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quarta-feira, novembro 17, 2010

[Portugal] [Comentário]
O estigma e a minha auto-estigmatização
Depois de algumas "décadas" sem postar aqui nada, eis-me de volta com a brisa do Outono. Aviso já que, como sou uma mocinha nada politicamente correcta, vou continuar a chamar os bois pelos nomes, e também vou continuar a escrever português como sempre escrevi, não adaptada ao chamado "acordo ortográfico".

Vigilante é assaltado e agredido por travesti
O vigilante Osvaldo Ricardo Zuim, 34 anos, foi assaltado por um travesti nesta terça-feira (16), no Centro de Ribeirão Preto (SP).

Gay man branded Brighton transgendered woman "man-witch"
A gay man branded a transgendered woman a man-witch during an “evil” nine-month hate campaign.

Suicide rate rising among transgenders
Failed relationships, concerns of the body, confusion whether to take medication or not, police atrocities... the problems of transgenders are many. But are they driving them to suicide?

Transgenders' pride march on November 28
LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) organizations of the city , under the banner of CSMR (Campaign for Sexualities Minorities Rights), is organising its third annual Bangalore Pride March on November 28 to celebrate Delhi High Court order which decriminalised samesex behaviour and also to protest against the oppression and discrimination by the state and society.
Bengaluru Queer Pride March 2010 will be bigger

It ain't over until these katoey sing
The Administrative Court has issued an injunction against the Chiang Mai municipality's ban on transgenders participating in this year's Yi Peng lantern festival parade as krathong beauties.
Prominent gay rights activist Nathee Teerarojanapong said the decision meant transgender people could ride on a vehicle decorated as a giant krathong that previously had been reserved for straights only.

Becoming a Woman – The Ins and Outs of Changing Sex
Ever wondered exactly what is entailed in changing sex, known technically as gender reassignment? The following will be of immense interest for our Forum addicts, and PDN expects a healthy debate. The title of the piece, take note, also indicates that we are only looking at the male-female sex-change.

Sex knockback leads to stabbing: court
A bank manager who paid for his transvestite lover's boob job in Thailand was knifed after she refused him sex, a Gold Coast court has heard.
Kerri Michelle Batten, 39, of Varsity Lakes, who shared a unit with transgender woman Hayley Aniston, pleaded not guilty on Tuesday in Southport District Court to a charge of unlawful wounding.

Vancouver council to vote on support for Canadian transgender rights bill C-389
Vancouver city council could throw its support behind a private member’s bill that would protect transgender people in Canada from discrimination.
Coalition of Progressive Electors councillor Ellen Woodsworth has put a motion on the agenda for council’s meeting on Tuesday (November 16).
Pastor denounces transgender bill

[USA] [Commentary]
The Transitive Property: Remembering Our Dead
This Friday marks the 12th annual International Transgender Day of Remembrance. On this day, people from across the world gather and remember all those transgender people who have been killed this year due to hate and prejudice. According to the official International Transgender Day of Remembrance website, the official count during the year of 2009 was 98 murders—however, the actual number is much higher than that, simply because many murders are not reported.

[USA] [Commentary]
Nikki Araguz Update 16 - Next Court Date Set
The date for the summary judgment hearing in the Nikki Araguz trial in Wharton, TX has been set for December 8. It isn't too far fetched to say that the trans communities in the state of Texas, nationally and around the world are hoping and praying for a positive outcome for Nikki.

Kolakowski is first transgender elected judge
Victoria Kolakowski declared victory Monday in a tightly contested race for Alameda County Superior Court, making her what is believed to be the nation's first transgender judge.

SORCE Spot: It's Transgender Week in Boulder
This week, Boulder County host its first-ever Transgender Week of Awareness.

Second annual TransWeek begins
A group of 30 people sat in the living room of the University of Iowa Latino Native American Cultural Center on Sunday night. As they introduced themselves, each said their names. A little fewer than half also told the group which pronoun they want people to use when referring to them — he, she, it, or they.
RU Proud promotes transgender awareness

AAC Recognizes Transgender Awareness Week; Agency To Co-Sponsor Activities
AIDS Action Committee announces today that it will be co- sponsoring Transgender Awareness Week, which runs through Sunday, November 21. The annual Transgender Awareness Week is dedicated to educating the public about the transgender community and the pressing issues facing transgender people in Massachusetts.
Trans Awareness Week kicks off with launch of video project

Gender Identities Awareness Week brought to UNH by Transgender N.H.
Many events will be held for this year's first-ever Gender Identities Awareness Week at UNH from Nov. 15 to Nov. 19, including a vigil, lectures and a luncheon.

Navajo transgender shares story
Mattee Jim always knew she wasn’t like the other kids she went to preschool with.
“I felt I was a little girl instead of a little boy running around in jeans,” she said.
Jim, a transgender Navajo, shared her life story with students and community members at the Ethnic Center Foyer in Mesa Vista Hall on Monday. She said growing up different in Gallup presented constant challenges.

[OH, USA] [Commentary]
Transgender Day of Remembrance
Nov. 20 marks Transgender Day of Remembrance, a day specifically set aside to remember those of the transgender community that we have lost due to hatred and bigotry.

Trans Week of Remembrance Kicks Off Today
In commemoration of this Saturday’s Trans Day of Remembrance (November 20), Portland State University’s Queer Resource Center is offering myriad events for trans and gender non-conforming education, support and awareness.

Bregan por el respeto de los derechos y de la identidad de los trans
El presidente de Crisálida, Gustavo Díaz Fernández, ONG dedicada a promocionar derechos sobre orientaciones afectivo sexual y expresiones de género, señaló las vicisitudes por las que atraviesa la comunidad de travestis y transexuales en nuestra provincia.