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sábado, novembro 06, 2010

Breast cancer awareness
A transgender bus driver has donned her best pink outfit to raise money for breast cancer awareness.
Kaye Warren, 51, from Darlington, lost her mother to breast cancer three years ago and decided to do something something a little different to raise money and awareness. (Photo: Marking Wear It Pink Day are transgender bus driver Kaye Warren, in Tubwell Row, Darlington)

First transphobic abuse case collapses
Crown drops charges against woman who allegedly assaulted her transsexual former partner.

Transgender, Transsexual, Gender Identity Disorder: What is It?
Teens undergo many identity issues as they progress from middle school to high school. A few even face a more difficult question of identity-gender identity. When society expects people to be male or female based on physical birth traits, gender identity issues can be confusing and isolating.

[South Africa]
Caster Semenya is having trouble finding sponsors after gender controversy
The investigation surrounding Caster Semenya's gender may be over, but her troubles have not ended.
After becoming the first black South African woman to win gold at a world championship in Berlin last August, and being labeled the country's "Golden Girl," companies are hesitant to back the 19-year-old whose reputation has been tarnished by a gender controversy and 11-month layoff from competition.

Sex change operation could be on the Australian Defence Force
The military is considering paying about $10,000 of a sex change operation for a soldier.
A psychological and medical assessment is being done to find whether military funds can be used as the male officer has a medically diagnosed gender identification issue.
The case follows a complaint by a trans-gender member over moves to discharge him.
Australian Defence Force could pay for soldier's sex change surgery

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
GLAAD Urges Apple to Remove Transphobic iPhone App
GLAAD has contacted Apple with serious concerns after receiving several reports about a transphobic iPhone application called “PeekaBoo Tra**y.”
[Blog/Commentary] Peekaboo Tranny!

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
LAPD Looking for Suspect in Brutal Beating of Transgender Woman In Hollywood
LAPD investigators are looking for five suspects who may have been involved with a brutal attack on a transgender woman in Hollywood.

DMV investigating alleged harassment of SF transgender woman
California’s Department of Motor Vehicles is investigating a report that an employee sent a transgender San Francisco woman a letter calling her “an abomination,” a DMV spokesman said today (Thursday, October 28).
DMV Worker Condemns Transgender Woman to Hell
DMV clerk sends transgender woman letter calling her an ‘abomination’

Trans Woman Receives HIV Award
At its 33rd annual Diversity Conference, held Wednesday in Los Angeles, Kaiser Permanente presented an award to JoAnne Keatley (pictured), who works to fight HIV among minority Californians. (Photo)

Transgender speaker: 'Don't be afraid'
Like any other nearly 62-year-old man on the planet, Jamison Green looks a little different than he used to. His hairline is receding. His beard is graying. He's less lean than when he was on the high school ski team, or when he worked as a construction cable splicer.

Transgender Prostitute Beats Up Would-Be Robber
A teen tough thinking that a cross-dressing hooker would be an easy mark found himself on the receiving end of a beating when he tried to rob him, according to an Oct. 26 story published in the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Trans fit
Chris Bruce proudly and bravely went from 230-lb. male bodybuilder to 180-lb. female fitness guru Chris Tina Foxx (Photo)

Utah to Observe Transgender Awareness Month
November at the Utah Pride Center will be devoted to a segment of the queer community that often gets less attention than it needs.

Un libro retrata el culto a la Santa Muerte por parte de transexuales mexicanos
El culto a La Santísima Muerte, practicado por una comunidad de transexuales mexicanos en San Francisco, es parte de un libro de fotos sobre ritos religiosos en California publicado por el fotógrafo Rick Nahmias.