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domingo, janeiro 16, 2011

Survey aims to identify bias faced by LGBT students
More must be done to support lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people studying in FE, the sector’s funding body believes.
Research by the Skills Funding Agency (SFA) has highlighted “gaps in the support currently available” for LGBT students.

Here come the girls...
Adam Wakelin Finds men happily in touch with their feminine side at a Leicester group for transvestites, cross-dressers and transsexuals
Jessica gets out one of her breasts for me to feel. "Good isn't it?" she smiles, as I prod the nipple, nod, and scramble to think of something, anything, to say.
"It's, um, very...big," I murmur, trying to get a grip.
"That one's a 10," announces Jessica, entirely unabashed as she loosens her blouse and pulls down her bra to reveal another, considerably smaller, breast. "This one's a six."

Justin Beiber, Kate Moss, and Lea T. Will Cover LOVE Issue Five, “The Androgyny Issue”
LOVE’s fifth issue will be the “androgyny issue,” a complete 180 from issue four’s breast-centric celebration of femininity.
Lea T Wears Givenchy Haute Couture to the Pool
Katie Grand and Lea T's LOVE-in

Woman accused of pretending to be a man to trick women into sex
A Scottish woman has been accused of tricking two women into sex by pretending to be a man.
Samantha Brooks, 26, of Perthshire, is said to have posed as a man called Lee Brooks for nine years and hidden her genitals by claiming she had testicular cancer.
Female posed as man to seduce women into sexual relationships, court told
Woman, 26, 'poses as man for nine years to trick TWO women into having sexual relations'
Girl ‘beds lass for eight years acting as a bloke’
Cancer claim 'used by woman in sex deceit'

Top 10 Cross-dressers
Social decorum dictates men and women dress in certain manners. But some dare to defy these norms and dress up in whatever way they fancy. China has a tradition of female-impersonating opera stars, but this year saw a rich breed of men, mostly full of youth and bravado, who love to flaunt a feminine façade. Here, China Daily web editors have picked ten who gained popularity – or notoriety in some cases - through national talent shows, cosplay performances or simply their professions.

[Australia] [Commentary]
Help the West Australian fight
For a few years, we’ve been following the fight of two trans men in Western Australiato have their sex documents changed without GRS. This has been an important test case in Western Australia for trans rights and could potentially change the grounds of legal sex recognition in WA.

Anti-discrimination ordinance voted down by Abington Township commissioners
After an emotionally charged public hearing, Abington commissioners voted Jan. 13 against an ordinance that would protect from discrimination classes that are not protected by state discrimination laws.