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segunda-feira, janeiro 24, 2011

Elas são mais corajosas
“Em nenhum momento eu soube que era travesti. Eu sou completamente heterossexual e acho que isso não tem dúvida.” Era assim que o jogador de futebol Ronaldo justificava, no programa Fantástico, da Rede Globo, o fato de ter ido a um motel com três travestis. O foco de discussão da mídia se concentrava justamente na questão do atleta ter supostamente tido relações homossexuais. Uma forma velada de homofobia que escancara um dos segmentos mais excluídos da sociedade brasileira: as transgêneros.

[Brasil] [Commentary]
Washroom Discrimination?
An article out of Brazil poses the question: Are so-called "gender-neutral" washrooms there, designed for "gay and transgender" people to use, a form of discrimination?

[UK] [Commentary]
The readers' editor on... reporting transgender issues
The strong response to our feature about the death of human rights lawyer Sonia Burgess highlights the need for sensitivity and respect

Eunuchs want 'third sex' in census count
Though eunuchs in the state are happy that their names for the first time are going to figure in the census-2011 list, they are nevertheless are not very happy at the decision to categorise them as 'others'. They admit they are neither male nor female, but say the word other does not convey anything and is quite vague to give any sense about their sex. They want to be known as 'third sex' in the population count.

Eunuch pension scheme hangs fire
It is a classic case of biting off more than one can chew. The highly ambitious MCD had launched a scheme last year to give pension to eunuchs in the city. But ironically enough, it has not been able to release pension funds to its existing beneficiaries — war widows, senior citizens, and physically handicapped, who do not have any other source of income.

York Region school cancels cross-dressing day
Attention all kindergarten to Grade 8 students: Cross-dressing day is now cancelled.
This was the news given to students of King City Public School on Thursday after the school pulled the plug on holding an "Opposite Gender Day" on Friday, where kids as young as six would be allowed to come to school dressed as the opposite sex.
School nixes cross-dressing day
Cross-dressing event cancelled after parents object

[Commentary] School Cancels Opposite Gender Day For K-8 Students. Is There Any Way To Have Kids Cross-Dress Responsibly?

[USA] [Video]
Transgender and Transsexual Veterans of America Part 2
Welcome to Part 2 of the series on Transgender and Transsexual Veterans of America. In this video, we will show one person we missed in Part 1 and several transgender and transsexual veterans who served in the 20th and 21st Centuries. We will also discuss Don't Ask, Don't Tell and how the repeal didn't affect trans people.

A search for acceptance: An undocumented student lives in limbo
Xochitlquetzal hates the words "illegal" and "alien," especially when they're side by side.
"It's dehumanizing this idea that a person can be illegal,' and by calling someone an alien you label them as an other,' as not human," the UC Santa Cruz student said.
(Photo: Dan Coyro/Sentinel - Xochitlquetzal in the UCSC Ethnic Resource Center lounge, where the student has spent many hours as a community studies major)

[Honduras] [Commentary]
Update: The United States Ambassador to Honduras addresses transgender murders
As I wrote Wednesday, the United States Embassy in Honduras has taken the highly unusual step of releasing an official statement asking the Honduran government and it's authorities to investigate a number of recent murders committed against members of the LGBT community in Honduras.