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quinta-feira, janeiro 27, 2011

Banheiros gays viram febre nas escolas de samba
Depois da Vila Isabel e Unidos da Tijuca terem instalado um banheiro exclusivo para gays (a festa da segunda contou até com a presença do secretário de turismo do Rio de Janeiro), a Viradouro vai reinaugurar o seu banheiro no próximo sábado.

Florianópolis lança na sexta campanha por respeito a trans
Transexuais e travestis de Florianópolis vão ganhar campanha por respeito e dignidade

Belém recebe manifestações pelo fim da transfobia
Militantes de Belém vão realizar dois atos para protestar contra a transfobia

Top trans Lea T e Paris Hilton vão ganhar festa no SPFW
Vai ter festa para receber a top trans Lea T e Paris Hilton no SPFW

Transexual brasileira entra na lista de modelos mais importantes do mundo
Lea T., 28, entrou no ranking mais importante de modelos do mundo, o do site

Cyber bullying pain of transgender teen
THE parents of a transgender teen, in hospital after cyber bullies urged her to kill herself, say she was failed by her school and the police.

HRW criticizes Kuwait over kafeel system
Excerpt: Article 198 of the penal code criminalized "imitating the appearance of a member of the opposite sex," imposing arbitrary restrictions upon individuals' rights to privacy and free expression. The police continued to arrest and detain transgendered women on the basis of the law, many of whom have previously reported abuse while in detention.

Sex-change operation: From Farzana to Faizan
A 17-year-old girl Farzana had a sex change operation after having been severely ill for several months.
Voila! Pakistani girl is now a boy

[Australia] [Commentary]
The gift of transition
Children need love and acceptance. These are universal needs which are important to a child’s healthy development.
The parent who is transgendered has such responsibilities like any parent. At the same time, being a transgender parent presents unique challenges. I would like to focus on transphobia and a potential impact it can have for a transgendered parent.
One of the most saddening beliefs I have heard transgendered parents communicate is that it may be in their child’s best interest to withdraw, as a parent, to protect a child from transphobia.

Gender Bender Day at academy ‘a fun thing'
Gender Bender Day, when students dress as the opposite sex, will be held as part of Spirit Week at the Marysville Charter Academy for the Arts.

[IL, USA] [Books]
Meeting the challenge of a transgender child
In "Be Who You Are," a children's book starring a gender non-conforming child, Chicago writer Jennifer Carr tells the story of her family's support for her son when he announced he feels like a girl inside.

Villarreal files Texas ENDA bill
Texas state Rep. Mike Villarreal, a Democrat from San Antonio, today announced that he has filed HB 665, which would prevent employment discrimination in Texas based on sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.

School board adds gender identity and sexual orientation to harassment policy
Park City School District students and employees who identify themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender can now enjoy protection from discrimination and harassment at school following a recent policy amendment that was approved by the Board of Education Tuesday, Jan. 18.

[UT, USA] [Film]
Sundance review: "Gun Hill Road"
Isn't the "dad can't accept his gay son" plot something from Sundance circa 1998? Writer-director Ernesto Rashaad Green runs through the familiar hoops in this tale, in which Enrique (Esai Morales) returns to his Brooklyn home after a three-year prison sentence to learn that his son Michael (Harmony Santana) is transgendered -- and known outside the house as Vanessa.
SUNDANCE REVIEW: First-Time Director Wades Through Cliches in 'Gun Hill Road'

[UT, USA] [Film]
Sundance premiere: Chaz Bono’s journey to become a man
The three stars of the premiere of “Becoming Chaz” were, in order, Oprah Winfrey, Chaz’s mom Cher, and Chaz’s longtime lover Jen.

Frenan discriminación contra homosexuales y transgéneros
Proponen modificaciones a la ley para impedir que sean detenidos sólo por su aspecto físico.

Comunidad [transgenero] duda de propuesta de Toledo
La primera reacción a la pregunta sobre la propuesta política del matrimonio civil ofrecido por el candidato presidencial Alejandro Toledo, Katty Loayza, presidente de la” Asociación Trans chimbotanos En Acción”, fue de incredulidad: