger Beatdown.
She is also, in no particular order, a redhead, a trans woman, an anarcho-syndicalist, a player of RPGs, a reader of science fiction, and a consistently poor speaker of foreign languages.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Christians Should Work To End ENDA
Congressional watchers expect a renewed push in the U.S. House of Representatives to pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA). The House passed a version of ENDA in November of 2007 after a provision that would have included transgender protection was removed. The bill died in the Senate but a new version was introduced in the House and the Senate in the summer of 2009. The Obama Administration has pledged to sign any bill that makes it through both houses of Congress.

Task Force affirms American Psychiatric Association's refutation of 'gender identity disorder'
The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force today affirmed the American Psychiatric Association’s (APA) refutation of “gender identity disorder” in favor of “gender incongruence,” but calls for the removal of “transvestic disorder” and expresses concerns about other proposed revisions to the upcoming 5th edition of the APA’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM).

Mom to talk about transgender child at Cal State Stanislaus
The mother of a transgender teen who was killed in 2002 will give a talk Thursday at California State University, Stanislaus, in Turlock as part of the campus' Social Awareness Program.
Organizers said Sylvia Guerrero, above, will discuss the acceptance of transgender individuals and lifestyles as she shares her story.

Missoula City Council approves non-discrimination ordinance
Breaking ground in Montana, the Missoula City Council on Tuesday adopted the first equality ordinance in the state that protects people from discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.
Equality ordinance: Big crowds gather in Caras Park, outside council meeting
Testimony begins, yea and nay, on Missoula's proposed equality ordinance
Deep rifts: Residents pack Missoula council meeting on anti-discrimination ordinance

(Photo by Michael Gallagher/Missoulian - Transgender woman Armen Memic of Missoula attempts to fit in with opponents of the proposed anti-discrimination ordinance outside Missoula City Council Chambers Monday night in Missoula. Hundreds turned out to let their voices be heard on both sides of the issue.)
[Commentary] Response to anti-discrimination ordinance
Missoula City Council Adopts Anti-Discrimination Ordinance
Missoula, MT City Council Passes Non-Discrimination Ordinance 10-2 After Seven Hour Meeting

[Blog/Commentary] Missoula City Council approves non-discrimination ordinance

NJ Grade Schools Makes Kids Dress as Women for Woman's History Month -- Yes Even Boys
To celebrate women's history month this year, grade school boys are being forced to dress up like women at the Maple Shade School District in Burlington County, New Jersey and some parents are none too happy about it.

Former Cop Claims Self-Defense in Transsexual Beating Trial
Former Memphis Police officer Bridges McRae took the stand Tuesday during a federal trial on charges he violated the civil rights of the late transsexual Duanna Johnson. But, McRae's testimony of what was captured on videotape two years ago at the Shelby County Jail portrayed him as fighting in self-defense.

DART committee to be briefed Tuesday on proposal to add transgender protections
A proposal to add transgender protections to DART’s nondiscrimination policy will be presented to the transit agency’s Economic Opportunity & Diversity Committee on Tuesday.

Protesta LGBT frente a comuna contra negativa a hacer marcha gay
Integrantes del Comité Orgullo Puebla se apostaron frente a Palacio Municipal de Puebla, para protestar en contra de la decisión de las autoridades estatales y municipales de prohibir que la marcha gay del día 29 de mayo, se concentre en el zócalo capitalino.

El nuevo gobierno de Chile se reunió con el Movilh y llegaron a acuerdos para las minorías sexuales
El Ministerio Secretaría General de Gobierno se comprometió a apoyar la tramitación del proyecto de ley contra la discriminación y a colaborar con el desarrollo normal de los eventos masivos y públicos organizados por el movimiento LGBT. A la par, se garantizó continuidad de políticas para el fortalecimiento de la sociedad civil en Chile.