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segunda-feira, novembro 22, 2010

Diez menores transexuales canarios de entre 13 y 14 años inician trámites para reasignarse de sexo
La asociación Gamá asegura que "la tasa de transexualidad en Canarias triplica la tasa nacional". Van acompañados por padres o tutores en busca de ayuda

Transgender deaths commemorated at Brighton vigil
Names of the victims of transgender hate crime over the past year have been read out at a candlelit vigil in Sussex to mark Transgender Day of Remembrance.
Candle-lit vigil for Brighton's hate crime victims

About 10 men in masks tried to attack the participants of the discussion on hate crimes, but were rebuffed.
In Kyiv, Ukraine, on 20th of November 2010, on the Transgender Day of Remembrance of those who were killed due to anti-transgender hatred, unknown persons attacked the peaceful gathering organized by NGO "Insight" and Visual Culture Center - "Response to violence against transgender people". The organizers planned the film screening, discussion and flash-mob with paper lanterns.
About ten unknown men broke into the Visual Culture Center while "Boys Don’t Cry" film was being screened. Obviously, the attackers had planned to break into the showing room with over thirty spectators, and attack them with tear-gas. However, due to prompt reaction of organizers and activists, attackers were stopped at the entrance and retained out of the room. One of the organizers coordinator of transgender programme in NGO "Insight" Timur Lysenko, who first confronted bandits blocking their access to the room, was beaten up. He and his colleague Anastasia Medco from NGO "Fulcrum", who also resisted the bandits, were heavily poisoned by
tear-gas. The attackers fled the scene.
Timur was diagnosed with internal injuries and facial chemical burn. All spectators present in the room during the attack suffered from tear-gas.
Arrived police pre-qualified attack as "hooliganism". However, the tactic of attackers clearly indicates preplanning and intention: attackers were wearing masks, they had weapons, their actions were consistent and deliberate, and they fled the scene at once. The event dedicated to Transgender Day of Remembrance was announced in advance that allowed preplanning and organizing the attack. It was made on the basis of anti-transgender hatred and homophobia. Such actions should be classified under item 3 of Article 161 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine: "Deliberate acts aimed at stirring [...] hatred, [...], as well as direct or indirect restriction of rights
[...] on the basis of race, color of the skin, political, religious and other beliefs, gender, ethnicity or social origin, property status, place of residence, language or any other characteristic".
At the moment, several claims have been submitted to the police by aggrieved participants of the event. Organizers insist that authorities recognize the attack as pre-planned organized hate crime.
TDOR marcado por transfobia

Are you confused about your sexual identity?
Although it seems that an individual’s sexual identity is determined at birth, it sometimes turns out differently.

[Australia] [Commentary]
It makes sense
The trans community’s marked by violence – so many of us have experienced it, live with it, and so many of us die from it. When we hear that one of us have died, we remember the violence we faced, the threats, the fear we live with.

Fighting for respect
Day of remembrance held for transgendered
Pair Held on 417 Mischief Charges
Transgender rights activists arrested in Ottawa
Trans activists question police conduct
Ottawa transgender community remembers, celebrates
Transgender Celebration

[USA] [Commentary]
More on Violence and Bias Against Transgender Women of Color
Today is Transgender Day of Remembrance. As I wrote yesterday, at least 22 people were murdered in 2009 because of their sexual orientation. Four out of five of them were people of color and half were transgender women; the other half were overwhelmingly men who defied gender stereotypes, according to hate crime monitors.
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[USA] [Commentary]
I always knew I was a girl
For decades I struggled in a male body that felt painful and false. At 53, I finally began my transition

'Day of Remembrance' memorializes transgender people murdered around the world
Holly Knight, a local advocate for transgender people, estimates there are several thousand living in Louisville, approximately 50 of whom attended Saturday evening’s Transgender Day of Remembrance Memorial Service at Metropolitan Community Church in the Highlands.

Local residents support transgender community
After reading aloud dozens of names of transgender murder victims from around the world — some of whom were brutally killed — Carla Lewis said she knows there is a possibility she could be a victim of anti-transgender hatred.

[America Latina/Caribe]
Encuentro LesbiTrans Feminista de Latinoamérica y el Caribe: construyendo feminismos sin paredes
Todas las voces, todas las formas, todos los cuerpos, todas las prácticas.