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terça-feira, novembro 23, 2010

Lea T vai desfilar no Rio de Janeiro e em São Paulo
A modelo transexual Lea T, que ganhou fama ao estrelar várias fotos para a grife Givenchy, deve voltar ao Brasil para dois desfiles: São Paulo Fashion Week e Fashion Rio.

ATA con motivo del Día Internacional Contra la Violencia de la Mujer denuncia 426 casos de asesinatos a trans
Se acerca el día 25 de noviembre, día internacional de lucha contra la violencia de género, desde la FELGTB (Federación Estatal de Lesbianas, Gays, Transexuales y Bisexuales) y nuestra asociación ATA (Asociación de Transexuales de Andalucía- Sylvia Rivera), este año hemos querido visibilizar y denunciar la situación de las personas trans bajo el lema 2010 año para Transa-formar, queremos denunciar la violencia que se ejerce contra mujeres transexuales.

Trans woman’s killer sentenced for rape
A man who killed a trans prostitute has been handed an indefinite jail sentence for the earlier rape of another woman.
Neil McMillan, 43, of Brighton, has already been jailed for at least 22 years for the murder of Andrea Waddell, a trans woman.
Transsexual prostitute's killer raped woman weeks earlier
Brighton prostitute killer sentenced for earlier rape

Brighton vigil marks anti-trans deaths
A candlelit vigil was held in Sussex to mark Transgender Day of Remembrance, yesterday.

Sex-change op gave me a new lease of life - aviation enthusiast who became a woman
For decades Brian McLain felt he was "living a lie" as a woman trapped in a man's body.
Now the former company accountant has finally realised her dream of becoming a woman.
Known as Rikki, she lives in a picturesque, quintessentially English Rutland village, happy with who she is and the life she is living.

Ultra right-wing attack on Transgender Remembrance Day in Kyiv, Ukraine
About 10 masked men tried to attack the participants in the discussion of violence motivated by hatred, but were rebuffed.
Transgender Europe - Commemoration in Kiev brutally defiled

Minority welfare dept to look after concerns of gays, transgenders
Things are finally looking up for the gay and transgender community in the state. In its first step forward, the state government has issued a GO bringing the transgender community under the purview of the minorities welfare department.

South Korean wins international pageant for transvestites
Beauty knows no boundaries.
This was evident as the world's most beautiful transvestites and transsexuals vied for the 6th Miss International Queen pageant.
The representative from South Korea, known only through her stage name 'Mini', became the 6th Miss International Queen last night (November 19) held at Tiffany's Show, in the resort city of Pattaya, Thailand.
Gallery: The world's most beautiful ladyboys

Vigil honours transgendered people killed out of fear and hate
Tasha Gill is delighted with the support she received for her Trans-Gender Day of Remembrance and candle light vigil that she organized on behalf of True Colours, John Barsby's Gay-Straight-Alliance.
Two arrested on Transgendered Day of Remembrance
[Commentary] Tim Bloedow On Transgender Day of Remembrance ... Wrong Yet Again

[USA] [Video/Commentary]
TFM: Trans Stonewall Veteran Exposes Stonewall History's Trans Erasure & Whitewashing by Gay Inc
Stonewall Veteran Miss Major (Executive Director of TGI Justice Project), who was actually in the Stonewall Inn in 1969 the night the famous riots started, speaks out against Gay Inc's whitewashing of what really happened, and the way they have tried to erase trans people's history.

[USA] [Commentary]
Today Is Transgendered Rememberance Day
I’ll just put it right out here: I owe my very life to a transgendered person.
Dominique Starr saved my life. Took me off the street in the late 70′s , into her apartment, staved off a bunch of thugs, and set me on a path to success. She told me of history, my history, even though I didn’t know it until she told me, of the Stonewall uprising. I owe her everything I ever became, and still might become.
[Commentary] The Day of Remembrance Postscript
[Commentary] Light Shining in the Darkness: Transgender Day of Remembrance in Boston
[Commentary] In Honor of our Fallen Brothers and Sisters

[USA] [Commentary]
Another Araguz Update: Heather Delgado's Lawyers Aren't Happy With Me
I received word that Heather Delgado's Lawyers (Frank Mann & Ed Burwell) are not happy with me. They are upset that I've been making these videos and are apparently worried about getting a "bad name".

Drawing attention to the transgender plight
More than 20 students lied with their bodies spread out on the concrete ground on Friday in front of the Student Union, drawing expressions of shock, confusion and sympathy from on-lookers.
However on-lookers perceived their actions, the students remained planted on the ground to represent the statistic of a deadly hate crime committed against a transgender individual every nine days.
LGBT Affairs honors transgenders with vigil

Loop vigil marks Transgender Day of Remembrance
About 100 people gathered in front of the James R. Thompson Center in the Loop the evening of Nov. 20 for a candlelight vigil in observance of the International Transgender Day of Remembrance.

Transgenders share stories of perseverance
Saturday marked the 12th anniversary of the International Transgender Day of Remembrance. Held every year on Nov. 20, the day is set aside to remember the transgender people who were killed in hate crimes and those who have attempted or committed suicide.

St. Louis Marks Transgender Day of Remembrance
The 12-Annual International Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR) was observed, Nov. 20 with an event at St. John's Episcopal Church at Tower Grove Park. The St. Louis Remembrance was organized by local trans advocate Cody Fairchild and sponsored by St. John's Episcopal Church and TransHaven.

Transgender Remembrance Day 2010 in Albany,NY
Tonight I participated in a Transgender Remembrance Day event sponsored by the Capital District Gay and Lesbian Community Center. Three transgender people spoke then we gathered in a circle. I opened the time together with these words below. Then we read the names of transgendered people who had died.

Donna Rose, a transgendered woman, focuses her energy on equality and everyone's right to a safe life
Don’t ask Donna Rose what it was like to live for 40 years with a man’s body and expect simple answers.

[Puerto Rico]
Transgender Puerto Rican woman’s alleged murderer to stand trial
A psychologist has found the man accused of murdering a transgender Puerto Rican woman inside her home in April is competent to stand trial.

El 62 % de los asesinatos a minorías sexuales en Chile se cometieron contra transexuales
De acuerdo a estudios del Movilh, desde el 2002 a la fecha ocho personas perdieron la vida en razón de su identidad de género, y otras tres transexuales fallecieron en extrañas circunstancias que tribunales nunca aclararon del todo. En el Día Internacional de la Memoria Trans, que el Movilh recuerda por segundo año consecutivo en Chile, el organismo llamó implementar políticas públicas y leyes contra la discriminación.