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domingo, dezembro 26, 2010

[UK] [Commentary]
Film club: one step forward, one step backward
The representation of trans people in movies is a contentious issue, not only because cis actors are often cast in the roles of trans people but also because the scripts are inevitably ciscentric and more often than not play into the same old transphobic tropes that many of us experience every day.

Turkey Must Stop Prosecuting Transgender Activists
Prosecutors must investigate the second arbitrary arrest of transgender rights defenders in Ankara in as many months and drop all charges against the women, three human rights organizations said today. In a letter to the Turkish Interior and Justice Ministries, the rights organizations called for an end to police harassment of transgender people and expressed concern over the possible targeting of members of the organization Pembe Hayat LGBTT Dayanisma Dernegi.

[Turkey] [Film]
'Other Angels' gets marks for bravery with Turkish transgender film
Director, writer, producer Emre Yalgın’s debut feature, ‘Teslimiyet’ (Other Angels), is a brave attempt to shed light on the lives of the transgender community in Istanbul – since such women are usually subjected to one-dimensional stereotypes. While the transgender characters and actors impress, the film fails when the straight characters walk in.

[Thailand] [Film]
Thailand bans 'immoral' film about transgender father
Thailand's film board has banned a movie about a transgender father struggling to raise two children, a move the director says highlights the conservative side of Thai society despite its freewheeling reputation.
Film About Transgender Father Is Banned in Thailand

[Canada] [Commentary]
Guest Post: Natalie Murray Clarifies Canadian Military Dress Rules Media Coverage
The Canadian Military has released a policy on dress for trans soldiers. Unlike in the US, gays and lesbians have served openly since 1992 and trans people have been able to serve in the military since 1998.
The following guest post is by Natalie Murray, who is an IT technician stationed at CFB Trenton, Ontario. She has been in the Canadian Forces since 1987. She transitioned in 2003.

For Transgendered, 10 Reasons Why 2010 Was a Watershed Year
Dr. Sherman Leis, founder of the Philadelphia Center for Transgender Surgery, lists the reasons why he believes that 2010 was a watershed year for the transgender community.

[USA] [Commentary]
Trans Left Out Again-This Time By The UN
Damn, can my trans brothers and trans sisters get any love in any organizational body this holiday season?

Ga. makes inroads in transgender HIV prevention
The state of Georgia has recently taken tiny steps toward extending HIV prevention and treatment resources to transgender individuals, a group at high risk of contracting the disease. These steps include the Georgia HIV Community Planning Group identifying trans people as a priority population in its five-year prevention plan, and the Department of Human Resources offering a first-ever grant specifically for that community in 2009.