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segunda-feira, outubro 25, 2010

Transexuais atacadas durante o 3º TGEU Council
Três activistas transexuais turcas foram atacadas verbal e fisicamente nas ruas de Malmo, Suécia, onde decorria o Terceiro Transgender Europe Council.

Cross-dressers chaos
Securitymen arrested three cross-dressers for causing chaos on the Restaurants Street recently.

Sex change teacher arrested for kissing a pupil
Yesterday a teacher who had a sex change was arrested for forcefully kissing a male pupil while helping him with his studies on Sunday.
Sex change teacher sent to Zakhele Remand Centre

UIDAI to recognise third gender
The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), which will soon be rechristened as the National Identification Authority of India, will give a third option—transgender—along with “male” and ''female'' under the category of sex.

Govt launches program for prostitutes, transvestites
The government launched Wednesday a new program to reach out to the country's marginalized communities, including transvestites, prostitutes and people with disabilities.

[China/Hong Kong]
HK court rules against transsexual marriage
The High Court of Hong Kong rejected a transsexual's appeal to marry her boyfriend on Tuesday, noting existing laws only allow marriage between couples who were of the opposite sex at birth.
Hong Kong judge: Transgender woman can’t marry man

Transsexual personal ad causes much controversy online
She was a boy five months ago but now she is registered as female on her residence booklet. Shen Qingqing, also known as the "first transsexual of Jiangxi Province," posted a personal ad online and has attracted the attention of more than 280,000 netizens. (Photo)

Thailand military: the lovely conscripts
Thailand’s military struggles with a flood of transgender draftees.
How Trans Thai Kathoeys Escape Forced Military Service: Get Diagnosed With 'Mental Disorder'

Women's league rejects trans players
Justin Sutherland’s yellow jersey and bright orange hockey stick sit at home in a closet because he’s no longer allowed to play in the Women’s Floor Hockey League.

[USA] [History]
The Compton’s Cafeteria riot
“This is gay San Francisco. An inside look at the life of San Francisco’s homosexuals. They number 90,000— at least according to police department figures. They work to hide their sexual orientation by day, and only at night do they show their true colors.

The Blotter (D.C. man gets 45 years for sex assault)
A 27-year-old District man was sentenced to 45 years in prison for an armed sexual assault and kidnapping that occurred in May 2006.

Transgender student pleads for rights at Webster
Junior art major Matt Gordon-Forbes said he has been called a pervert and a freak for using the women's restrooms at Webster University.
"When I go into the women's bathroom, chaos ensues," said Gordon-Forbes, a transgender student. "They think I'm a boy. But I'm legally obligated to use it." (Photo)
Transgender Teen amid Royal Dilemma

Authorities: NYC jail officer arrested in sex act
A New York City correction officer is accused of forcing a transgender inmate into performing oral sex on him after he escorted her to a secluded area of a Manhattan lockup.
Guard Held in Sexual Attack on Transgender Inmate

2 men charged in NYC bias attack to stand trial
The trial of two New York City men accused of assaulting a transgender woman while yelling anti-gay slurs has been postponed.

Woman, 31, posed as teenage boy so she could date girl
A 31-year-old woman has admitted to posing as a 14-year-old boy so she could seduce a teenage girl.
In a case echoing the film Boys Don't Cry, Patricia Dye pretended to be a teenager called Matt so that she could date a 16-year-old girl.
Dye, from Ohio, has been sentenced to six months in jail after pleading guilty to misdemeanour sexual imposition. (Photo)
Patricia Dye, Ohio Woman Who Dressed Like Teenage Boy to "Get Girl," Sentenced to Six Months

N. Dallas High School bars transgender girl from running for homecoming queen
A male-to-female transgender student at North Dallas High School says the school’s principal is discriminating against her by barring her from running for homecoming queen, according to a report that aired Wednesday night on Fox 4.
UPDATE: Teen's mom says she supports son's bid for homecoming queen at North Dallas High
North Dallas High Denies Transgender Teen’s Homecoming Queen Hopes
Trans teen fights for crown
Transgender student's queen bid discouraged
North Dallas High School principal blocks transgender student's bid for homecoming queen
Genderqueer student Skye Newkirk among candidates for homecoming king at TCU

[Puerto Rico]
Arrestan a joven por golpiza a travesti
Un individuo que se presume fue el autor de la agresión contra un hombre ocurrida el 3 de octubre pasado fue arrestado esta mañana, según informó la Policía.
Exigen investigar ángulo de odio en ataque a transexual