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segunda-feira, maio 03, 2010

Transexuales en el mercado laboral
En un contexto de dura crisis económica algunos colectivos sociales sufren con más rigor las dificultades para acceder a un empleo o para manternerlo. Este es el caso de las personas transexuales. Por ello Gehitu (Euskal Herriko Lesbiana, Gay, Transexual eta Bisexualen Elkarte) al igual que el resto de las más de 50 asociaciones que conforman la FELGTB (Federación Estatal de Lesbianas, Gays, Transexuales y Bisexuales) se suma este año, que las organizaciones LGTB dedican a trabajar por el avance de la dignidad del colectivo trans, a la celebración reivindicativa del 1º de mayo pidiendo que el mercado laboral se abra a los hombres y mujeres transexuales.
FELGTB y colectivos piden abrir el mercado laboral a las personas transexuales en el Día del Trabajo
ATC libertad planta cara a la situación para la ocupación y la protección del colectivo transexual

Transexuales tardan 2 años en modificar los datos del DNI, situación que complica más su inserción laboral, según FELGTB
Las personas transexuales tardan dos años en poder modificar sus datos del DNI, un proceso que añade "más dificultades" a la hora de la contratación ya que, hasta ese momento, la incongruencia entre su aspecto físico y los datos del documento no facilitan su inserción laboral, según informó hoy la Federación Estatal de Lesbianas, Gays, Transexuales y Bisexuales (FELGTB), con motivo de la celebración del Día Internacional del Trabajador, el próximo sábado 1 de mayo.

Pole Dance Ban Council Says Yes To The Lady Boys
Council chiefs have been accused of hypocrisy after staging an exotic transsexual dancing show a year after banning “sexist” pole dancing and Ann Summers parties.
South Ayrshire councillors last year barred all nightclub owners from putting on “adult entertainment” over claims it discriminated against women.
But it has emerged that a council-run leisure centre is staging a show by the Lady Boys of Bangkok.
Ladyboys of Bangkok come to Brighton (Photo)

Izmir serial killer tells police he hated women
Hamdi Ayrı, who confessed to killing three people in İzmir earlier this week, has said in statements to police that he murdered for money -- but has also admitted a distrust of women, which he blames on experiences with an ex-girlfriend.
Izmir murder suspect silent after allegedly confessing
Izmir serial killer had plans for murder of ex-girlfriend

[Gaza Strip]
Ola's Journey To Become Ahmed
Ola spent her life wishing to become someone else, wishing to live life that doesn’t require her to be trapped in her all-girls' school uniform. It was only when she turned fifteen that she became comfortable in her own skin. That was when she became “Ahmed.” (Photo)

8 cross dressers arrested; Wanted Pakistani held
The Ministry of Interior in a new campaign targeting cross dressers is said to have arrested eight expatriates, reports Al-Anba daily.

AKUH to bear expenses of transexual’s cancer treatment
The Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH) has agreed to bear the expenses of a leukemia patient Khurram Iqbal’s treatment, said manager of the patient business services department of the hospital, Hassan Habib Sumani, while talking to The News.
Iqbal, better known as Sania Baloch, is a transexual, whose treatment was started at the AKUH in July 2009, and after a six-month treatment consisting of chemotherapy and medications, the disease relapsed and reached to a stage that she has to go through bone marrow transplantation.

'Decision on enumeration of transgenders soon'
A decision on enumeration of transgenders in the second phase of Census 2011 would be taken in consultations with experts, a top official said today.

I am not a man: Swami Nithyananda
In an unexpected twist to the 'Swami sex scandal' saga, Nithyananda has now claimed that he is not even a man and can not perform sexually.
The controversial godman who is currently in the custody of the Karnataka Criminal Investigative Department (CID) has asked the sleuths to conduct a potency test on him.
"I’m not a man. There’s no way I could have indulged in sexual activities with women. Do a potency test on me," the Times of India quoted Nithyananda as telling the CID officials.
However, the investigative officers chose to ignore the godman's startling claims as his passport clearly identifies him as a male and not as a transgender, the newspaper report said. (Photo: Swami Nithyananda)
Nithyanantha remanded to Judicial Custody for 13 days

Kolkata transgenders stage a protest against discrimination
Members of transgender community took to the streets on Friday to voice their plight against discrimination by the society and other stigmas.

Census skirts the ‘third sex’ count again
The third gender will have to wait to be “counted” in India.
The transgender people in the country have again missed a date in their struggle for a separate identity as the otherwise exhaustive Census 2011 does not provide them a separate gender option. In the comprehensive House Listing and Housing Census form spread over 35 columns, the gender option is confined to the usual male/female.
Transgender not given the 'others' status

[Singapore] [Blog/Commentary]
End Discrimination Against Transgender Women – The Marla Bendini Incident
Marla Bendini, a transgender woman and an established artist and pole dancer was thrown out of a popular nightspot on Clarke Quay, Singapore, even though she was part of a group engaged to perform at the club. To add insult to injury, she was insulted by the club’s management. Her distress was visible and it was also witnessed by her fellow pole dancers.
Read more about her traumatic experience here.

