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sexta-feira, outubro 29, 2010

"Projectos lei querem policiar transexuais"
"A futura lei da identidade de género deve regular a relação entre o Estado e a pessoa transexual e não policiar a transexualidade", alertou, ontem, quinta-feira, Sérgio Vitorino, do colectivo "queer" Panteras Rosa, no último dia de audições do grupo de trabalho parlamentar das propostas de lei do Governo e Bloco de Esquerda, para a mudança de nome e sexo no Registo Civil.
Parlamento desconhece transexuais
Rosto do Conselho de Ética defende transesterilidade
o castigo

'I was trying to hide what I was born to be'
It was a bombshell big enough to blow their marriage apart. But for 28 years, the only person John Reilly did confide in was his wife, Sue. (Photo)

[UK] [Commentary]
Stonewall is holding back transgender equality
The gay rights group's exclusion and denigration of transgender people shows its promotion of diversity does not extend to us
Stonewall drops Bill Leckie nomination for Journalist of the Year after protests

Christine Burns becomes first trans patron of LGBT History Month
Trans activist Christine Burns has become the first trans patron of LGBT History Month. (Photo)

Turkish transgender rights activists face trial
International rights groups on Monday urged Turkey to drop criminal charges against five transgender rights activists and requested that authorities investigate the police’s involvement and actions in the case.

Mum attempts suicide after baby mysterious sex change
A nine-month-old boy has mysteriously transformed into a girl resulting in the mother attempting suicide, a Marondera family has claimed.
After the inexplicable sex change, Ms Tamari Mutsamwa (22) reportedly tried to take her own life by drinking an as yet unidentified poison.

High Court rules for sex-change super appeal
Alan Michael Finch underwent male-to-female sex change surgery in 1988 aged 21 and lived for the next eight years as Helen Finch.
But by 1996 she wanted to be Alan again, undergoing surgery to reverse the gender change as far as possible.

Intersex ‘forgotten’
Intersex advocacy group Organisation Intersex International (OII) Australia is calling for more support from the GLBT community support in advocating for the rights of intersex people.

Transgender Woman's Attorney Calls on Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) to End All Alleged Discriminatory Practices Within 72 Hours
Christopher Dolan, the attorney for Lana Lawless, a transgender woman who has filed suit against the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) and the Long Drive Association (LDA) for violation of her civil rights, today gave formal notice to them that they immediately announce that they will change their allegedly unlawful policy of discriminating against transgender people.