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terça-feira, novembro 09, 2010

La Audiencia absuelve a tres escolares acusados de acosar a un compañero transexual
La Audiencia de Sevilla ha absuelto definitivamente a los tres alumnos acusados de acoso escolar o bullying a un compañero, ahora del sexo femenino, cuando decidió manifestar públicamente su tendencia sexual, pues no ha demostrado que su "victimización" fuese fruto exclusivo de tal acoso.

Transgender lawyer killed by sex change woman
A woman accused of pushing a transgender human rights lawyer under a London train was herself undergoing sex change treatment.
Murdered UK-based transsexual immigration solicitor represented LTTE
David Burgess obituary

[Commentary] Trans Woman Accused Of Throwing Another Trans Woman In Front of Train, Killing Her
[Commentary] whittl(e)ings: Sonia (David) Burgess (1947-2010): An obituary
Murdered UK-based solicitor falsely accused of representing the LTTE by the Sri Lanka media

[USA] [Commentary]
Transsexual Scrabble Champ Wins With "Nads"
Mikki Nicholson is the new British national champion in Scrabble.
"It was a big challenge but I wouldn't have entered if I didn't think I had a chance of winning," said the transsexual from Cumbria, who was wearing a pink wig, matching plastic pvc dress and lipstick during the final, held in London.

[New Zealand]
Transvestite murder jury retires for night
Jurors at the trial of two men accused of murdering an Upper Hutt transvestite will resume deliberations tomorrow.
Jury in transvestite case to resume tomorrow
Men in court over transvestite's death
Jury still out in transvestite drug dealer killing
Manslaughter for transsexual killers
Men found guilty over transvestite death
Men found guilty of transvestite's manslaughter
Possible retrial in transvestite case

Bill Siksay’s trans rights bill passes Commons committee
The justice committee of the House of Commons passed a trans rights bill on Nov 2 that is almost a decade in the making. The bill, introduced by New Democrat MP Bill Siksay, would prohibit discrimination in Canada on the basis of gender identity.
Trans bill sails through committee

[USA] [Television]
Mike Sorrentino gets in trouble with GLAAD, tells audiences to 'stay away' from transsexuals
MTV has apologized for airing an insensitive comment about a transsexual during the reunion special of "The Jersey Shore."
MTV Apologizes for "Jersey Shore" Segment
MTV sorry for 'Jersey Shore' remark
'Jersey Shore' to edit segment about transgender woman
MTV Apologizes to Glaad for ‘Jersey Shore’ Segment
GLAAD: 'Jersey Shore' reunion shows 'examples of transphobia'
MTV Apologizes for Transphobic Jersey Shore Reunion Segment

[Commentary] Rant: GLAAD No Longer Fighting For Equal Rights

Victoria Kolakowski, transgender candidate, leads
An Alameda County Superior Court election remained undecided Wednesday, with Victoria Kolakowski - who would become the nation's first transgender judge - holding a slight lead over John Creighton.
Candidate poised to make history in judge's race
Victoria Kolakowski could be the first transgender trial court judge in American history
Alameda County voters elect country's first transgender judge
California: Transgender Candidate Is New Judge
California’s Alameda County elects nation’s first transgender trial judge
Alameda County poised to make history by electing the first openly transgender judge in the nation

Trans/gender Awareness Week broadens scope
Organizers of Yale’s eighth annual Trans/gender Awareness Week, which started Tuesday, are broadening the event’s scope in an effort to reach more students.

GW transgender player deals with wave of publicity
Kye Allums can't have the surgery, can't start taking testosterone — not as long as he wants to keep playing basketball for the George Washington women's basketball team.
Female Hoops Player Wants To Be ID'd As Man
George Washington's Kye Allums faces tough transition as first transgender player to play D-I hoops

Transgenders seek more housing options
Despite the University's mantra of diversity, some transgender students are finding it difficult to feel comfortable in traditional on-campus housing.

Rep. Sally Kern's Last-Minute Election Nastiness
Oklahoma state representative Sally Kern and her challenger Brittany Novotny don't agree on much, but neither supports one of the more contentious issues in their state this Election Day: State Question 744.
Novotny: Despite loss, battle was worth fighting

Transgender driver suing Portland over police stop
A transgender driver who claims a Portland police officer grabbed her breasts and genitalia during a search is suing the city for more than $200,000.
[Commentary] Portland Cops Sued For $200K After Male Officer Allegedly 'Gropes' Trans Driver
[Commentary] Media still has a ways to go in reporting on transgender people

Transvestite charged with hotel killing
A transvestite prostitute has been charged with killing a man whose body was found in a burning hotel room in Philadelphia, police said Thursday.