Indonesia permitirá a las personas transexuales elegir mención del sexo en el censo nacional
Indonesia permitirá a las mujeres y hombres transexuales elegir el sexo con el que se identifican al inscribirse en el censo nacional que las autoridades están realizando durante este año, informaron hoy los medios locales.

FPI Invades Transsexual Rights Forum, Thinking it a Drag Queen Show: Police
In the latest outburst by the Islamic Defenders Front, dozens of hard-liners charged into a civil rights training session for transsexuals held by the National Commission for Human Rights at a hotel in Depok on Friday.
Police were unable to do much when the members of the group, known as the FPI, burst into a room at the Bumi Wijaya Hotel in Depok where the training session was being held, panicking about 25 transsexuals present.

Big push building for votes on ENDA and DADT
It is the end of April. Spring has sprung and all hell is breaking out in Washington, D.C.
There, Congress is racing through the final months of its 111th session, trying to fix everything from the nation’s financial system and the street policing of citizenship to climate change and next year’s budget
Activist Hopeful Uncommitted Senators Will Back ENDA

[USA] [Commentary]
Gwen Araujo: Anatomy of a senseless death
Gwen Araujo is known to many by means of the Lifetime movie based on her life, “A Girl Like Me.” Gwen for those unfamiliar with her was a beautiful young woman with a loving mother, older sister, and younger brother. She was also brutally murdered in her teens and dumped like refuse by her killers.

Transgender Student Speaks Out Against Attack
An attacker shoved him into a campus bathroom stall and slashed his chest.
A transgender student spoke out about the brutal assault during a rally at California State University, Long Beach on Thursday.
More details about the hate crime that happened two week ago on the CSULB campus were revealed by the victim himself. (Photo)
Transgender Student Says CSULB Focused on His Well-being After On-Campus Attack
Transgender student attacked at CSULB speaks at rally
Carpenter speaks out about assault at 'Take Back the Night'
Rally Held for Transgender Attack Victim
Transgender Victim Speaks Out, Says Attacker Carved 'It' Into His Chest

Transgender SDSU student to be honored for outstanding academic record
Excerpt: Compton, a 27-year-old MTF transgender woman, is originally from Texas and was born into a Navy family. While at the University of Houston, Compton’s father and stepmother learned of her transgender status and refused to financially support her, forcing Compton to drop out. (Photo)

Debating transgender rights in schools
Rick Bilodeau has a close relationship with his two children, Gabbie and Corbin. He is not afraid to answer tough questions about topics like sexual orientation or gender identity.
But when he heard that the Maine Human Rights Commission was suggesting schools let girls who identify as boys use the boys' bathroom, and vice versa, he felt that was going too far.

Living life 'transgender'
Though Claire Folsom lives life as a woman, she was born male.
She says had a pretty average childhood growing up in Holden. But when her male body started to develop, she realized it was a body she didn't feel right in.

Transexuales de México denuncian a policías por amenazas muerte, robo, lesiones y abuso de poder
Personas transexuales de Morelia, Michoacán, México, miembros de la organización “Tarascas en busca de la Libertad” interpusieron una queja ante la Comisión Estatal de Derechos Humanos (CEDH), en contra de uniformados de la patrulla número 186 de la Policía Montada por presuntos hechos violatorios en contra de Edgar Jiménez Gonzaga.

Celebra el Segundo Aniversario el Grupo de Apoyo a Personas Transexuales de Colombia
La Administración Distrital está comprometida con la población LGBT en garantizarles sus derechos y promoviendo actividades orientadas a fortalecer sus organizaciones. Tatiana Piñeros es la nueva consejera distrital que representa a las personas trans / transexuales / transgéneros en el Consejo Consultivo LGBT. (Foto)

Derogan en Santa Fe leyes que criminalizan el travestismo y la prostitución
El Senado de la provincia de Santa Fe derogó hoy los artículos del Código de Faltas que penalizaban la “prostitución escandalosa”, la “ofensa al pudor” y el “travestismo”, terminando con décadas de discriminación, persecusión y estigma hacia el colectivo de lesbianas, gays, bisexuales, travestis y transexuales santafesinos.
Derogan en Santa Fe, Argentina, leyes que criminalizaban a las personas transexuales

Transexuales de Mar de Plata, en Argentina, podrán terminar sus estudios tras propuesta Ministerio
El Ministerio de Trabajo, Empleo y Seguridad Social de la Nación y el Ministerio de Educación de la Provincia de Buenos Aires, junto con distintas organizaciones sociales, impulsaron una propuesta para mejorar la calidad educativa de las travestis y/o transexuales.